Sakura Swim Club

Sakura Swim Club

In Sakura Swim Club, follow the story of Kaede, just your average high school guy. Upon transferring to a new school, he meets two beautiful girls in the swim club. Things haven’t gone well for the swim club lately, but with Kaede’s help, that all changes.

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  1. Xtroyer says:

    OMG OMG OMG Exams, tests, appointments, dates, everything must wait til i finish this… masterpiece…or at least exciting eroge

  2. Xtroyer says:

    This game makes me think that the rest of Sakura Saga was +18 but got censored…

    • admin says:

      Nope. It’s their first adult-only title. Previous ones had to be “almost all-ages” in order to be available on Steam – Winged Cloud, their creators, didn’t have established brand, and their best bet to gain some market share was to piggyback on large market that the Steam is. Now that they established themselves somehow, they can try other sales platforms. Note that the steam version is still available, but they offer additional content (h-scenes) on different publisher site, which gives them bigger cut from the same purchase price.

  3. xargalos says:

    got tricked >.<
    download the all ages first the i read below the 18+
    oh my quota is limited…

    it's rare to see this one have 18+ version

    • Derp says:

      *Sigh…Yep, I went through the whole game with no sex scenes. Could have sworn I clicked the 18+ download but clearly I was mistaken. Time to download the other version and skip all the previously read stuff.

      • admin says:

        Makes me wonder… current All-ages to Adult-only downloads ratio hovers around 1:40 – how many of those were downloaded by mistake…

  4. Arc says:

    Wow admin, really quick with this upload, thanks.

  5. >commie says:

    Can’t believe there’s only one meh threesome scene.

  6. Kannon says:

    another sakura title but they delayed the sakura fantasy that was to be release last month :v

    btw admin are gonna upload fault milestone 2?

  7. stargg says:

    thanks admin, i canΒ΄t wait to play it

  8. Rexz says:

    At last. a true 18+ not just a cock tease like past games.

    Now I want them to add adult content to the past games. I hope they do it or maybe future title also have adult content like this one.

  9. John W says:

    I am unable to start this game..?

    When I click on the “Sakura Swim Club.exe” nothing happens.

    Please help πŸ™‚

  10. just finished says:

    ummm./.. how could you get the two last screen in extras… the two on page 16…

  11. Aley93 says:

    Damn i like this game a lot. I think, i’ll buy it someday πŸ™‚ and the sakura games got better πŸ˜€ my hopes became true! finally there is an adult sakura game ^^ and kaede is not a completly idiot like seiji in sakura beach…

  12. Eva says:

    So this is the first game of Sakura series that has sexual content?

  13. lol'd says:

    Will you be adding Sakura CLicker? Just asking…

  14. Ginobi47 says:

    This game is a bit unbalance on the CG scenes. One girl gets more than the other… how unfair. I actually liked the other girl better

  15. onan says:

    I’ve been completely ignoring this series because it just seemed like amateur cash-grab Ren’Py non-H fluff that was getting dumped on Steam. I may have to check it out now.

    Is there any connection to the older games? Do I need to play them to know what’s going on in this one, or is each game stand-alone? Thanks.

  16. RANDOM_HERO says:

    I never tough i would live to see a Denpasoft 18+ game.
    Makes me think all previous games where all ages just to boost this one popularity

  17. Darkau says:

    It seems the girls weren’t virgin. You just have this time in the rooftop while the anal sex \it’s my first time by behind\.
    I guess the other way was not the first x). Not that I care

    • tubehunter says:

      Considering they didn’t bleed, you are probably correct.

      • Rexz says:

        Maybe she said that because their first time was in the front and on the rooftop was really her first time anal sex.

        some hentai artist never draw blood like Distance for example.

    • green says:

      I’m pretty sure that Mieko was a virgin. She says something like “So that’s how it feels” or something after her first h-scene. Hiromi however probably wasn’t, the MC comments on how she isn’t as tight as Mieko but she knows what she’s doing.

      Not all artists draw blood for virgin sex, like Sei Shoujo doesn’t for example.

