Harukoi Otome

Harukoi Otome

Together with his sister Umi, the protagonist starts attending a former all-girls school which will soon be closed down, supposedly because of deteriorating birthrate.

Harukoi Otome – HCG

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  1. wingz says:

    Id also like to know where to get the OST for this if anyone has a link?

  2. DX5536 says:

    Yes!!! Another BaseSon’s VN which has patch X3

  3. Uzunaki29 says:

    a masterpiece play umi route at the end I thought I thought that would have killed some of the few that has brought me tears …

  4. Reigen says:

    How to install this game?? can anyone give me a guide how to install this?

  5. Earthzooka says:

    is there a different between Prologue and Main Story?
    and please tell me the CG will be saved to a secret menu which unlocked after one completion of the game D:

    • SJJohn says:

      The prologue does matter. Just a few innocent differences in the prologue alone affects the game a lot later judging from my personal experience alone.

  6. Genie says:

    Help! Part 10 doesn’t work for me. I wait for the timer, enter the captcha and press on it, but after that it says ”Website not found” What should I do?

  7. Horny00wolf says:

    is there any Harukoi Otome Walkthrough ?

  8. foxuzamaki says:

    Ok so I extracted the game and when I go to installl and then try to play it it says I need to have a identification number, I coulda have sworn I did this right.

  9. DarkMoon says:

    Guys, I have a problem while extracting this game. It said that a file “lcsebody1” is corrupted. How can I fixed?

  10. battlestatewolf says:

    Its fascinating, finding out that “Oikawa” and some scenery from that game where used already in Koihime Mouso as I played that game just for the heck of it. Would have been nice when they had done there a little connection when usig the Chars, backgrounds and the likes in both games. (even the emblem over there on Oikawas uniform is the same as in Harukoi Otome)

  11. jim says:

    omg, amazing surprise waiting at the end of kisaya’s route.. this VN know’s how it’s done!

  12. Nisashi13 says:

    so… is there any keyboards shortcut i need to know? i only found Ctrl for skip & space for view

  13. SJJohn says:

    The game worked fine but seemingly out of nowhere it failed to work with these two message. ‘NECEMEM.SNI is not found’ and ‘The game failed to set ‘NECEMEM.SNI’

    Any ideas?

    • SJJohn says:

      Never mind. Like a idiot I forgot that I was clicking in the backup copy of the application file instead of the one next to the main game folder.

  14. SJJohn says:

    And apparently the game was turned into a two part hentai OAV with Kisaya and Yuika in part 1 and Riru and Umi in part 2. Not to mention having the same voice actors from the game for most of the characters as well.

  15. Sanji says:

    I started this game off and thought it was actually quite terrible.Boy how I was wrong. XD
    This is one of the best Erogue’s I’ve played in a while.If your stuck on the border of whether or not to play it.You definitely should!

    (I went down Kisaya’s route first.)(Amazing)

  16. Natsuu says:

    I download the game but when I tried the game but it failed to work with these two message. ‘NECEMEM.SNI is not found’ and ‘The game failed to set ‘NECEMEM.SNI’

    Any ideas?

  17. moony says:

    so I downloaded all the files,(including the crack), but it still asks me for a charge number. Anyone know how I can fix it?

  18. Desimus says:

    Great VN i nearly wet myself with “Oikawa, my servant! come forth!!” XD

  19. Kiyah says:

    I love this game! I’m one route in and I’m hooked.

    (also I’m with Sanji – ignore the unflattering cover image, Kisaya is AWESOME. I already had a thing for Edo-dialect girls… this did not help.)

  20. Iwonder says:

    Wow what a game. The storylines might be a little cliche, but ayaka’s route made me cry legit. My favorite one was Kisaya’s mainly cause I play sports haha.

  21. VaanxD says:

    If u had a problem with the annoying identification number just go copy ‘lcsebody’ to the folder at your computer>baseson>HarukoiOtome then paste the file there its only (676kb)then after the copying done…..presss the lcsebody then gameee!!!!!!

