Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love Plus

In the game, the player is the main character, a new female student at Habataki High, Habataki City. The goal of the game is to create a relationship with one of the ten males that are available to you, so that on the last day of your high school, you will receive his confession of love at the chapel in the school.

Tokimeki_Memorial_Girls_Side_-_1st_Love_Plus_EN_.nds – 197.9 MB

This is Nintendo DS ROM. You need to have Nintendo DS emulator to play this game on PC.

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  1. Sei says:

    I have a ds and successfully played and finished the game. Too bad I didn’t get any of the guys :)) I suck! XD

  2. ShoujoGirl23 says:

    Tell me how to use the NO$Zoomer with the No$gba to rotate and enlarge the screen please?

    • Con says:

      Just a suggestion, you should use DesMume instead of No$gba. It’s much more easier to use and I encountered less problem emulating in it compared to No$gba.

  3. zzDejavuzz says:

    I’m new at all this but I really want this game! Can someone please tell me all the steps to be able to download it and play it on my Ds? Can it still be done if my Ds is not jail broken? I am totally clueless so I would really appreciate the help!

  4. Lily says:

    Is it in Japanese or English?

    • catwoman90808 says:

      English…The great thing about this site is…well theres lots of thing but one is that it only has English or English patched games, so you can download them really easily :P!

  5. Moo says:

    I’ve encountered a problem with the game. I cannot exit the mail section when I go there. I use No$Gba. Please help!

  6. Liley says:

    This is the game I always wanted!
    Thank’s ♥

  7. Jammy says:

    Yay~~~ This game is so gooodd… (*o*)

  8. Chisa says:

    ..why won’t it load (they say there’re no data, even though i’ve already saved it for several times, and trying to restart the game (+play it again) for….many times ==”) nor save state (it said that the save state went error ==”) in my desmume? ==”
    Would anyone please help me..? ==”””
    *sorry for my bad english otl*

  9. TOSHIINA says:

    the voices is just crapy !!! its too bad

  10. Jabree says:

    The link doesn’t work!! :c

  11. raven says:

    please re-upload

  12. michi says:

    Noooo the link is broken! I wanted to play too ~~~

  13. eon says:

    too bad i don’t have a DS. ; A;

  14. 69mysterywater69 says:

    I have tried to download so many times but it says wrong there anyway to download

  15. Rhythm says:

    I really liked the fact that there was actually audio options for whatever customized name you gave your character.

  16. azula says:

    I downloaded DesMume and it worked !!!! Great i´m playing it now!!!! Arigato!!!! 😀

  17. Ai says:

    does the screen supposed to be that way?? can’t it be rotated? DX it’s upside down or something…and yes i’m using DeSmuME.

    • shadowkat571 says:

      there are two green arrows at the top of the desmume screen next to each other. click on either of them and the screen will rotate. Or click on the view button and rotate it manually.

  18. rozenmaiden says:

    so I am playing the game and whenever I read the mail, all I can do is scrolling down and I cannot click the button “End”. I try to use all the hotkeys and nothing work. Please helpp?\!!

    • AkaHoshi says:

      shits like that happen sometime. Happens to me before, if im not mistaken u shouldnt scroll down through the mail so fast. thats what causing it to be stuck. Been awhile since i play this game, so cant remember

  19. Britney says:

    can i play this on my laptop? or where can i get the r4 for really cheep? please help T..T

  20. Kitsu says:

    I’ve got the game up and running on DeSuME but the sound (and voices) are all splotchy and sound a little distorted. Would you know how to fix this? I toyed with the sound settings a few times but nothings improved it… Help? >.<

  21. myii says:

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
    my ending and CG always gone if im reload the game for get another ending and CG
    is it just me or not?
    if im date with guy and get a CG then im reload to date another guy and get a CG again, then the CG for the first guy will gone.
    pls someone tell me what happen? 🙁
    im so sad. i have 3 ending in 1 playthrough but what i can see just 1 ending :'(

    dont tell me to get all ending and CG is for playing the game for begining 1st year T_T huwaaaaaa

  22. Bel says:

    humm I used Desmume, but the audio is sooo bad and the pictures too… what can be happening? there´s a way to fix it?? 🙁 buhhhhhhhhhh

  23. L0L says:

    why does the link not work……you have to pay……I thought this was free and also the english version…-_-“

  24. SoT says:

    why does it say that the files will be deleted after how many days?

  25. Eon says:

    It says wrong IP ; u ;

    butbut i want to play * ^*
    /rolls on the floor

  26. BookNerd says:

    I wanting to get this game for my ds when i get it. But i’m wondering what would i need to do it? i see alot of people talking about DeSmuMe and NO$GBA? what are they, an why do i need them, if i do.. help please:O

    • Shapphire says:

      DeSmuMe and NO$GBA is for someone who doesn’t have an NDS. They’re an emulators for PC. Eventhough you don’t have an NDS, you can play the game in your PC ^^

  27. Can someone please help? says:

    Was anyone able to fix the problem of the robotic sounds and voices? I’m using Desmume. Thanks, I appreciate it^^

  28. maria talita says:

    is it full patched/full english rom?

  29. maria talita says:

    oh, big thanks! it works 😀

  30. Bilqis says:

    I’ve got the game and running on DeSuME but the sound and pic are all splotchy and sound a little distorted. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks a lot before^^

    • Cin says:

      Well maybe is because DeSmuMe itself

      I remember a lot of these problems, even in Phoenix Wright games :/

      I really don’t know how to fix it but a recommend to you close your browser and other things to run a game in DeSmuMe 🙂

      Sorry my bad english, I’m not american :c and I hope my little help works on your emulator now.

  31. Raven says:

    I downloaded it easily just waiting to play it with the DS emulator 😛

  32. Ash says:

    How do we get the boys too like you (IM SOOO BAD AT THIS GAME)
    I tried everything and when we have to click them during date or somthing Broken hearts come up WHYYY?!?!? i clicked them,help anyone??

  33. rai says:

    Can this use on phone

  34. honey says:

    i mostly played this in r4 card sometimes it would crash but over all it worked good
    but it is really difficult. i try to play this girl sides games but i only get 2/6 boyfriends each time 😛 lol

  35. KIM says:

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE tell me how can I download this in my NEW 3dsXL with OFW

  36. Lee says:

    I found this one kind of boring.

  37. Solveig says:

    I have Nintendo DS and Ace2Card, I have transfer Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus to Ace2Card using SD Card Reader but the screen are up side down or something when I start playing the game.
    Are the way to fix this?

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