Let’s Meow Meow!

Lets Meow Meow
In the game, the player takes the role of Ibuki, a college student living on his own in an apartment complex. A lover of cats who often feeds strays in the park and takes injured cats to the vet, Ibuki is visited in the night by the Cat God, who offers him one wish in return for his kindness to animals. Ibuki wastes no time in his reply: “I want a catgirl!”. The cat god immediately announces his wish is granted and then vanishes, leaving Ibuki to wonder if it was all a dream.

Several days later, Ibuki is on his way home from work when he discovers a carboard box left near his apartment. Hearing the sound of a what he believes to be a cat, Ibuki opens the box to discover not a cat but in fact a catgirl, naked and sleeping. Ibuki takes the catgirl to his flat, where she reveals her name to be Mikan, and explains that she was sent by the catlord to serve him. Over the next few days, Ibuki discovers that the situation may not be as perfect as it first appeared, as a number of unwelcome visitors accidentally moved from the cat kingdom to our world alongside Mikan.

Download Let’s Meow Meow! English game:

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193 Responses to “Let’s Meow Meow!”

  1. orpheus says:

    I seem to be having trouble with playing this game. I’m kind of new to playing these games, so I know nothing. so, what program do I open the game file with?

  2. Andrew says:

    after installing the game with daemon tools, I start to play but no voices can be heard during this. someone can help me with this problem?

    • Tommie Grumbles says:

      I had that problem with both jewel knight and another game lightning something but anyway names arn’t important right now what is important is you need to exstract the vioce fill they look like a regular zip folder exstract that and you should have no problem hereing them talk enjoy

  3. bob says:

    i got it says cant connect to file GGD help me

  4. JamPanda says:

    i have just downloaded the first one. and also downloaded WinZip so i could open it… and now its asking me to insert a disc for it!? help! D:

  5. crazymonkeh says:

    this one was a bit tricky to install…

    You MUST have DAEMON Tools, or DAEMON Tools Lite to install.
    (you can google it and get this software for free)

    PS: Daemon tools is also used to install many other eroge from this site, so it’ll most likely be useful to you in the future.

    To Install:
    Step 1.) After you downloaded ALL 4 PARTS, open the FIRST part and extract it to the folder of your choice. Once finished, open the folder and find the Application crack (right click and copy for future use)…

    Step 2.) Now open DAEMON Tools, set up a “Virtual Device”, right click it and click “mount” or “mount image” ..a window will pop up, go find the folder in which you extracted the game and select the one that says “CD1” in it… at which point the installation will begin.

    Step 3.) The installation will then stop in the middle and as you to put in another game disc. (DON’T CLICK ANY OPTION ON THIS POPUP FOR NOW) go to your DAEMON Tools window, right click your “Virtual Device” and click “unmount” … then right click it again and click “Mount” or “mount image” (Like you did in step 2). Find the same folder from before, but this time select the file that says “CD2” in it…. return to your installation window and click “Continue/ok” from the previous popup and the installation will resume.”

    Step 4.) After the installation is complete, delete the desktop icon shortcut (if you enabled the option to create shortcut.. if not, then ignore)… then open the new game installation folder (NOT THE ONE YOU EXTRACTED TO, USE THE ONE IN WHICH THE GAME INSTALLED ITSELF INTO).. now right click and select “paste” (if you haven’t copied the crack, refer to step 1) ..a window will popup asking you if you want to replace the file with your paste file… select “yes”.. double click the new application launch icon and you can play the game.


    • TheMaelstrom says:

      Yeah this one is tricky to install. I tried crazymonkeh’s way and it didn’t work for me but, I found another way that did and like said you must have DAEMON Tools, or DAEMON Tools Lite to install.

      To Install:
      Step 1.) After you downloaded all 4 parts, highlight all 4 parts then right click and extract them all this will create a Let’s Meow Meow folder in your download folder or whatever folder the parts were saved to.