    • Sorreah says:

      Well, the teacher mentions right off the bat, they have a rather infamous reputation, they probably didn’t just spring into action just because of MC

  18. Suiko says:

    This is… unexpectly very tempting. I mean, I was one of those people who downloaded Sakura Spirit thinking it was a full fledged eroge (not gonna lie, I suck at info gathering). The art was superb, the sexiness was indeedly sexy and the story was a big “MEH”, so when I found it was an all ages VN I was dissapointed. That high quality art (and all of that tease) and no snu-snu? COCKBLOCK! So yeah, after that I ignored all of the Sakura series. And don’t know why but I clicked on this one and saw the magic words: +18 DOWNLOAD. It feels like live has once again regained meaning… I know, I need to get out more. πŸ˜›

    PS: captcha was ‘count your change’. Thank you for reminding me that I’m broke!

  19. God says:

    can somebody upload a 100% save

    • Suiko says:

      The game isn’t that long. 2 days tops and you have unlocked all scenes (or even 1 day if you live alone and don’t have to care about unwanted peeks, which isn’t my case). If you don’t even want to read, just put the game on “Skip Everything” and in less than 5 minutes you’ll unlock all scenes.

      Which I don’t recommend. This was actually a good read. Short, quick and even simple sometimes, but it was good. The romance wasn’t top notch, but hey! It is still a better love story than Twilight. πŸ˜€ (I had to make that joke)

      • Chaos_Aurelius says:

        then after finishing I found out that I’m missing the very last 2 CGs

        do you know which path or whatever should I do to unlock them?

        *captcha is My Beating Heart. I was ‘doki doki’ waiting for Hiromi…

        • Suiko says:

          Before the second H-Scene with Mieko on the rooftop, you have the option to have vaginal sex or anal sex. The last 2 CGs are for the anal sex variant. πŸ˜‰

          Captcha: Up and Away. Kind of fitty. Kinda.

  20. Machine says:

    yep yep yep yep yep yep

  21. Zorc says:

    i already download this file SakuraSwimClubUncensored.rar – 116.2 MB

    and i don’t know how to play / install this game can someone help me ?

  22. Nowhere says:

    “Not enough Hiromi”

    • Suiko says:

      100% true. Between the two, I liked Hiromi the most and she only got one sex scene (that titjob doesn’t count) while Mieko got three. D:

  23. Salutxd says:

    Pretty nice game, its their first adult game but its pretty softcore only few “standard sex” CG

    It doesnt have any routes , only choices that doesnt affect the outcome

    Its pretty short aswell

    I would like it to be more complete with maybe more than 1 route, a bit longer and more / maybe more hardcore sex but it got a pretty nice “mood” about it so its enjoyable just for the story telling Imo

  24. roy says:

    how do i download it ? can anyone teach me i am new here

  25. lol says:

    *slowclap* sakura games in a nut shell

  26. someone says:

    Wont work for OSX πŸ™

    • dumbass says:

      I really hope you noticed it was an .exe file before trying to open it. But if you didn’t notice, or already did and tried to open it anyways, I have no more words for you.

  27. K says:

    awesome game

  28. hanf says:

    why there is no voice in this game? is it just me?
    *sory for my bad english

  29. katroxx says:

    Can anyone make a complete walkthrough for this game?

  30. flan says:

    there is now a japanese voice dub patch, will the patch be posted here?

  31. YujiKaido says:

    MangaGamer added a Female Only Voice Patch to their copy recently, Not sure if theirs an Denpasoft’s copies are the exact same as far as Dialog an stuff goes ect… Admin here would probably know though.

  32. ac says:

    Admin have you got the voiced version of this?

  33. Icyyou says:

    You could always just grab the patch from Winged Clouds patreon page, it has hentai and the japanese dub.

  34. Snap says:

    I am unable to start this game..?

    When I click on the β€œSakura Swim Club.exe” nothing happens.

    Please somebody help me1

  35. Beep Bopp says:

    Does this one have voices? If not where can I get a voice patch?

  36. Max says:

    It was okay, I feel like K was a bit of a simpleton. My favorite personality was realized in H. But other than that ehhhh. Sex scenes were okay~ No shame in saying that. Overall, it was an okay game all together.

  37. saito says:

    this is the version with voices?

    if not so, you could upload the version that brought with Japanese voices?

  38. edededededededededed says:

    Have the voice pack ?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Usually all you need to do is get rid of all files but game/ folder, and run it within a SDK provided by Renpy.
    Or download any free renpy game from 2015 and swap game/ folder – works too.

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