The unceasing Rain──
The 『sealed city』,
abandoned 30 years ago after a sudden biochemical warhead strike.
The uninhabited ruins,
ruled over only by autonomous battle drones.
The man came to this place,
finding shelter inside a tall building as he grew exhausted,
and there he came across
a planetarium,
a room that once filled the hearts of men
with the wonders of all the stars in all the sky.
And there, he met a young woman
whose name was 「Reverie」.
A member of the planetarium’s help staff
who had continued to wait for customers for over 30 years;
a broken robot──
Entreated by 「Reverie」,
he lost track of time as he repaired
the nonfunctional planetarium projector.
The continuous Rain.
Those quiet days spent with 「Reverie」.
A long-lost nostalgia that began to arise in the man’s heart.
What will he think about this sky of manmade stars?
And what is the fate of this 「Reverie」 of a little planet?

Planetarian – Voice Patch
Planetarian – CG

108 Responses to “Planetarian”

  1. leon999 says:

    I do like to correctly install this novel
    I install the game icon gray, then pacth with the translation, then the crack

    but everytime i try to play, it opens full screen and hangs the first image after the screen appears saying that the program is not responding …

    can someone explain me how to do?

    need to do something different (AppLocale or change the location for Japanese)
    this is already the sugnda time I find a novel that interested me and that I can not play … ¬ ¬

  2. leon999 says:

    Okay, Okay, okay
    I managed to solve it …
    all I had to do was change the location …
    japan needs to be in place to exit the screen that hangs …

    • kami says:

      btw ….y the english patch is not working always error.. but the japanese version is ok i can play it?? and i follow the instruction correctly?

    • danieltan11 says:

      how’d you do it again? i mean what did you mean japan needs to be in place>

    • Silv says:

      Yes, I changed the location to in my settings to Japan. But it didn’t do anything.

      So what did you do that made it stop hanging?

  3. nusantara says:

    i from indonesia.
    i have playing this game.
    actually i already read a review this game, and when i playing this game in at beginning,
    i’m already cry about what will happening to that girl robot. i’m enjoying this game very much, and at final chapter i’m really sad.
    i’m still thinking that girl robot will happly life with that Junker. why this game dont have multiple ending?
    but thanks for this game.

    somehow a opening music look alike from my country, “tanah air beta” that a title in my country.

    • nurraya says:

      it,s not ‘tanah air beta., it,s ‘ibu pertiwi’. the op based on hym what a Friend We Have in Jesus by Charles Crozat, you can read in wikipedia…

  4. gabriel says:

    46 mb? it is very short game ,right?
    sorry for my english

  5. Kage says:

    long time ago i “played” this novel and i havnt think about the name miss jena…. and i have to lived 20 years of my live in this town jena in germany and also i knowing “carl zeiss” to know that such thing in in a japan novell make me very happy and i never will forget this novell

    enjoy it when you reading this its a wonderfull story

  6. Dormin says:

    I had the same problem as leon999 but couldn’t solve it, if anyone ever even reads this any help would be appreciated

  7. Doble77 says:

    Can’t play it. After the first image apears, the game freezes. It doesn’t closes itself, but is stuck in a “No Response” state.

  8. nurraya says:

    it,s not ‘tanah air beta., it,s ‘ibu pertiwi’. the op based on hym what a Friend We Have in Jesus by Charles Crozat, you can read in wikipedia…

  9. Br1ckyard says:

    My install notes from Win 7
    -“Region for non-unicode programs” MUST be set to Japan, then restart. It’s not enough just to change the language. big frustration for me at first.
    -Download and install Sazanami-gothic font. It may help with a known issue. Available from a variety of places on the ‘net

    – If you don’t cry at the end you have no soul. You were warned.

    • Kap'n Kronic says:

      I didn’t because I can’t seem to figure out how to download this. I can download 35 other VNs without a problem but not this one.

  10. dreamedfire says:

    Ok so I had some trouble downloading this so here’s how I got it to work.
    1. Download the first file and run the retail copy with Jap locale to install it.
    2. Download the english patch and move it to the same folder you have the first file in, and run that with jap locale as well.
    3. Find the “planetarian” folder in your program files, and copy and paste that into your folder with everything else so far.
    4. Take the no dvd crack and move it to the folder you obtained from the program files and run with jap locale, this removes the error asking for a key
    5. to run the game, run either “kinetic.exe” or “start.exe” in jap locale

    Hope this helps as I saw people were having trouble

    • dreamedfire says:

      forgot to add but to get the voices download the voice file and merge the “KINETICDATA” folder with the one of the same name in the “planetarian” folder you obtained from your program files

  11. Father says:

    Thank you, I finally was able to play this.
    I first saw this two years ago and attempted to play it, but I could never figure it out. Then I came back, read this and was finally able to play it. Thanks

  12. rentarou says:

    if you all don’t cry after playing this, you don’t have any soul.

  13. jibzoiderz says:

    Hey admin can you upload the sekai project version of planetarian (from steam) it has professional grade translation.

  14. Asaki Hotaru says:

    something has lost from my heart…. :'( uwaaaa

  15. issei hyoudou says:

    PLS HALP. It tells me to buy the game for some reason when I start the game. The font is in some unrecognized unicode, and i have already changed the applocale to japan. PLS HALP

  16. flunker says:

    Admin, I’m seriously stumped lol.
    I installed everything in the following order:

    1. Install PlanetarianRetail.exe
    2. Copy the planetarian.exe crack into install dir and run
    3. Install the english patch into install dir
    4. Merge the voice patch into Kinetic folder in the install dir
    5. Run Start.exe, StartJP.exe, Kinetic.exe

    But nothing seems to be working. An error box pops up saying something in Japanese which I don’t understand at all. Exactly what am I missing here? I only got the menu to appear but every time I click on Play the error box pops out.

    • anon says:

      Have you tried installing it in Japanese?

      • flunker says:

        My AppLocale for non-unicode program is already set to Japanese, and the setup PlanetarianRetail.exe runs in Japanese. If you can get it to run please share how. I’d really appreciate it 😀

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