Kawakaburi No Cherry

Shotacon H-game.

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  1. Dones:

    WTF AM I PLAYING?!?!?!?

  2. John:

    Let me try this out. Thanks 🙂

  3. Stroe:

    Alot of H scenes

  4. James:

    i downloaded it but when ever i try to play it well click on the weird icon (looks like a bad drawing), it brings up a small blue sceen and fails to work, did i miss something? why wont it work .-.?

  5. Katsu:

    i tried with japan local and its still not working any ideas?

    • Shuusuke:

      If it doesn’t work with japanese locale, you probably also need to do one more thing.
      You probably should put the files into program files folder.
      if you have windows 7 64bit, there may be 2 program files folders, put it into the first one.
      keep the japanese locale the same though.

  6. izaya:

    why does i cant play this game?? it says syntax error someone help me please 🙁

  7. izaya:

    why does i cant play this game?? is says syntax error someone help me please 🙁

  8. Jin:

    Mine works fine with AppLocale (Japanese)

  9. Chattern:

    Thanks for a first translated shota + older woman game in my experience ever… Liked it, great stuff. Makes you remember all those fantasies you had as a kid and all.

  10. UranStyle95:

    Can somebody help me?
    I can’t seem to get a good ending
    I always get “I guess she didn’t like me much”

    How can I get the good ending?(forgive my english, I’m hungarian)

    • CorpGuy:

      seriously?? You know what the goal of the VN is right? Give in to the woman and comply to everything she asks of you… like not writing about it your diary.

  11. Marc:

    Just your average H-game, pretty decent

  12. taffy:

    help pleaseeee :c
    i’ve downloaded this, used Applocale to open it, and it starts up fine, but when the window opens, a text box opens with the title ‘Information’ and the window with the game is a black screen :c
    someone please help </3

  13. chris:

    wat programs do u need to play this game iv already downloaded it but says wat prgram to open it

  14. holyshit:

    why doesn’t work? a blue screen show up and syntax error…
    do nid to download other program to play this…?

  15. Norb:

    I miss one scene, its the 4. scene, or the 8. picture and i still dont get it 🙁

    Can somebody help me?

  16. Yorkie:

    So… Is this game illegal in the USA?

    • Yep:

      It’s stylized drawings and recordings made by adults for adults. They aren’t real people, and none of the depicted events actually happened.

      So, no. Nothing illegal by United States law.

      That said, yaaaawn.

  17. LordNetorare:

    this is surpriingly hot, prolly because i enjoy mature women

  18. alex:

    Hi guys, where is the DOWNLOAD LINK ? I dont see anything

  19. alex:

    oh SORRY MY BAD, the problem is my browser

  20. H3:

    are their anymore games on this site that are 3D and move like this one?

  21. 9105:

    everytime i try to load the game it said that its a trojan of some sort is there anyway i can play this without distroying my computer?

  22. Zengar:

    I wish more VNs with Straight Shota gets translated.

  23. finally:

    finally got it to work:
    like most of you had it set to japanese locale but obviously that didn’t help.
    for me it runs mit applocale third choice from bottom (there are two settings with brakes behind them. it’s the lower one).

    • finally:

      made a mistake it was the second from bottom. the one under those with breaks.
      which in fact is quite strange because it’s the japanese locale but setting it to japanese locale in windows seems to be insufficient???

  24. BoB:

    I keep getting an syntax error when I run the game. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  25. BIll:

    HEy guys i dled it i tried to open it with applocale when i click finish nothign happens! every time i try just lcicking on the exe blue screen pops with the syntax error! anyone can help?

  26. shakey2:

    I love how it censors his age even though its blindingly obvious.

  27. Shota Lover:

    Sad that this is the only eroge shota game here… =(
    Shouldn’t be censored. Lol.

  28. luka:

    Is this gay or straight shota?

  29. Mello:

    Holy crap! I thought it was yaoi TTwTT

  30. KittiChan1:

    This game was great. It kinda reminds me of my childhood. Being a curious kid and etc. Are there more games like this.

  31. souleater651:

    can anyone help me i downloaded the game and click on the drawing app but i get a blue screen saying styinex or something why wont it load right can anyone help me out

  32. avengedkhaos:

    try it in XP compatibility mode if you cant get it to work

  33. Name (required):

    I extracted all the files LLLLLELEEEEEELL XDDDDDSSDDD

    The intro music is epix, that is all I was after, not the secret ending vid.

  34. infamous:

    Game used to work fine now I get a half a screen deleted it and downloaded a new one and i still get half a screen ..why?

  35. Tyrant Rex:

    did u tried changing to japanese locale? it works for me.

  36. az:

    anyone knows, how to get a good ending? any walk through which is wrong choice and right choice? any secret ending?

  37. HentaiPOV:

    Where’s the walkthrough for this game…There was a cg for anal sex in the game. But I cant seem to find a way to get anal sex.

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