Hitomi – My Stepsister


Things were going just fine until my father suddenly announced he was getting re-married, and his new wife and daughter were going to live with us. What am I supposed to do now?

My new step-mother is beautiful, but my new step-sister, Hitomi, is fascinating. She is so fragile and gentle. The way she smiles at me and tries to please me….I think she wants me. I….I think I want her. Whenever she is around me, I just want to possess her.

How far can I push her? What will she allow me to do to her?

“Please, Brother, I’ll do anything for you. Just please don’t hate me…..”

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  1. Darkmind says:

    why cant i play the game it says that i need to have a volume for the game

  2. Darkmind says:

    can any one plss help me i need it to play this amazing game

  3. Darkmind says:

    guys that can help me do i need to download the other parts because when i try to make it work it says that cant connect to GGD and it says that i need a disk to have the volume im confuse because i only download it on the website i didnt think that this game need a disk i some how it make me feel like super deppress because i cant make it work help me for god sake

  4. ronito fernandez says:

    theres a better way to play this game!! very easy!! just follow my directions…

    first mount the game, a disk will show up, open that disc,

    then copy the followings,,


    copy all to CRACK folder on where you extracted all the RAR files,,,

    in crack folder there should be HITOMIML app, then double click then feel free to play…

    it worked on me,,, hope that itll work on you guyz to..

  5. Brandon Arnold says:

    hey guys, a little help please? I have some blank DVR’s laying around somewhere. if i put the game files onto that, would it work?

  6. Vondoom says:

    I was thinking of downloading this but then… I saw this TAG… unavoidable heroine rape and VIOLENCE with that… does this have RAPE ending… because I just dont like those type of endings unless the situation calls for it. 🙁

    • Elmarius says:

      Please explain me again how there can be a situation that “calls” for rape. I´m truly fascinated by the idea now.

      If you don´t want to come clean and admit you might enjoy a rape fantasy (stress that word, FANTASY), then don´t. But don´t write just to say you don´t like it, then trying to justify yourself with an argument that makes no sese.

      • Hmm, says:

        A situation that calls for rape would be consensual BDSM? Stress on the SM part. If your partner wants you to ‘be visceral and fuck her brains out while she pleads for you to stop’ then by all means that would call for rape, technically anyways?

  7. fire Caerbannog says:

    it would be nice to know if the game is uncensored or not lol

  8. Rhoy Delmo says:

    Walkthrough please …

  9. lettosk says:

    hi. I was trying to install the game -I mounted all the 4 files that were in the .rar- but after 99% installed, 100% movie install it shows me a window with \Please insert the \Game Disc\ and click OK\. I tried with mounting just one file, or just the .mdf , or the .mds and nothing, it didn’t work. I’ll be really glad if someone could help me

  10. God of Conquest says:

    so for those who had trouble installing this game, i’ll list out how u can install this game without any problem 🙂 make sure you have winrar and daemon tools or other disc mounting program/.
    1. Download all 3 .rar parts into a same folder
    2. Extract part 1 and it should automatically extract part 2 and 3 into the same folder.
    3. Double click Hitomi – My Stepsister CD1 (VMate Reg. Required). Run it and install the game.
    4. When you’re 99%, a box will pop up saying insert disc 2
    5. Go to My Computer and eject BD-ROM DRIVE.
    6. Go back to your Hitomi folder and Click Hitomi – My Stepsister CD2. Then Click Ok to continue your installation.
    7. Extract “Hitomi – My Stepsister – vmate crack made by Pahn” content to your installation folder, it should be in C:\Program Files\MERCURE\HITOMIML if u didnt change the directory.
    8. Enjoy it 😀

  11. rex says:

    Thanx *u*

  12. Nikuradse says:

    Installing the VM launcher is optional with the crack. Or you can install everything to be safe and remove.

    Works in Win7 but you it is best to run in XP compatibility mode. Without compatibility mode, the game crashes when loading between scenes. Crashes are okay usually if you restart, but it’s nearly impossible to get the post credits scenes because it will always almost always crash.

  13. xenon says:

    I’m playing the game at the moment but in every transition, the game crashes and I have to start from the last save point. It’s pretty irritating. I’ve tried to troubleshoot more than once. I put compatibility mode to run it like Windows XP. It didn’t work. I’ll try running back on windows 8.
    Help? pls?

  14. lawren says:

    does anyone know how to install this game?

  15. Ryuzaki says:

    Where can I download this Virtual Mate Launcher?

  16. Ryuzaki says:

    Umm… You know this game crash and someone please tell me how to fix it

    • Uhl says:

      Everyone that’s listing the game crashes in transitions? Yeah, that’s a bug in the program itself. It’s not fixable. For a work-around, you have to save FREQUENTLY, loading a saved game right before a transition will allow you to proceed, and then you can go back and watch the h-scene in the collections (with the exception of the first Hitomi+PC+Yuki scene which doesn’t store for some reason.)

      Yeah, there’s an NTR rape ending, and the “good” Hitomi route involves a lot of abusive sexual sadism towards her.

      There are no Hitomi pregnancy endings, but there are other pregnancy endings.

      This is definitely not a game for the squeamish, especially in the Stepmother route.

  17. Samuel says:

    On the off chance that someone is still having the crashing/freezing issue, it does actually have a workaround… Not a great one, but it works.

    If you go into the games install folder and remove “WMSC”, you will be able to get past the credits.

    However, this will remove the music from the game.
    I guess you could leave it there until just before the credits… Save, then relocate the file, but… That’s effort. I’m just going musicless.

  18. d says:

    hey!!! it works!! thanks!!!

  19. Gageless says:

    Man this got weird like weirder then normal weird lol

  20. locolco says:

    Hey guys, i cannot install cause it say “please insert game disc” some help?

  21. Red Riot says:

    What an ass for a main character. He should jump off a cliff!

  22. Stealth says:

    Jesus does noone here know anything about computers!?!?!

  23. Stealth says:

    Jesus does noone here know anything about computers!?!?

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