Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo
Hisao Nakai is a normal high school student, currently in his final year of high school. One day Hisao receives a letter from parties unknown in his locker and waits at the written place for the sender. The person who wrote the letter turns out to be his crush; while speaking to her, he suddenly collapses. He awakes in a hospital bed, and is told by the doctors that the reason he collapsed is due to arrhythmia, a rare heart condition that causes his heartbeat to sometimes become irregular. Due to this, his parents have enrolled him in Yamaku, a school for disabled students of all kinds.

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  1. Subaru Takamaru says:

    ahh, where I can find the local save files?

  2. Grim says:

    This game was fantastic. Highly recomended if you like to cry… <3 Hanako <3

    • Alexander Saavedra says:

      I just finished the Emi path and i loved it, now i need to do the rest of them.

      • Furukawa Nagisa says:

        Dude, Emi’s Arc is just awesome. I like her so much! I guess I should go running more often. I did a few years ago and I really liked it, but I stopped one day. Now I think I’m trying it again, to “clear my mind” from all the problems I got, and yes, I got various big problems, too.

    • TeeLovesThisGame says:

      Hanako FTW!!!! D: Or Rin. I teared up realizing you can never get a hug from her.

    • Zindor says:

      Minor spoiler on how your emotions will be for these paths (ish):

      Been playin alot of VN’s, but this one made a mess of me…

      I was so angry and irritated during the Rin path, but the end was a nice touch.

      Shizune’s I kinda sped through it, kinda regret it. considdered doin it over again, but I must try to move on from this game…

      Emi’s was emotional and cute, with a touchy ending.

      Hanako’s path was… weird. not because of her “disability”, but things felt forced upon her, which kinda made me feel uncomfortable. The ending was really nice, though had a feeling of “is this really the end of this path?”

      Finally, Lilly’s path was the one that made the biggest mess of me tbh. I cried my eyes out by the end, and I am really glad I played this game.

      That said, I’ve been thinkin about this too much, it has caused me to have sudden urges to cry whenever… This VN had done an amazing job on making you really feel attached to the characters, and its hard to let go once all the paths are done. Due to this, I Can’t stop thinking about them, and I kind of want to see more and see a… I dunno, conclusive ending.

      This game is worth playing, no matter if you want romance, drama, sex, life-changing events, doesnt matter. you will not regret it, even thought you might end up like me, which isn’t the best feeling in the world. makes me really appriciate that I have someone of my own.

  3. JoseKingOfHarem says:

    Great game,, i like Hanako and Emi <3

  4. RazoR says:

    Game was really great but when I start another character’s route, I felt weird, maybe I was feeling guilty 😀

  5. XIII says:

    I’ve been playing some VN lately. One day I installed this new VN and press the full screen button. The game didn’t go to full screen, the size remain the same but all other things beside the game is black. Anyone know how to fix this? Usually I only got black bar on the right and left side of the screen, but now it stuck in 800×600 resolution even when i’m in full screen mode.

  6. hamhock says:

    Been hearing so much about this one along the lines of babbys first VN, but whatever, time for a go.

    I suppose not all can be pure and pristine as Hoshimemo.

  7. mito says:

    does this game has sounds? i mean the voices of the characters? or just plain text?

    • sinaps says:

      It has music and some sound effects but no voice actors. The lack of voice actors does not matter, 4leaf made a really good story.

  8. eyeless says:

    does this have any H-scenes?

  9. mito says:

    im having a problem with this game bcoz when i play it, it doesnt produce any voice from the character.

    • Kiri says:

      @Mito…..Katawa Shoujo doesn’t have a voice actor’s for the characters ,so its normal that you don’t hear a the voice of the characters

  10. Pervert-chan says:

    How do I get the game to start with separated files?
    Do I have to put the files on the same folder?
    I haven’t downloaded the game yet but I got an error when I tried playing a different game that had separated files so I’m guessing this would be the same 😐
    Help would be greatly appreciated 😀

    • Anon_lol says:

      If you still haven’t worked it out you need to have all the rar files in a folder then extract them in order overwriting any existing files and they should all compile into one folder by themselves.

  11. Arratron says:

    One of the best VN I’ve read and it’s up on my fav list along with Saya no Uta, 40 Days and 40 Nights of rain, and Kamidori Alchemy Meister.Recommended for anyone who enjoys a great story.

  12. CRNR says:

    there might be a lack of voice actors but the story and the timing of the sounds compensate for it trust me it good !

  13. John says:

    Is there a way to buy this?

    • MoonWalker13 says:

      That’s the best part…Its absolutely free…!!! Mind you,it may be free,but it is by far one the best VN available,paid or not…Highly recommended…

    • omega13 says:

      theres also a whole site just for this game. you can download it from there for free and you dont have to open any rar files from there. it downloads into a folder with everything you need program wise so you can just open it and play

  14. Lacruzel says:

    this game does have H-Scenes but just so you know it’s really dramatic. And the drama is well-written.