  22. ChewyDevil says:

    Ive managed to get past the Identification Number.
    But i’m now having an issue with the game itself,
    whenever im about to (I believe) finish the prologue
    the program closes and says – Runtime error-
    Abnormal program termination. It says that Icebody is
    to bloame. Can anyone help me please? >-<

  23. Darn says:

    Hmmm, I played the game (once, FYI), but there is no signs that there were any deteriorating birthrate or the school they were in closed down because of financial issues. SO my problem is, if the description of the game correct or not??

  24. Aeoniss says:

    Okay so, not sure if anyone has this problem. However, it seems I do not have access to the CG/Scenario/Music options on the main menu (title screen, call it what you want). I recently cleared Ayaka’s Bad route and was wondering if I have to get a good ending first (to allow the said options listed above) or if something went wrong with downloading/extracting. If someone could reply that would be awesome!

  25. dustin says:

    Can someone help me ive downloaded the icebody and i cant seem to figure out how to get past the identification thing can someone help im not sure what to do with icebody.

  26. A silent observer says:

    This game did not at all remind me of an anime called maria-sama ga miteru in any way whatsoever. okay it did, I thought it was a good game all in all, just kind of disappointed in the lack of choices.

  27. william says:

    i cant seem to figure out how to get past the identification thing can someone help im not sure what to do with icebody.

  28. Yusaku says:

    So many people getting confused over this piece of application, “lcsebody”; some people even called it icebody (it’s lcsebody forsaken, license_body. which means need a configuration.

    Here,download the god**** CRACK.exe at the end of the part list. Only 676 KB, No need to extract, because it’s in .exe not .rar

    After you download that crack, which should have name the same as the one previously in the Harukoi Otome folder, “lcsebody”.
    Drag the crack one, and place it on the folder.

    The PC “usually” will prompt you if you really want to replace the file, YES! The replacement (aka. CRACK) doesn’t need any configuration anymore, duh!!

  29. that one ghost says:

    i keep getting a message that sais wrong os or os verson i have windows seven os

  30. that one ghost says:


  31. Shawnlk says:

    So i have a problem that the word is seperate like “i li keto eatwa terme lon” ( i like to ear watermelon )
    so how to solve this text problem??

  32. Gordar says:

    To the admin/uploader: If it’s possible and if you’re willing, could you please include a censored or uncensored tag? In some cases it’s pretty obvious a game is censored (like this case & those cases that require separate english patches), but it’s not always obvious if something has officially been translated or not.


  33. ManlyTears says:

    Finished both Kisaya’s ( a little surprise awaits those who finish this route ) and Ayako’s route and I have to say they were nice , clishe’ish but good overall .
    I might try Umi for a change , after all a kouhai comes after a sempai/senpai .

  34. kazeno says:

    no crack download link…. was it included in game parts?

    • kazeno says:

      anybody here… pls someone…. admin? are you there?
      I downloaded the way long ago, it work without a crack but now it needs… so can you upload a separate link for the crack.. tnx

  35. Niahrleak says:

    Hello, i really liked this VN so far, having 2 routes done, but, there is a way to turn off the H-Cg? i find it quite mismatch with the game itself and the history. If not, there is some other VN with that option? Thank you for all the work.

  36. hr says:

    great game!!!

  37. Zeida says:

    Wait… I’ve seen this somewhere before… yeah… This was animated…Wasn’t it?

  38. AoSora says:

    OMG!!! I’m in love with this game. At first I thought it’s going to be just some sweet VN, but then the feels hit. And boy did they hit hard. I needed a lot of tissues, and not because of the ecchi scenes. I strongly recomend this game to anybody. P.S. sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is my 3nd language.

  39. CreedH00d says:

    What order do you recommend?
    (Worst to Best)

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