Koihime Musou Voice Patch

The following patch will add voices in English version of the game.

Download Koihime Musou Voice Files:

(files SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst contain voice data and are needed for patch to work)

Download Voice Patch:

1. Extract archives
2. Move all files to main game directory.

458 Responses to “Koihime Musou Voice Patch”

  1. Genesis 0 says:

    It didnt work for me it said ” this game fail to load a file dsb” so WTH HAPPENED!

  2. abc123 says:

    Note: There is both a voice patch and voice files section.

  3. MXT says:

    Hmmm. I little late here, didn’t see this coming

    It this 1.7GB File is only Voice Patch or the full game? Because file with no voice is only 1.1GB ..
    so i wonder .. Do I need to load that 1.1 too ?

  4. shintou says:

    why after i download all part, i can’t hear voice?

    • Vorthod says:

      i think it might be because you downloaded all the voice files but not the actual patch itself. i did the same thing and will see if the patch will fix the problem right now (since i just found this out myself)

  5. naddestroyer says:

    Well thanks to the admin for this game and all the others.

    After reading all the comments about not being able to hear voices and other related comments for help I finally got voices to turn on. I made sure I downloaded both the voice patch and the two sound files up above. But I had to close the game and put the files in the main page of the game three times. I have no idea why it took so many times but it did. To those of you having trouble try replacing the files over and over. It worked for me.

  6. koko says:

    after I moved all the snx file and the soundpacks in the folder Koihime (the game has it’s own soundpack so i replaced it with the new one) my game started not to work anymore ..:'(
    and then I removed all the snx files and the new soundpacks and returned the original soundpacks my game still doesn’t work ..
    help please …

  7. SD says:

    Links are down.

  8. SD says:

    Nvm. Links are good.

  9. donation says:

    Cannot download voice patch.

  10. flee says:

    are these file make the game crash or make the didn’t work?

  11. MikuHatsune says:

    is there a way to make the voices stop when i skip their dialogue (other than getting to their next dialogue).

  12. Canadian Bacon looks like Ham says:

    wait is 1.7 full game with vooice or voices only

  13. Yobsolo says:

    Everything seems to work perfectly when you follow the instructions. Once again, good job.

  14. Ryoichi says:

    darn, after i copy/paste voice patch to koihime folder, the game was unable to load. some errors pop up and i got blank screen. (music still played though)
    should i make a folder for the voice patch? but that doesn’t sound right.

  15. EXpertUS says:

    Can you just download the patch if you finished downloading the game download in the Koihime Musuo English Game section? or do you truly need to upload all of it (including the Koihime Voices parts).

  16. Indonesian boy says:

    this game is so fucking…..good

  17. xxlegendxx says:

    n1 sweet game i downloaded all the voice and file it work

  18. Ralf says:

    is this voice patch dubbed in english language or japanese?

  19. Pepz says:

    Admin nid HELP!!, after i download it all,mine still doesn’t have any Voices, what should i do???

  20. Pepz says:

    can u also give a intruction how to install the Voice Patch??

  21. Brandon Le says:

    Where is the main game directory

  22. maxcell says:


  23. Ray says:

    I downloaded everysingle voice file and patches and pasted
    all of them to my main file but everytime when I get to the
    voice part the message saying ‘This game failed to load a
    file in PlayDSB()’ and does not play the sound for me. What should I do to fix this problem? Please Help!

  24. DSXDL says:

    You have problem with a ‘PlayDSB’ message?
    I have installed first ‘Voice Patch’ then ‘Voice Files’.
    That message don’t appear more. Problem solved xD

  25. ITPL says:

    ‘This game failed to load a
    file in PlayDSB()’
    i keep getting these errors when a character who has voice acting appears! I tried downloading it again and extracting it again and still no. Can anyone help me fix this problem? Please?

  26. Joedel says:

    Is this the game or just sound only?

  27. kevenka says:

    For those who can’t hear the sounds, it doesn’t come on until you met the girls which is way deeper into the game. So, yeah… Helps to read older comments and for those who are having trouble getting the game to work. I don’t know how to answer it besides asking if you dl’d all the files AND patch and if you have it on japanese for the region.

  28. zakk says:

    i’m a fan of koihime musou series and i hope they translate shin koihime musou soon

  29. Asakura Yusuke says:

    Hi, I was wondering how to get those extra settings for example I only have New Game, Load Game and Quit Game. How do I get the other options such as Settings/CG/Scenes Replay etc.


  30. godogwar says:

    i downloaded the patch then the voice files i still dont hear voices when i get saved by the girl does voices come later on or did i download wrong

  31. LongLostOtaku says:

    You have to beat the game first…
    that being said, this answer is waayy too long for you if you have played this game on december 2014.. sorry

  32. guy says:

    patch download wont work.
    when I try it comes up as _rar rather than .rar and it wont let me change the file extension then download or download it as is

  33. I-Am-X says:

    lol the voice patch is heavier then the game itself

  34. Anon says:

    Link are broken for me

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