The Reject Demon: Toko

The Reject Demon: Toko

When a human is destined to die, the demons ferry their souls to the afterlife. ‘The Reject Demon: Toko’ is the story of Toko herself, a demon who has been kicked out of hell. Toko cannot ferry human souls to the underworld, and every day she stays on earth has her becoming increasingly human. Her troubles, however, are only just beginning.

Toko, after being taken in by the jubilant human Nadia, is being hunted by her past alongside her own internal challenges. The Reject Demon: Toko is about comedy, action, romance, and Hell’s sacred art of Rock n’ Roll!

Originally conceived during a game jam in early 2014, ‘The Reject Demon: Toko’ has since exploded, and there’s so much more of this universe to show you. Now we are planning to release the full story of the Toko Kinetic Visual Novel, over the course of 4 Chapters, starting with Chapter 0; it features much improved art, a much bigger cast, new scenes, and a whole new conclusion that doubles the length of the original story!

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  1. Pata says:

    Thank you again, Admin. Sometimes it’s needed to play something like this.

  2. halafradrimx says:

    It’s a visual novel with Dykes. Of course it is stupid.

    Even when you make a game with legit intentions to making something serious and good, you cut a lot of it’s potential by introducing LGBT characters/romance in it.

    Truth no one wants to tell is : straight and LGBT DO NOT mix well.

    • Nazaress says:

      Yeah, they don’t, because of ignorant bigots like you. Here’s an idea: go back to wanking at the millions of straight games for assholes like you and stay away from the few good games that just happen not to feature a stupid man for once.

      • ybnrmalatall says:

        You just did what he did, you autistic retard. This is why feminism is such cancer now. It’s completely flipped from one bigot side to the complete opposite bigot side. Stooping gets you nowhere but looking stupid.

    • thatoneguy says:

      Holy shit, you are pure cancer. Why don’t you fuck off and let people enjoy what they want to instead of being a colossal asshole?

  3. anime_junkie says:

    Does this have H-Scenes?

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