This story is set in a certain city located in a certain country.
A certain boy lives in this city. One day, two new families move into the houses neighboring his. The new residents turn out to be the King of the Gods and the King of the Devils. Both of them have moved in next to the boy’s house by request of their respective daughters, who fell in love with him at an early age.

Many years ago, when the boy was still a child, he had a chance encounter with each of the girls. Their meeting was brief at best, but the girls took it to heart and kept the memory alive until this day.

The stage is set for a story that involves the boy’s childhood friend as well as others around him. It is a tale of hardship and despair, but also one of faint hope. It is a tale of a boy who, to quote his cynical friend, is capable of becoming either God, Devil or Man.

Shuffle! – HCG
Shuffle! Essence+ – HCG

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  1. john:

    since im still downloading this, i should do something else rather than looking at the screen cuzz im so booooored good thing i have downloaded new games for my psp. by the way why is it some eroge games are censored? it doesnt make any sense to me, there is no sense in creating a H scene if it will be censored right?..

    • admin:

      Laws in Japan prohibit showing of genitalia, yes, even drawn ones. Every fan-translated game will be censored (unless there’s separate uncensor patch made by someone skilled in photoshop ), while most of official USA releases are uncensored, since there are no such laws there.

  2. john:

    aw ok man thanks for the info:)

  3. jay:

    wow i love the story in nerine and primula route especially rim-chan’s route hehe 🙂

  4. Coby Hammond:

    Quick question, will all the other adaptions be posted here? I know the most likely with be Essence Plus, as that’s the PC remake of the PS2 game (On the stage), right? And it offers the most new content. But will the other adaptions, well sequels; Tick! Tack!, Really? Really! and Love rainbow be released? I’m not sure if all my knowledge is correct so please correct me if I’m wrong. As in if Essence Plus isn’t an adaption, i would hate to of left out the 2 new story lines in the PS2 version.

    I’m really liking the Shuffle! series so far, having watched the anime and playing the game. But i can’t help from thinking about the other routes that would be interesting, from essence, but also the continuation of the routes from the first VN. Oh, and also the new characters which are introduced!


  5. Peemz:

    Great game. One of the best eroges on this site in my opinion. I can’t wait/hope that Essence+ is translated. Also, admin can you upload Sexy Demon Transformation? Thanks!

  6. Otomegame:

    Have this PJ been translated 100% to english?

  7. Sahmbahdeh:

    I have tried downloading a couple VNs using the links given on this site, but no matter how many times I try, the download is interrupted partway through. Only once have I gotten to above 50%. Is there something I am missing or doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

    • dashi:

      Even if you certainly have found the answer by yourself, I’ll advice you :

      Maybe your ISP doesn’t like it that much (neither does mine).

      If you are on firefox, there is a little manipulation you can do (worked pretty well for me) :

      – Launch the download until it crashes
      – Save the downloaded (thus incomplete) file
      – Launch a second download and pause it after 2-3 secs
      – Replace the currently paused file by the one saved on step 2
      – Unpause the download

      It will start overwhen it crashed.

  8. caude8:

    Can can anyone help me install this game, i have a hard time running it on XP?

  9. dashi:

    Hi, and thanks for the upload !

    I was wondering if this version of the game is the most up-to-date.

    On the 11/12, MG released a new version (typo corrections and font modifications), and I really can’t find it anywhere. If anyone have a link, I’ll really appreciate if he/she shares it with others (and I won’t be the only one).

    Thanks in advance !

  10. Charg:

    In regards to the DA partial downloads, after downloading them and viewing the files, they all have the same names yet different file sizes, how should I treat the extraction?

  11. Some Guy:

    Keeps crashing after the opening for me

  12. arfixon:

    Is this game more story-based or just most hentai-based like any ordinary eroge?

  13. AznSamsung:

    got another question, will there be tick! tack!?

  14. Otaku in VietNamese:

    Arigato gozainimasu , Admin.

  15. Nelth:

    Where is save folder?

  16. john:

    does this work on mac??

  17. Firnila:

    Awesome game! Thanks for the upload… loved the Nerine and Asa routes 😛

  18. Erwin.:

    is it english version ??


    Huh! to hard to choose

  20. Elucidator:

    Shuffle is uncensored right?

  21. KarranL:

    Thanks for the VN. Despite I will use a PT-BR patch, thanks for provide the game.

  22. Joshua:

    is the only h-scenes on this at the end??

  23. foustle:

    for some reason when i press start after the game finishes speaking it gives me an error and im not sure why. Can you help me?

  24. CQEF:

    Is this the December 2012 updated version?

  25. Shuaib:

    I wondered if any of you guys had the same problem when i tried starting up the game the next day this error came up saying
    I couldn’t read the rest because it was in coding so would any of you guys be able to help i really want to play!