      Step 2.) Now open the Let’ Meow Meow folder. If you chose to extract to Let’s Meow Meow instead of extract here there will be another Let’s Meow Meow folder inside the one you just created that you will need to click on as well. Inside you should find 4 files labeled Let’s Meow Meow CD two that say CD1 and two that say CD2. The ones you need are the MDF files ignore the MDS files if your computer doesn’t tell you what kind of file they are just look for the ones with the larger size the MDS file have a size of 1KB on my laptop. Doubleclick on the CD1 MDF file it will the say mounting to desktop and a BD-ROM Drive should appear under the computer tab below Local Disk and RECOVERY. The installation window should then pop up after a few minutes.

      Step 3.) The installation will then stop in the middle and ask you to insert another game disc. If everything went alright you should still have the Let’s Meow Meow folder open behind the installation window click on it anywhere to switch back to it and doubleclick on the CD2 MDF file like before it will say mounting to desktop. After it finishes mounting go back to the installation window and click Continue/Ok on the popup to resume the installation.

      Step 4.) After the installation is complete, delete the desktop icon shortcut (if you enabled the option to create shortcut.. if not, then ignore)… then click on the BD-ROM Drive and copy all the files in it and paste them in the Let’s Meow Meow folder you just came from. Then extract all the WinRAR/WinZip files you just pasted, when asked to replace files click yes to all. After you have extracted all the files go into the crack folder and copy the application inside then go back to the previous folder you were just in and paste the application there clicking yes to replace when asked. Scroll down and double click on the new application launch icon and you can play the game.

      and that’s how I installed it and if crazymonkeh’s way doesn’t work for you try mine. Have fun!

      • Nii-Nii says:

        Worked just fine for me. Thank you very much.

        PS: If you don’t have Daemon Tools…Virtual Clone Drive works, too.

      • A says:

        OMGG! IM SOOO CONFUSED! im new to doing this kind of thing, and i tried to follow each of you guys’s instructions, but it wasnt really clear to me a times so i was looking around for the crap and “guessing” if that was what u were talking about.. I got really confused on both instructions and i dont know if i messed up the files or something…I have 7-zip and Daemon Tools Lite…>.>
        So far, I got the whole game installed, im mostly confused about the part where i replace this and that.. >.> I don’t know exactly which folder im copying from and the code names for crap isnt really helping..

        i wish somebody could give me a visual instruction which would probably be my best bet or at least a more detailed and like STEP-BY-STEP instruction telling me exactly what to do and exactly how to do it.. Trying to figure this out makes me feel really stupid.. This is really confusing.. Someone help?

        • drzomboss says:

          Ok, it’s easy. After you intalled the game open the crack and copy MINYAML.EXE then, look for a folder named YAMIKUMO it’s in “program files” (sorry my pc is in spanish so I don’t kknow the name of that xD)

      • RennisTora says:

        Indeed, thank you.

      • Berserk says:

        Can you show a video that better explains it cause saying all this stuff is confusing the hell outta me

      • Nevyn says:

        I’m having some truble with step 3 in your “insalation guide”

        so i wonder if you (or anyone else) can help me with it.

        I get to the point where it asks for the game disk and I enter the file from CD2 but it wont let me countinu. Anyone know why?

      • w1Ld_FOX says:

        gays you know if you cant extract the pasted files just make a new folder in the folder that you extract the let’s meow meow RAR files to once you move or cpoy the pasted files to that folder then paste the EXE form the cracked file to your new file replacing the one that’s there but before i did that i added the moved files to the ” let’s meow meow.rar ” then i pasted the EXE and thats what worked for me

      • Brandon says:

        Whenever I try to extract any file other than the first one I get an error about it being broken and 7-zip freezes. what do I do to fix it?

    • Lizard Troop says:

      I got it working thanks to you. Thank you so much.

    • Anon says:

      thank you!!!

    • Tommy says:

      Hello, When I try to open the game it’s says it’s unable to connect to the server to collect data or something. Please help!!

    • dirtydan says:

      Thanks for the guide, I got a question. When you said “virtual device” did you mean virtual drive? Because I was on the daemon tools lite and thats all it said, no device. And if it did, would it be fine if i just clicked on virtual drive?

    • Adam says:

      thnak you very much it worked 😀

    • Richard says:

      Thank you , I don’t know why I didn’t think of that actuall. I forgot all about the crack.

