Taimanin Asagi

Taimanin Asagi
The game stars and takes the viewpoint from a female ninja who is said to be one of Japan’s greatest warriors. She’s part of an elite ninja squad called Anti-Demon Ninja that fights in the name of justice. The main enemy in this story is the OFA (Oboro Forbearance Army) lead by another female ninja who is also said to be one of the finest in the land. These two female ninjas go at it until one of them is captured and trained/transformed against their will into a sex slave.

It’s important to note here that the game takes place around 2050 in Tokyo, so technology has become relatively advanced. The world itself seems to be VERY grim. It’s also slightly fantasy based as it seems many different races inhabit the world, including vampires, orcs, and various types of evil spirits, which are the demons or “evil influenced” people that are making the world so corrupt. The ninjas also have special, beyond human, abilities as well.

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  1. GoblinTown:

    Thanks Admin, have wanted to check these out for some time.

  2. Stax:

    Is there a good ending in it? I was checking it out before and found only, well, “awful” and “even more awful” kinds of endings.

    • Hachi:

      Well, this game is from Lilith and by my experience with it, I’d say a Bad ending is the “best ending” you will get, from that, they go to Terryble endings and Freakingwhatthehellwasthat ending

      Hope that helps ‘-‘

      • trannon1:

        Hahaha, I agree. 1st time I played Shion, I was like, how in the world is that a good ending? Then when I played the harem route, I was like, okay, no one died but it still ain’t a good ending.

  3. samuraitiger19:

    The game won’t load it says there’s a syntax error. Please help.

  4. slardar:

    how to change the locale admin?

  5. max:

    where in the faq

  6. max:

    nevermind i found it

  7. simon:

    problem with part 1, keeps saying that its damaged and i tried downloading it couple of times again but says the same thing

  8. Dante1016996:

    I have a big problem. I downloaded this game, it works perfectly. But my virus protection program blocked the game because it contained a high level trojan. Am I the only one with this problem? Can it be fixed?

    • admin:

      Send the program to your antivirus to get it checked and remove false positive. All downloads posted on this site are clean.

  9. Mike P.:

    No tags, is this an H-game?

  10. boss_al:

    So,is this female lead this story or else ??
    I would like to know ( usually my eroges favourite is male lead, haha)

  11. is there a walktrough of this?

  12. Dan:

    I can’t make it work.. i keep getting an error when i try to open it.. i tryed going into my controll panel and change it to japanese but some guidance could be awsome :)

  13. RAH:

    Did you restart your PC after changing language local to Japanese? Must do so for changes to take effect.

    Be careful guys with that 3rd Mediafire link my AV software detected a trojan as soon as that webpage loaded. Also got a message from that webpage telling me that you’re computer is infected with viruses. Obviously the page has been hacked!

  14. duffman:

    I have switched my system local to Japanese as advised and the game does come up and play now, however it is all in Japanese! A game in Japanese is of little use to me as i cant read Japanese what am i doing wrong?

  15. d(>.:

    interesting fact their is a hentai of this hahahaha i have it on my hard drive so i am quite happy to see a game

  16. ucgga3:

    thanks admin d(>.<)b

  17. Nanaya7:

    Does anybody have a walkthrough for this game?

  18. bobob:

    I changed locale to Japanese but I am still getting a syntax error.

  19. SilverSpinner:

    I guess I found one good ending, I mean if you consider be violently raped multiple times and then having to kill some dude you like to kill that crazy chick and then killing your boss good, so sort of good, I think.

    • count monty:

      Well, that WAS the ending the anime went with, so that’s probably the best ending.

      I like how it’s sort of “and the adventure continues” sort of thing.

      You mean she’ll get raped again? HOORAY! :/

  20. count monty:

    I’ve been meaning to play this. Really loved the anime version, and I’m sure this’ll be just as hot.

  21. Xalty:

    So, I downloaded this without any problems, all three files were safely acquired without anything being damage or corrupted.

    After un-zipping/un-raring, I open the game and run it. A tiny blue screen appears, followed quickly by an error message in mostly question marks and a single phrase about a T_SYNTAX error.

    No biggie, I figure, and go to change my settings in AppLocale to Japanese. After doing so, I start the game again. The same error occurs.

    I change the game to run in compatability mode (I’m running Win7, 64bits) to Windows XP, SP3. I run the game once more. Again, same results.

    Finally, just to make sure my comp has recognized the AppLocale change, I restart my system, start the comp back up and again try running it. Once more, tiny blue screen with SYNTAX ERROR-message plops up.

    Now, I’m just guessing, but I imagine either this game doesn’t run on 64-bit windows, or I need some kind of program to fool it I’m running a 32-bit system… Or, I’ve done something horribly wrong and should be ashamed of myself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :<

    • Ditto:

      Same problem on a 32 bit xp system. I tried different unzip software, but that didn’t help. *shrugs*

    • Jhon:

      I found the solution, just go to settings and language and then in the window that says “administrative”. there go to settings for non-unicode programs. then change the “English” in Japanese. and go with it worked perfect. although the game itself does not like me. hehe. that I do not like the ending and they are both raped too many times.

  22. confused:

    Part 3 seems to not be there. can you please fix it!?

  23. Shadow:

    Part 3 cannot be downloaded, I tried downloading it using fire fox and IE and both said the file was not there.

  24. ianails:

    absolutely complete vn list, great games and links always working. Congratulations, adm!

  25. Winterpoly:

    Lilith-Izm 02 still not in this beautiful site. :( But admin of eroge is the still the best!

  26. Kuma:

    I’ve downloaded the DA-free version, but now I don’t know how to make it work since I’m not really adept at using these stuffs. Can you help me?

  27. Dude:

    Part 3 cannot be found /: Am i doing something wrong? it won’t download.

  28. 124:

    Problem with unzipping file – always get a Fatal Error of some kind killing the process.

  29. luikun:

    Heya, could someone tell me the other Lilith english translated titles, and it’s okay if it’s only partially translated; thanks!

  30. Jhon:

    I found the solution, just go to settings and language and then in the window that says “administrative”. there go to settings for non-unicode programs. then change the “English” in Japanese. and go with it worked perfect. although the game itself does not like me. hehe. that I do not like the ending and they are both raped too many times.

  31. Ultach:

    How do you install/run it if you download it in 3 parts?

  32. FluidMatty:

    Ah, sorry, but I forgot to mention that my computer is already in japanese locale.

  33. topnoob:

    can I get some help it seems to show an error code for me and something about translations.

  34. EvilWumpus:

    The translation here is just awful. “I garnished in my hand my ninja katana”? “A man lapsed into heretical doctrine and tore a seam”? “The ninja began composing a sword battle”? I bet Google Translate could do better than this.

  35. cread13:

    how do you get the game to work i downloaded the 3 parts but cant figure out how to get it to run

  36. adf:

    Part 3 is corrupt. I downloaded it multiple times, and the file is broken.

  37. Christin Eleven:

    Please answer so I know that your read this. XP

    Hey Admin could you do me a really big favor please?? Pleaseee >._<

    it donĀ“t have to be today or tomorow but please promise me that you will do it some day ok?? -^.^-

    Thank you very much!

    Christin Eleven

  38. Christin Eleven:

    Why did this stupid site cut my written favor?!? >ow<

  39. Christin Eleven:

    Damn it Again! >.< ok short:

  40. Christin Eleven:

    Please upload Taimanin Asagi 3 and Taimanin Yukikaze =(

  41. Christin Eleven:

    and sry for the spamming Q.Q

  42. Sadly this isn’t the complete edition.There are more Animated scenes but not on this one.-___-

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