The anonymous protagonist is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after his twentieth birthday, and is admitted to a hospital in Mito, Ibaraki. There he meets Setsumi, a woman a few years older, who is also terminally ill. Finding that they both reject to die either in hospital or at home, they steal a car and run away together.

NarcissuEN.exe – 89.9 MB

10 Responses to “Narcissu”

  1. castor212 says:

    Didnt u said Narcissu 2 has already contained this?

  2. Dr Ed Richtofen says:

    Well thats admin true to words (tears to admins determination and after playing this game)

  3. FFTHEWINNER says:

    thumbs up to this great admin :D.

  4. KzanSenpai says:

    is a beatiful history. Thanks adm for the dl. I play this a few time, but I was serch the link for a friend and i need to comment this time. this history change my life. I’m realy graceful for u to share this vn with us. I’m a grate fan of site. Sorry for don’t comment ever i can >.<.
    (My eng is really bad, sorry)

  5. rekkusu says:

    it seems that some of the pictures are missing. its like im talking to no one. i mean there should have pictures of the characters right< i dont see one

  6. KorosuLen says:

    why does the game keep freezing randomly? @@

  7. Asaki Hotaru says:

    I don’t know why my narcissu have gone blank. From start menu and the first prologue it was fine. But when it reached when protagonist to be settled have to hospitalization again after 8 eigth years after. It stopped.
    Although i’m very excited to play it. 🙁

  8. asuraicHermit says:

    Just sayin, this game and the sequel are free on Steam, so you can probably get a quicker download there if you’re willing to put up with Steam.

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