    • Moonss says:

      I cant get Daemon tools to even install. help!?

  6. TheAllSeeingEye says:

    Part 4 cant be downloaded via DA-free

    • crazymonkeh says:

      i downloaded it today, so bullshit.. try again in an hour.

      DA-free doesnt allow u to download more than 2 at a time

      • TheAllSeeingEye says:

        ive been downloading about 6 at a time… waiting 6 minutes between each download…
        And now it downloaded…
        Hmm… weird…

  7. Troubled Playa says:

    Help me
    i downloaded it and extracted it but it says
    “Cant use the conected file GGD” so what does it mean???

  8. Blarkk says:

    every time i try to run it it opens a website for “virtual-mate” WTF do i do

  9. Joshua says:

    For all of you that got the GGD problem:
    (Sorry if this sounds patronizing). I got the same problem and tried everything to solve it. But, just in case, could it be possible that you didn´t “Explore” your mounted disk, copied and extracted all the files in your game folder before putting the crack.? This may sound stupid, but I didn’t read the part that said to copy the files, and even then had to redownload the crack because I didn’t know the crack had been replaced.
    Thank you for your time.

  10. jake says:

    everytime i try to play no matter what it openbs virtual mate site on my browzer.same goes for Pick me honey. wtf do i do?

  11. Confused says:

    WHat is the password for the zip file?

  12. AARRGGHH says:

    Why it opened “virtual-mate”?

  13. So_Puzzled says:

    Everyone has been talking about all you have to do to get the game up and running is This or That. I’ve tried following some instructions on how to install and play but I can’t follow anything past extract the 4 files into one folder. I’ve installed Daemon Tools but I have no clue as to what I’m supposed to do with them. I don’t want to have wasted my time downloading this as I’ve heard good things about this but lately, I can’t get anything I download from here to work. Help!

    • drzomboss says:

      Did you installed the game? If not then open CD 1.mdf, when they ask you for another cd you do the same with CD2.mdf and then you continue after that the game is ready. You open the crack and copy MINYAML.EXE then, look for a folder named YAMIKUMO it’s in “program files” (sorry my pc is in spanish so I don’t kknow the name of that xD)

  14. psykin says:

    i can’t get it to work after i downloaded all 4 parts it says
    can’t use the connected file CCD

  15. psykin says:

    sorry it not ccd it was GGD

  16. JJ says:

    Hello every1, i’m having a little problem with this game. When i start it appear a window whitch says: \There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you wish to continue? (CODE = 0:0)\.
    Then i click Yes (or continue) and i can hear sound effects but not voices. Have you guys a solution?
    Sorry for the touble (and my bad english) and thanks ^^

  17. Pony says:

    you need to find the \crack\ folder where you extracted the game oprn the folder copy the crack and paste it into the game folder which should be in \program files\ >\C:Program FilesYAMIKUMOMINYANML\ It will ask you if you want to replace the say yes to \copy and Replace

  18. souleater651 says:

    ok i am sooo confussed here i dont know what to do so far the game opens but all it says is game cd and thats all nothing else can someone please help me out

  19. Spartan says:

    I got the game to work and played it a bit yesterday. But when I tried to open it today it said it couldln’t connect to the GGD file. What happened and how do I fix it?

  20. Cyan-chan says:

    okay so all but part one is corrupt.
    can anyone help me?
    I cant extract the other files.

  21. WizardlyClone says:

    Your guide works,but it’s confusing.

    I’m using Windows 8,so my method maybe slightly different.

    1)Extract the contents from Zip or Rar to any folder

    2)Open Daemon Tools

    3)Create a virtual drive

    4)Mount \CD01\ from the extracted folder

    5)Start the installer (located in \My Computer\ by double-clicking the virtual drive. The icon will be a dead give away.)

