Secret Wives Club

Secret Wives Club

It’s amazing how small a world it can be at times. On the first day of his new tutoring job, Issei realizes that the student’s mother is the beautiful woman he had a fling with on a vacation in Bali. She recognizes him, too, and soon approaches him with an interesting proposition.

“These are my two closest friends,” Chisato says, introducing him to her two best friends, who are also the wives of rich men, ladies of leisure. They admit to Issei that they are bored and want more excitement in their lives. Almost before he realizes what is going on, they have made a pact: Issei will secretly teach them the pleasures of sex and indulge their fantasies.

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  1. LunarLegend says:

    Man this game is weird, very picky about when and if it’ll work. I got it going by installing it without changing the directory, making a shortcut, then set the shortcut to run in minimized window mode. It started up full screen and I was able to change it to a normal window from there. hit or miss getting it to work, but love this game so I say worth it.

    • Samoha says:

      Found this on a different download but I did the same thing and it worked:

      first mount the game, a disk will show up, open that disc,

      then copy the followings,,


      copy all to CRACK folder on where you extracted all the RAR files,,,

      in crack folder there should be HIMECUS app, then double click then feel free to play…

      it worked on me,,, hope that itll work on you guyz too..

      • FEC says:

        There Is No Voice In The Game. Whenever Another Characters Line Appears It Says “Fail To Open ETC[Than The Number OF The ETC]”. When You Said Copy Wmsc And Stuff, There Was No “Voice”. Do You Think That Has Something To Do With It??

        • made says:

          i have same problem, please anyone already fix this?
          game working even with bgm but whenever voice should came up
          box window appear “Fail to Open…”. Hoe to fix this??

  2. AJ12 says:

    I need help with this game. I have installed it but i can’t play it. I either get a black screen or the can’t connect to GGD message and i’ve tried everything so far to fix both. I’ve used Deamon tools and that doesn’t work, i’ve used ISO and that doesn’t work. I’ve done properties and nothing worked. I even tried to use the virtual box that Sneak used and i can’t really use that. Can somebody PLEASE help me?

    If Sneak is still around and could explain in full how they got the game to work with Virtual box, that would help a ton

  3. NP69 says:

    Once you mount the ISO onto a program like Daemon tools open the disc then install the game. Once it is installed open the program file where it was installed and copy everything except the game .exe into the crack folder. Then open the .exe in the crack folder and the game works perfectly. My computer language is set to japanese locale so I would also suggest doing this beforehand it helps when installing and running any H games you download online. It will probably sit at a black screen for around 30 seconds before loading completely then one it loads in full screen hit play and right click to set it to windowed mode if you prefer windowed mode, the game will always open in windowed mode after setting it.

  4. Ns says:

    i mount the game but the sound effects dont run and is annoying play with no sound pls help

  5. TAIMAT says:

    if anyone of you faced with black screen … do the following .. install .. crack .. DONT RUN THE GAME YET .. apply the following registry file then play it without problems … & forgive my rusty english:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  6. KuroHide says:

    I use windows 7 64 bit and the only way i could get this game was downloading virtual box, then downloading a windows xp install cd. setting all that up then running the game in virtual box.

  7. Kensen says:

    I am having trouble saving my data, it won’t overwrite any of the saves, nor will it create any new ones. How do I solve this issue?

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