  26. School days / shuffle : Both good games, good graphics, nice endings, and same pattern and time of ending.
    Difference: Shuffle = 5 files = 1GB / School Days = 49 siles =10GB.
    That is pretty awelsome

    • RedWrath:

      the difference is, school days is completely animated from start to finish lol, oh and the horribly gruesome endings of course :p

  27. JP:

    I can’t seem to make the game work. I doubled click the shuffle.exe and it says “Ethornell – Buriko General Interpreter ver 1.xx has stopped working” any ideas anyone? please help thnx! 🙂

  28. caesar:

    Have this vn been translated to english yet?
    is it work on windows 7?
    is it………good?

  29. Just a random guy:

    Uhh, I tried moving the files to a USB so i could have a copy and when i opened it from the USB, it had no save data. I opened it again from the original copy and all my save files were gone.
    Does anyone know what happened and how I could retrieve those files back?

    • ricefield:

      I haven’t downloaded it yet and I know this reply is late, but do you know where the files should be saved? If you do, check. If they’re still there. it’s entirely possible that they were put into read only mode for whatever reason and the game wouldn’t accept them. In that case, just go in and check read and edit instead on each file. If there are no files, then you’re screwed 🙁

      • Just a random guy:

        Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the files >.<
        However, when I restarteded a few days back, i found the save files i created in a folder! I ported those save files to an external Hard drive for collection! Thanks for the info! it actually helped find those new save files!

  30. Hito34:

    Hi, is it for PSP ? ( Are games on this site for PSP ? )

    Thanks a lot

  31. I-Am-X:

    Is it already pre-patched?

    Errrrr, like fate stay/night where the patch was already included?

  32. I-Am-X:

    God the VN is so damn irritating.

    What’s the point in them giving you options if they’re just going to force you to do the opposite of what you choose? Ugh -_-

  33. enthusiast:

    Is this download completely safe, for either the 1click or free?

    • admin:

      Yes, all downloads posted on this site are verified and contain no malicious code.
      1click and free contain exactly the same stuff after extracting.

      • enthusiast:

        Well, I dowloaded part 1 into my usb. When I tried to open the app in it, I got an error pop up. Do you have any suggestions in what I could do, maybe different options?

        • admin:

          You need to download all 5 parts and put them in same folder. Then start extracting part1. Without all parts, game won’t extract properly, as it’s missing all files.

      • enthusiast:

        BTW, I downloaded part 1 because the 1click doesn’t work

        • admin:

          Thanks. 1click link fixed.

          • enthusiast:

            I am just overwhelmed with so much joy right now. After several attempts to download all the parts, I finally was able to download everything to my usb device and the game works perfectly. Admin, thank you so much for all your help and to all your efforts to make this all possible. This will be my first eroge to experience fondly. Thank you times a million.

  34. DamianWinters:

    I downloaded this all on now, I use windows 8. I don’t know how to get this working, I click on the downloads in there folder and it says they don’t have an app to open with but idk which app to get for them.

  35. enthusiast:

    Admin and to others who made everything here possible, thank you. I’m looking forward toward enjoying Tick Tack and Really Really, but should I let some time pass until Love rainbow and Essence+ is available for an english download here? Or should I play them now? I want this experience to last a good long while.

    • admin:

      Ye, It’ll be long time until Essence+ will get translated. While the unofficial rumors about MangaGamer picking it up are floating around, they haven’t even announced it yet, let alone actual translation and release. Second half of 2015 is probably the earliest possible date, maybe early 2016.

  36. Xian:

    is it english version??

  37. netniuQ08:

    what program do i open this with? it won’t work.

  38. I have been searching for this game forever, I downloaded the free 5 step downloads, and every time I try to unzip my part 2 the data0200.arc file is showing 0KB and I am unable to play the game. I’ve tried redownloading the file multiple times from the website as well as several times from the rarzip file. Can someone please let me know if the problem is on my end or if there’s something wrong with the file I downloaded.

    Thanks 🙂

  39. Michael:

    did anyone tested it on windows 8.1? I am running 64 bit windows 8.1 but it became “not responding” about opening the game. (It crash at a black screen). Anyone experience this problem?

  40. wenz1234:

    can anyone/admin upload the english translation file pls?

  41. Senpapi:

    For anyone who is crashing after the Intro, either don’t play on full screen before it happens or remove the movie folder from where ever you have the game saved. Should help you get past it.

  42. Klonosz:

    Someone know enything about a Shuffle Essence+ translation project is possible in the near future or not?

  43. Alex:

    What programs do I need to open this game and play it?

  44. Alex:

    What programs do I need to open this game and play it?

    I really need to know, please.

  45. HentaiKatze:

    Okay is a Good Anime but Rin is so a motherfucking yuki i can kill myself plss rito fuck this motherfucker in the asshole so hard kaede is so sad because of him and sia,nerine too pls we all must kill this asshole (yuki) for the community .

    ty of read this

    and i hope you work with me to kill this yuki

  46. Bruno Zarate:

    Hey admin any news about shuffle essence+??? thanks in advance.

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