Flyable Heart

Flyable Heart
One day, Shou, who is always hungry, receives a letter. It contains a student ID issued by a famous school and the ID says “All school restaurants are free of charge.” He immediately decides to transfer to this school. The school, however, is divided into two groups…. Also, what welcome him are a strange fortuneteller, a huge explosion of fire works, and his room at school dormitory for girls…. What will happen to Shou? What will happen to love romance between Shou and six female students? His new school life now starts….
“Watch out, boy. Various misfortunes will happen to you….

Flyable Heart – HCG

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  1. Hatesu says:

    Already left a comment but wanted to mention for anybody starting this VN it’s recommended you follow this route order to avoid any major spoilers. Mayuri, Sakurako, Amane, Kururi, Yui, Suzuno

    It was admittedly pretty boring to start out in that order at first but got a lot better as more of the overall plot was revealed.

  2. Ookami says:

    Can’t install the english patch, keep getting a slightly smaller rar file than I’m supposed to and it can’t extract the exe files. Keeps saying \Unexpectable end of archive\, and I’m kinda at the end of my wits. Please help

    • admin says:

      Maybe your antivirus is false-detecting some patch contents as virus and tampers with archive? Other than that, no idea. Patch downloads and extracts fine for me.

    • S.W says:

      I still can’t patch the englsih patch into the game. It keeps giving me “Fatal error patching file. You may have to reinstall.” Then it says this dll\PAL.dll
      I’ve reinstalled and kept doing things to fix it but nothing works. anyone can help please

  3. Tanner says:

    I seem to have the same problem as Sanguin. (He decides to join and it crashes) Has anyone else found a way to fix this yet?

  4. kode says:

    sorry i have one question. do i have to mount the image everytime I run the game? I didn’t see any crack in the folder. thanks

  5. obergauner says:

    The English patch contains the “Win32:Dropper-gen” Virus.
    Dear admin, please post a version of the patch, which is not corrupt.

  6. anon says:

    Does the english patch cover all of the game or just partly?

  7. fran says:

    hola este es un mensaje para el admin por favor tienes que poner la fuente para descargar por que sin la fuente el juego funciona mal y te empieza a dar errores o se traba. menos mal que me meti en la pagina oficial de traduccion y lo descargue ay lo pone en la pagina web que sin la fuente para las letras el juego funciona mal digo esto esto para que la gente pueda descargar el juego y jugar si que se le trabe el juego o de errores

  8. Malk89 says:

    Is there any way to disable the voice of the protagonist? i mean the robotic Voice it’s really annoying

    • Anime_Fan says:

      Yes, there is a way to disable that annoying robot voice, place the shouvctl.exe file in your game directory and double click it. A menu will appear and allow you do disable the robot protagonist voice. Cheers! 🙂

  9. Kyle Bagel and Nick says:

    is the translation still shit

  10. Anon says:

    People having issues with the fhinst.exe (the english patch) It will be detected as a FALSE POSITIVE so make sure you allow the files through your anti-virus. Also if you need to run the fhinst.exe as an administrator for it to work properly. I was struggling as it said my game wasn’t fully installed but it was because I installed it into Program Files. If you installed it there then run the patch as administrator and it will work perfectly.

  11. rafyn says:

    did anybody know if the VN flyableheart: if that time, have been translated to english? when i look the thriller in youtube i’m realy courious about that 🙂

  12. Gin says:

    Can anyone help me…. I’m having trouble with the patch. The game w/o the patch seems to be working fine but when I installed the patch I can’t even reach the title screen when it crashes. How do you fix this?

  13. Raffro says:

    All The Best Gin and other fellas

  14. iloveanime says:

    Even though the translation is not good let me tell you, this vn is a masterpiece. Even though it took a bit more time to read because of bad translations, it was worth it.

  15. Mr Stix says:



    • Mr Stix says:

      I don’t know why the comment went funny so here it is again

      For those that still don’t know how to get the English patched version to work, I figured out how to get it working.
      First of you should have Daemon tool (or a program that is similar) as once the files have been extracted they should come out as MDF files.
      After clicking on the file it should go through the installation process. Once your installing it, when the menu of where you have to put the files into a location, you have to make sure that the top drop down bar says the program files of your system and then install it into said location.
      After finishing the install it should make a new disk drive (D: or E:) with the game in as well, you don’t want to open the game from here as it will open the Japanese version only, but you also don’t want to get rid of it ether as you won’t be able to play at all if you remove it.
      Once you have downloaded and extracted the English patch move the files that came from it into the location of the game in your program files and then click on the fhinst file.
      Go through the install and then to play Click on the FH File in the same location and it should play the English version.
      Remember DO NOT remove/delete the disk drive as you won’t be able to play it all, if you do don’t worry as you can just reinstall the file from the MDF file extractor that you used.

      I hope this helps anyone and everyone wanting to play the game.

  16. BerryChan says:

    omg the fonts are horrible there’s no way to change it to another font?

  17. BerryChan says:

    after a while the games chrashes while his dad is talking(after the MC saying his going to that school)

  18. tandat141999 says:

    I have a question? Admin, could you please tell me if this is the full English Patch for the gane? Cause when i look for it on VNDB, there no english translation and that makes me confused…

  19. Anon006 says:

    Holy shit this translation needs some QA. About 1 in every 3 sentences is proper English.

  20. maggi says:

    buen juego interesante

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