Brave Soul

Brave Soul
It is a world very different from ours, a world in which magic exists, a world where peasants labor under the burden of heavy taxes imposed upon them by the unfair rulers of the land. Although the commoners have a difficult lot, there are those among them with the strenth to use his sword and make a name for himself — an adventurer. To be an adventurer is the dream of every peasant.

The story details the journey of a young man who was raised in the countryside of Souvania, on the continent of Valencia. Disowned by his own father and forced to make his way in life, he chooses to become a Hunter, a mercenary who accepts jobs for a variety of adventures. Heading into town to officially join the Hunter’s Guild with his dragon Shell at his side, he happens across a mysterious girl who looks strikingly like the Moon Goddess.

The Moon Goddess… Ever since he was young, a beautiful girl appears before him on nights of a full moon. Because of the mysterious manner of her appearance, he gave her her unique name. With the mysterious girl Alicia and dragon Shell at his side, as well as new characters he will join with later, our hero embarks on many bold adventures. But will he ever be able to solve the bizarre mystery of the beautiful Moon Goddess standing in the lake…?

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  1. someone says:

    Ok I use Windows 7 and I can’t run the game. I have problems with the opening blurring down the screen. Runing the installer in English. I have changed the locale back to English. I have tried the cmd thing and going into compatibility mode. I cant move any thing from part two because it all extracted in to part one folder. If some could please guild me thur this correctly and properly I would be very happy. Thankyou.

    • Christian says:

      I want to once again thank the creator and maintainer of this site and for bringing awesome date-sim and visual novels to US gamers. Thank you! ^_^

      That said…. Have you tried using Oracle VM VirtualBox (virtual machine)?? It is free, by the way, the games runs any older game or Japanese game perfectly. I love playing an old Date-sim called “True Love”, which is one of the best date-sims ever made (and closest you will ever be to Tokimeki games *sigh*) in English. I use Oracle VirtualBox and run “emulation” inside Win 7 of Windows 98 with the True Love game inside. It runs perfectly with sound, no glitches, no headache. 🙂

      Everyone: the best way to run old games in this awesome site is to run a VirtualMachine (emulator that runs inside Windows XP, Win Vista, Win 7, etc, and run an “emulation” of an older Windows version – like Windows 98 or whatever, so you can run old Japanese translated games).

      The best FREE one is: and it is easy to use. Works beautifully and much easier to use then DOS-Box, which even for a DOS pro like me, is a headache to use. My 2 cents.


  2. Luxus says:

    game runned on my pc with windows 7 i loved the game very much what to say fabulus

  3. Agent287 says:

    I really don’t get how to install this. When i start it’s only black screen with wordings only. Not happen before when my OS was XP. And I also tried that patch still didn’t work. Also, do you have an English patch for INSTALL.EXE?

  4. Lindo says:

    This is so addictive, you could lose your life with it.

  5. Triel says:

    I bought this game years ago, and have not been able to get it to work for years. Found this site and thought what the heck, and searched up all my old games. I never knew they made a patch for this game, downloaded it and now I can play this again 🙂 Thank You so much for this admin, this was the 1st game I ever bought and I can enjoy it again (just days before my birthday).

  6. Helper says:








  7. Fixed. says:

    I’m running the game on Windows 10, and it took considerable fiddling to get everything working correctly. This is what I did:
    Right click the game brave_s.exe in the folder where you installed the game.
    Go to Properties.
    Set the compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
    Set the game to start in 640×480.
    Set the game to run as administrator.
    Launch the game.
    In the config menu that pops up, set the game to windowed mode.
    On the right, set the graphics to GDI.
    Play the game.
    Even though you’re in windowed mode, the game will display as though it were full screen. If your task bar is in the way, right click it, go to settings, and switch on ”auto hide taskbar”.
    Before I got to these settings, the game would lag very badly in full screen mode, and if I alt-tabbed, the game would get tons of graphical glitches when I tabbed back in. This setup fixed all the problems and I was able to play perfectly without a virtual machine. Good luck

  8. simon says:

    does this game have any porn cg

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