Kotori Love Ex P

Kotori Love Ex P
This is a fan disc of Kotori! You can enjoy all the Kotori episodes of “D.C.P.C.”, “D.C. White Season”, “D.C. After Seasons” and “Circus Disc -Christmas Days-“. Also, the adult version of “D.C.I.F.”, which was released on PS2, is included. Moreover, you can enjoy lovelove married life with Kotori!

English Game download:

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Kotori Love Ex P HCG
D.C.I.F. – Da Capo Innocent Finale (all-ages version of Kotori Love Ex P)

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  1. nick says:

    it seems that a lot of links are dead 2 links on da capo 2 and 1 link on da capo

  2. Guys, does anyone have Kotori Love Ex P Walkthrough?

  3. evollove says:

    Is a walkthrough needed for this?

    • Dan says:

      kotori is the only heroine, so no. if you really want one you can look for walkthroughs for the individual
      games that are included in it, but you really don’t need one.

  4. DeusxZero says:

    Umm….I have made a walkthrough for this game, its still in ALpha but please check it out, theres only partial walkthrough and its gonna split into 7 sections for each scenarios.
    I will update again as soon as I completed this walkthrough thanx!


  5. santiiago says:

    was my problem , the links are working perfectly, thx

  6. Michael says:

    I am having problem extracting file 1. I am using 7 zip but it only extracted the rar. How can I extract the arc file? I tried using some arc on the internet but all I am getting is “corrupted or link is broken use r command to fix” but I can’t even find what r command is.

  7. ofislacker says:

    Just curious. Since there’s the spring op for D.C.A.S in the movie folder, is the remaining 3 season op locked or absent?

  8. IAmVQB says:

    It has been almost 2 years since the first time i caught a glimpse of this site through my friend computer. And i can proudly say it: ” i’ve played through All the games on this site, some i don’t like it very much( Discipline, Bible Black, Captive market) Some i realy enjoy the time i play the game ( Koihime Musou, Kingdom, The Sagara family…). And this game is certainly one of my favorite! Thanks a lot Admin. I hope this site will last 4ever ( or at least until i corrupt my son ^^)

  9. Ralf says:

    the game was running properly.but when i choose the story,it back to main menu.when i extracted it,it says the data02000.arc on part5 was corrupted. and no data02000.arc found on extracted folder. anyone can help me? and sorry for my bad english

  10. Ralf says:

    nevermind,it works when i redownload part 5

  11. someone_else says:

    i could use a walkthrough for completion’s sake, i want to get all the CG’s and extras, but i cant find any complete walkthrough for any of the games included in this one.

  12. Rin says:

    Does the Da Capo Plus Communication in this game has a walkthrough? Seems like I can’t get anyone else ending except Kotori’s as I am trying to play through the new characters’ route.

    • YAYY says:

      You can only end up Kotori in this game. This is a fan disc for Kotori, you know?
      More importantly, does anyone have a 100% save or walkthrough for Kotori PLUS!? I’ve played it many times but never got all the scenarios…

  13. someone_else says:

    i know i can only end up with Kotori and that fine with me, though i do wish to unlock everything ( CG’s and scenario’s) in all the game’s if possible, and thats why i need a walkthrough. i wouldnt mind a 100% save file, but i’d prefer the walkthrough.

    • Javier Mendoza says:

      Why this is called “Kotori Love Ex P” because there’s only one girl focused in this Fan disc and it’s kotori so the main point is that even though it has D.C.P.C.”, “D.C. White Season”, “D.C. After Seasons”, “Circus Disc -Christmas Days-” and D.C. I.F. (Adult Version) you will and I MEAN you will end up with KOTORI ROUTE.

      So don’t expect that you can finish all the characters in the specific Da Capo game included here because it’s only FOCUS IS KOTORI ok.

      So if you really want to finish each and every Da Capo game included with not only Kotori you can finish you must either buy seperately each of the games included here(D.C.P.C.”, “D.C. White Season”, “D.C. After Seasons”, “Circus Disc -Christmas Days-” except though for the Da Capo I.F.(PS2 vr.)

      • Javier Mendoza says:

        or if you can find a Download copy for each then DL it

        • nicholas says:

          do you know where to dl “d.c.p.c”, “D.C. White Season”, “D.C. After Seasons”, “Circus Disc -Christmas Days?? i downloaded the normal dc and dacapo IF already, bt the rest is not in eroge download

          • Danielz says:

            You can only download normal DC, DCII and DCIF, since they are official english release.
            For DCPC, since the translation was halted in midway, you can only find partial translation pack and Japanese version.
            For the rest, I don’t really know. 🙂

            • VN lovers says:

              The problem is, now is so hard to find DCPC with partial english translation even when you googling to search for the download link, many of them are dead link now. Anyone know where to download it ?
              I really want to play Konomiya Tamaki and Tsukishiro Alice routes.. XD

      • someone_else says:

        i know this, i just want a walkthrough to make sure i always follow kotori’s route in all the games, otherwise its pointless to try to get it all.

  14. zero says:

    I played the game like it very much but the plus version well I have to say it was really disappointing why you ask well the Adultery didn’t feel like it really had an big impact at all I kind of wish it did so i have to say the plus version was really disappointing in my opinion

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