Symphonic Rain

Symphonic Rain
At the Scuola Comunale di Musica Piova school of music, there is a longstanding rumor. According to that rumor, a couple performing at the graduation examination will be forever bound by fate.
In a city which never seems to fall short when it comes to rain, this tale tells the story of Chris, a Fortell player in his final year, and his childhood sweetheart Arietta, with whom he has kept up weekly correspondence for nearly three years. Chris still hasn’t found a partner for his performance… Will their love wane before this trial, or conversely, will their relationship deepen, stronger than ever?

If you get “NetLocalGroupGetMembers” error during installation of game, then run setup.exe in Windows95 compatibility mode.

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99 Responses to “Symphonic Rain”

  1. Kim Joshua D. Dumale says:

    Guys I don’t know what are you all talking about because when I installed the game and run the patch plus using the registry entry, the english text appeared and my PC has no Japanese language installed.

  2. Kyukai says:

    how can i run this game

    • AkitaSaito says:

      Normally. Really, its not that hard to install a VN. I downloaded more than 50 and the only problem I was ever stuck on was finding an ID key for a fandisc from a torrent which didn’t have the key.

  3. KvH says:

    Ahiru-Sama’s method is the one that worked for me. Genius.

  4. TR says:

    I’m having trouble trying to install this VN.

    After double-clicking setup.exe and choosing the directory(I kept it default), a window with Japanese characters shows up offering two choices (OK and Cancel), but then I click OK repeatedly and this window remains there. How can I solve it?

  5. duyshanic says:

    when i install and play there no text in i can fix this problem?please i need to play this game

  6. Softfang says:

    Um, the 1-click one doesn’t work for non-premium users. :/ Upload the game somewhere else?

  7. Anon says:

    I get a batch of errors after trying to run the game right after installation. It’s all japanese so I can’t write it out, but it has something like 640×480… then it’s all japanese gibberish. Anyone got the same problem?

    • Green says:

      I have the same error!
      Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix this.
      Something to do with windows 8 or my display driver maybe?

  8. Kiyah says:

    Ack. This game worked fine for me through Lise and Fal’s routes, then suddenly stopped showing text in Torta’s. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Ace Of Hearts says:

      I had the Torta text disappearance problem too. Apparently, the moment it disappears, save the game (naturally, you won’t see that text either, but the feat isn’t hard to manage), and quit and restart Symphonic Rain. Reload the save you made, and the text should be fine for the remainder of the route.

  9. BlackCath says:

    I downloaded every part and did all the instructions, I played the game and there wasn’t ANY text at ALL. Help?

  10. a says:

    For anyone with the no-text bug: I followed all the instructions and still had no text. When I opened the reg file I realized it was setting the key to “Program Files”, but since I’m on 64-bit Windows 7, the program had been installed into “Program Files (x86)”. I moved the install directory to “Program Files” and it worked. Theoretically you could also edit the registry or reg file to add ” (x86)”, but I haven’t tried it.

  11. Holyknives says:

    Possibly one of the most thrilling stories I have gone through, Though almost appropriate for all ages(this is just my opinion). Each story builds on one another leaving you wondering what is the intentional(secret) ending? (Small Spoilers) It makes you wonder the entire time will Chris’s love wake up? Will she pass away? I recommend doing Torta’s route last as it’s an important piece before unlocking Al Fine’s Route. If you like a love story, Enjoy a well rounded story? with some game interaction too? Then you’ll enjoy this novel. If nothing else please enjoy the amazing music composed by the late Ritsuko Okazaki whom passed away before the games release, The company even released a CD with her singing each of the songs showed in this beautiful and one of a kind novel. Don’t believe me? Just play a single route and find out for yourself! I promise you if you love a good love story then… This ending will have you in tears as it’s not what you’d expect! Even I have personally replayed this novel because of the music alone and just wanting to enjoy each story.

  12. lowchan says:

    amazing game

  13. br1ckyard says:

    Abt the no-text bug:
    Double clicking on SR.reg in the game folder establishes the registry entry, which might need modification to the proper folder. It doesn’t get established by default installation, and I wasted a bit of time looking.

    Also, skill at the minigame seems to affect the story(?). All I know is that using autoplay kinda… helped things along.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to upload the Steam version or it’s mostly the same as this one?

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