  15. alucard9411 says:

    Oh, Its already fixed. thanks

  16. noctis13 says:

    I really like this game, so much it makes me giggle at the romantic scene

  17. terracyrax says:

    apparently part3 of the download files is not found admin u might wanna have a look into that thanks ^_^

  18. Carlo Soyen says:

    There is a website for this, I think. Just search the title in Google.

  19. [x] says:


    This game just hit me like a truck. Must admit, I was not expecting such a good plot and OST from a western VN (it is kinda peculiar).

    Hanako was enough to blow my mind, I am afraid I can not even start a new path, I feel disgusted and tainted whenever I try, like if I was betraying her (my strong sense of fidelity and loyalty will not allow me). I finished her path three days ago but I can not stop thinking about her, her personality and tastes are pretty similar to mine, not to mention the fact that she is just awesome. I am just going to play her path again until I get satisfied.

    Can not remember the last time that I actually felt that way (and trust me, I’ve played far too many VNs and watcher far too many animes, I may cry easily, but to have my head tormented by a character is a thing that I thought to be impossible, at least after two years ago, when I started to actually distinguish my feelings for reality and fiction), I have fallen in love with her. Call me whatever you want, I am actually a ‘no life’ anyways; world seems to be far from interesting without people like Hanako (shy, kind, cute, interesting etc…), people nowadays appear to have no shame and all the romance and partnership is gone, nonetheless I rather be a ‘no life’.

  20. [x] says:

    P.S. I hope you guys do not mind all my whimpering, what I was really trying to say is that Katawa Shoujo is great!
    And also, if there is someone matching my description (which is actually likely to happen) I apologize, it is just that I never met someone like that before.

  21. Marcos says:

    I was looking at the comments… was I the only one that likes Shizune the most?

  22. dada says:

    So you guys got the Hanako first route. Same as me. And this is a great VN so far that I’ve read.

  23. dustin says:

    Can anyone give me another vn that is close to being as good as this?

  24. korewa2 says:

    Well looks like the winner of having the most favorite character here is Hanako, well interesting story from her route, but….I like Lilly’s Route it really gives me the Chills..

  25. Kiske says:

    Ditto, I too pick Lilly.

    Just to say I have no problem with any of the girls disabilities as I have my own.

  26. Connor (子奈) says:

    I got Emi’s route and she’s very cute, was trying to go down Hanako’s route but somehow ended up here but still, Emi’s story is very good also and just like those who’ve gone down Hanako’s route I’m going to feel guilty going down Hanako’s route when I finish Emi’s.

  27. RedShine says:

    admin please upload voice patch……

  28. Second says:

    Did this VN have a H-scenes uncensored?

  29. tako says:

    help, I downloaded all the 3parts. And when i’m extracting part1 and part3 i get a checksum error.

  30. りん says:

    very good stories..
    rin route is just.. amazing i really like her

  31. Ren says:

    is this a 1.3J version?

    whats the difference with the regular Katawa Shoujo and the one with the 1.3J?

  32. Denis says:

    This was my first VN… and I think it has something to do with the fact that I do like these now.

    At my first run, I just followed my \own feeling\ and ended on Lilly route and straight to the good ending…

    Then I followed the 4 other routes but most of these left me with a feeling of something missing… The only one who felt really fulfilling was Emi’s… The other one miss some \long term\ future…

    I didn’t like the Rin’s route… Well, somehow, I don’t like Rin’s behaviour and way of thinking… Are there only people who do like her ?

    – most likeable characters : Lilly, Emi and Hanako (for Hanako, I think that if the good end was more fullfilling, she’d get the second place close to Lilly)
    – most heart-breaking bad end : Hanako then Emi.

    I somehow think that the sex scenes are out of place in this story… should they be absent, the game would really have been \all-ages\… This is even more sad as the game is quite an eye-opener on the situation of people with disabilities (at least those who fight to have a life… and it matches with what I saw in \real life\)

    Definitively a very nice story… and be prepared for a very long read if you plan to go through all 5 routes and all endings.

  33. Inkat says:

    What steps must I folow to complement the files and run the game?

  34. Passerby999 says:

    It is uncensored. I played the android version though. Tell me if there is any difference.

  35. Lonewolf889 says:

    Loved Hanako’s route best, Lilly right after and Emi 3rd, although was not expecting Hanako’s bad ending, damn she can be scary

  36. Rock Gamia says:

    Came looking for an ero game with hot H scenes for “research” . Downloaded this , played for 8 hours and cried a river.

    Fuck you game , you are supposed to give me “research” material not feels.
    One of the top tier best eroge out there. Must play

  37. Rex says:

    Best VN game ever played in life.Story was great and my best route was lily.Thanks for the game Luv this Site….

  38. EnzakiManjiro says:

    At first, my favorite was also Shizune. But in hindsight, I realize that I loved each one of them equally for their respective qualities and defects. Each one of them is very interesting.

  39. uNs7oPaBL3 says:

    this game was amassing the feels are+real kind of reminds me of Princess Evangile but a bit more down to earth in a way

  40. uNs7oPaBL3 says:

    the feels are real in this game i loved playing every minute of it with the exception of Kenji fuck that dude … ^_^

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