    6)Keep the default install options

    7)Let the first half finish

    8)It will ask for the second disk. Do NOT click \Ok\

    9)Go back into Daemon Tools. Unmount \CD01\ and mount \CD02\ on the same virtual drive

    10)Now click \Ok\ on the installer

    11)After the game and \Virtual-Mate\ finished exit the installer

    12)Now go into the \Crack\ folder from the extracted Zip/Rar folder

    13)Copy the file \MINYANML\

    14)Now go to \Computer/(C:)/Program_Files/YAMIKUMO/MINYANML\

    15)Paste the file and overwrite it

    16)Now create a shortcut directly from that to your desktop or desired folder

    17)Start it up

    I hope that was simple and clear enough to help everyone out.

  22. Divine_Wind says:

    Arrived from a cracked article condemning eroges. Never left.

  23. xxkyle0104xx says:

    i get a server error message the game installs fine and i have no problems with the GGD files just a server error.

    server error 0x00030001 Help will be appreciated 😀

  24. stuck says:

    just installed the game, extracted with winrar, mounted with daemon tools copied and pasted the crack over, launch the game, select new game and it gets stuck on the first screen, sitting there looking at an empty room, a text bubble up with nothing in it be a single \
    anyone having similar issues?

  25. noname says:

    I was getting nothing when clicking the voice and sound effects test buttons in the configuration. I copied the installation directory out of Program Files which is read-only on Vista and they worked. Hope this helps.

  26. Nitro says:

    While I was installing the game as soon as it asked me to put in disk 2 and I loaded it up in deamon tools, my computer went all weird. Most of the folder icons were gone and whenever I try to get to certain folders it says nothings there even though there is something there.

  27. Oni says:

    This was posted by Mao, it worked for me.

    “Here’s my method of getting the game to work.

    1. Download all four zips, storing them where you can get to easily.
    2. Download Virtual Clone Sheep, and when you get to the download page on the official website, click the mirror that says “Freeware”.
    3. Install the freeware software.
    4. Open the folder in which you downloaded the four zips. Double click CD1, NOT CD1.MDS, or right click to choose Open With… and choose Virtual Clone Drive, the software you downloaded.
    5. Choose to autorun it, or if it gives you the option to choose between the .exe file OR to view the folder, choose the .exe.
    6. Install the game when the splash page opens.
    7. When it asks to insert Disk 2, repeat step 4, but open CD2 instead. Then hit OK on the installer to continue the installation.
    8. Once it’s been downloaded, you won’t be able to simply hit PLAY. Otherwise you’ll get an error about the server. Instead, this is where the CRACK folder comes into play. Open Crack, and copy the MINYANML application to the game’s directory, which is most likely in My Programs, under the folder titled YAMIKUMO or so. Click YES to replace the original MINYANML program.
    9. Create a shortcut with the replaced MINYANML file to your desktop, or pin it to your taskbar if you have Windows 7.

    Enjoy the game!”

  28. 12 hours later says:

    I have been working on installing this game for 12 hours following all the instructions exactly and I have come to the problem where I have been loading the CD1 for an hour and a half and it will not pop up with any install menu or tell me to change the disc. I really want this game but I’m at the point were its not even worth it anymore.

  29. thefoxof72 says:

    well i finally can run this game but no voice… can you help me?

  30. Gabrian says:

    The crack foulder is empty to me. No winrar or anything :/

  31. Terror100 says:

    Oke this translation really sucks
    a lot of wrong translation or not translation correctly sentences

  32. poes says:

    does it take long for the installer to pop up ?

  33. Shawnii says:

    Okay guys, i am very very frustrated with how challenging it is to do this. I have done every step by step guide on here, and every one of them get stuck in the same place.

    I launch CD1.mdf, splash page pops up, then I get to the halfway mark on the install, and here’s where it gets tricky…

    message appears that says “insert game disc”, so I do what all of you are saying — I unmount CD1.mdf and mount CD2.mdf IN THE SAME DRIVE, then click “ok”, and it never works! it just keeps telling me to “insert game disc” over and over! Im just very frustrated i’ve literally been trying to put this together for a day and a half.

    It worked last night but the crack file didn’t install for some reason, so I uninstalled and went to re-install it the exact same way and boom, we get stuck at the “insert game disc” page.

    so I would really really appreciate if someone threw out an idea for what I can do at this point, it would be much appreciated.

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