The Stargazers

The Stargazers

The 1042nd Stargazers Squadron of the A.D.F.S (Allied Defence Force Signals)

Stargazers Squadron. A group of 3 pilots stationed in deep space on the outer rim of one of the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Signals are always first on the scene! It’s the role of the Signals to be the spearhead into every new operation, laying the ground work for future missions.

By now humans have explored much of the inner Milky Way galaxy but not much of it’s outer reaches. Their mission is to patrol along an uncharted rim of the Milky Way Galaxy, to chart, explore, establish telecommunications, and a foothold between the outer galaxy and the inner galaxy. Not much happens in this reigon of space, but when the Stargazers are nearby it doesn’t take long for them to find some trouble!

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  1. MeiMei says:

    hmmmm……a yuri vn….download

  2. Zeenof says:

    Is this the all-ages version? I’d assume so due to tags. Mangagamer has an 18+ version though.

  3. nina says:


    thats cute~

  4. jim lahey says:

    Ugh another fake western produced eroge. Its not real eroge of its not made in Japan. Please dont support this crap, it only encourages more knockoff crap like this to be put out.

    • Dgsoil says:

      Eroge, or “Erotic Game”, doesn’t imply ‘Japan Onry’ anymore and your mentality just discourages a potentially good artist/writer from making something. Get your head out of your ass and at least try something before you judge it. I have no clue if this is good or not but this whole “It isn’t from Japan it is going to suck” thing you people are spreading around is half the reason the majority of the crap we get is slice of life Japanese high school games by the bucket load instead of more interesting ideas.

    • Vex says:

      So since when have games suddenly become a “country-exclusive” affair? So now only Japan can do Visual Novels?

      This is as crappy an argument as the one used against animation and comics done outside Japan, but clearly based on Japanese standards. Because then you hit yourself with the fact Korea has a huge market of their own similar to it and they def are not Japan. Korea has also been delving into Visual Novels as well btw.

    • YawRaw says:

      I agree with the other comments man. (-_-)

    • Paull says:

      My gripe with these western made games is the lack of voice acting.

    • Ex Nihilo says:

      Calm down people! You miss the point here. It’s not that good VNs have to be made from japanese in Japan. But the majority of the good ones are from this country. FACT! And western VNs are known for beeing rather “uninteresting” (interpret that in any way you like). Knowing that I would avoid them instead of wasting my time with downloading and testplaying. Only to find out that the love story is blant, the sexscenes boring and no chick gets pregnant because not produced in Nippon.

      • redenib says:

        Japanese VN’s are all the same shit and have not evolved at all over the years. Western (and non Japanese) VNs have the potential to be way more interesting if they continue to get support and not mindless criticism from Weebs.

        • fag says:

          wth are you supporting? we are pirating the game bros if you want to suport it dont come here buy the game.

          • Desmond says:

            I might only speak for myself in this case but I use this site to find eroge that seem interesting to buy them since I don’t look into its that actually sell them because I’m lazy but at the same time I will admit if I’m strapped for cash I’ll pirate a game or two

  5. akihajime123 says:

    this game really needs a guide XDD im like ded trying to figure out the route flags if there are any

  6. Wololo says:

    Bad game, i dont reccomend it.

    Lack of scenes and meh history.

  7. Sophie12473 says:

    admin can you plz add lady killer in a bind Thanks ^^

  8. PM_Me_Your_Oppai says:

    So we still adding stuff like this but no love for huge explosive tits from creators like erectlip? Such disappointment.

  9. Cerulian says:

    Am uh… am I the only one who sees the girl on the left and goes “what the fuck is Nia doing here?”

  10. Lightwarrior11 says:

    I agree with the posts that imply there should be a “Developed Outside Japan” tag…

  11. Meechuchan says:

    Is there tentacle rape in this? (I hope so)

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