Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

“Is there something you want to leave behind for your loved one?”

A young boy and girl lived in a small seaside town. One day, the boy invited the girl to the sea to convey his feelings to her. However, she lost her life in an unforeseen accident. Months and years later, the boy continues to live in the place where his memories with her remain. He can’t forget her, yet he must.

Our protagonist, Amamiya Makoto, spends a peaceful everyday life with his younger sister, Shizuku. One day, he meets a mysterious girl, Kohaku, who has deep blue eyes and carries a giant scythe. “Can you see me?” she asks. None of the people around him notice her. “Oh. You’ll die very soon, then.”

She is a shinigami.

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129 Responses to “Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji”

  1. Nisashi13 says:

    In middle of Kohaku route now, i laugh so hard when she say “i want to cut it with my scythe or shove it in Milfy’s mouth”

  2. Blah says:

    hi guys i first time download this how to know the activation code

    • welcoming committee says:

      Well. Welcome to a place where cracks are available. With these magical cracks, you don’t have to ask your computer to download viruses to get an activation key, because the crack does that for you. I believe all you have to do is switch out the original .exe with the .exe that you got from this download.

      • grimspeaker says:

        “magical cracks…” im sorry, i just died of laughter thinking wat tht sounds like to people who dont know what cracks are

        • SCII(2) Rapter says:

          Well, since you mentioned it, I started laughing like Hell now too. Welp, now to spread “Magical Cracks” throughout.

  3. Anon says:

    Too slow paced for my taste

  4. A kun says:

    i have problem installing it, how to install it?

  5. A person who needs help says:

    ADMIN can you please put a walkthrough how to install the english patch

  6. HelpHinter says:

    Hmm the install seems to be a bit bugged for me going to redl and see if I just somehow messed up.

  7. HintHelper says:

    You tryin’ ta get my name here? Also havin trouble with the install gonna try applocale as a fix next.

  8. Marco says:

    I’ve got a problem with the game. I installed it and played the first part, but when i get to the part tha he can see the shinigami, it displays an error message with something related with the sinkiss_OP.ogv file.

  9. Help please says:

    I tried to download part 3. but it says webpage not found
    is anyone else having this problem?

  10. Ay says:

    how to install the game ….seriously i don’t understand japanese…..

  11. Magimaster says:

    Admin, i´ve created the OST for the game, and i like to share with everyone, can i post a download link? Or shall i give you the link and you can choose what to do?

  12. A person who needs help says:

    I know how to install the visual novel first put your system local to Japanese,and then apply the english patch that should do it

  13. Kuro says:

    how to install plzz help T^T

    • Nii-Nii says:

      First of all, you have to put your system local in JAPANESE LOCALE. Then, install the main game. You should be able to do it even if you don’t understand japanese. Finally, install the english patch. Enjoy.

      • Yami says:

        This seems impossible to install at least without knowing Japanese. I’ve tried each button but it never moves past where to install to.

  14. ryosuky says:

    hahah wait i download first then i will help u guys..maybe at 2/1/2014

  15. Undead says:

    Heyy guys there is no walkthrough? cant find anywhere

  16. Axe says:

    Goodness, the true route made me more emotional than any VN has in quite a while. At times the writing was a little boring and slow but the endings made it completely worthwhile.

  17. mitchey says:

    when i click on the english patch link the countdown for the download isnt working so i cant well download it, plz help

  18. dikdik says:

    this site is the best !!! arigatou gozaimazzzuu !!!

  19. noone says:

    how do i download i set my locale to japanese but its still not installing

  20. WHeeeeeeeee says:

    i cannot install the patch i go to the game folder but it says that the game is not installed in the folder even though it is

  21. Forone94 says:


    I am just gonna ask here real fast; I am really confused with the site. Even though I want to go premium, there is no friggin “pay here” button or something like that!

    I cant take the slow downloads of the free version.. sigh.. Anyone think they can help me or maybe point me to some chat that explains a similiar question?

    Or maybe is only for like NA use?

  22. RiderOfDeath says:

    Hi there…. I have finished the whole game… I say the storyline was nice… I really like Kohaku… after finishing the game, it left some kind of loneliness in me… can anyone suggest any eroge that is somewhat has same genre as this.

  23. Needforhelp says:

    How to install this game?

  24. Needforhelp says:

    please tell me..

  25. NeedForHelp says:

    someone tell me how to install this game,
    its my first time, installing from virtual drive (*.mdf and *.mds)

  26. NIcksz says:

    i can’t seem to install this game!!! plz help me..
    it’s always say something like my local c had something wrong but i doesn’t know what it’s say.

    • Alvador says:

      yeah.. me too,, it’s says “the game not seem to be installed in that folder.please select the correct folder” i had select other folder but it’s still not installed. please help..

  27. iwa says:

    Help me i can’t installed this game I don’t know

  28. Elmer says:

    I am having problem….
    After the scene where sce says that youre about to die the game breaks.

    Error Log:

    【呼び出し元】 (行) : @@main
    【現在の位置】 (行) : @@!movieexcute

  29. Momo says:

    this one have h-scenes?

  30. Mark says:

    Hello, I’m having an issue with this and tried looking for help in the older comments but found nothing. My computer is set regionally to Japan, I can run a few other games such as BoobWars 2 and ToHeart2, but this one gives me trouble. I have Daemon tools, I try to open the image file to install the game but the menus are all in Comic-sans script, totally illegible. I’ve managed to get to the progress bar, at 1%, then it closes down. I re-downloaded everything and still have this issue. And I can’t install the English patch until the game installs. Is there a step I’m missing to force the game to install so I can add the English patch, is a file possibly corrupt, I can take screenshots and send it to whoever if that’ll help! Thank you if anyone responds!

    • kapps says:

      same o same o here too,,, I just can’t install the game resulting in not be able to install the English patch ,, can someone tell o what can be the possible problems ?? by the way I’m using win 10 ,, Samaritans anyone??

  31. Terror100 says:

    This really was a good story.
    It has a awesome ending(last route).
    This was a good that i will never forget about just like “Sweet Sweat in Summer: The Naughty Girl and Her Ripe Scent”

  32. Minn says:

    Love it. I will never forget this one. Really a good story.

  33. Selena says:


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