Demon Master Chris

Demon Master Chris

There is more than one world. Long ago, humanity learned of the existence of other worlds and researched methodes to borrow their power. Now, even in our modern, technologically-advanced society, there are those who are able to reach out to beings from other worlds and fight alongside them, Saiga Chris is one such conjurer.

An orthodox 3d Ero RPG with a speedy battle system, simple controls, and wide screen display! Escape from another world while stripping and befriending monstergirls!

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  1. Capa says:

    How do you capture someone? Like do their AP has to be exactly ZERO? And how do you know when u captured someone?


  2. CG Collector says:

    it was like that from the extracted rar file. meaning CE is not the problem its something else.

  3. Se[NK]ei says:

    Just finished it. cant wait for the next 1.I got my revenge planned >:D

  4. Eevee says:

    IS there a way to cheat on this.

  5. CG Collector says:

    yes read older comments near the very end the is a kinda guide on how to.

  6. Bobble says:

    Wait, the game ends so random, and I haven’t even unlocked everything… did I miss anything ? I am lacking 3 scenes ๐Ÿ™
    Beautiful design and everything + yuri, but it was so big that I expected it to be longer or have more scenes or something.

    Suggestions for similiar stuff or how to get the remaining 3 scenes ? (I already played MGQ)

  7. natacha says:

    Cheat !!!
    U can use CE . It work I’m try follow link below (try a single search |money change memory address every action | money at least 3000+ for few memoy address) u may found 10+ address so save before search and guess it, if it don’t change reload and try again.


    u can buy seed after open hidden door before leviathan room
    (can’t in easy mode)

    • KnightRome says:

      I love this game, in fact im playing it now. But earning ether on normal is very hard. Can I trouble you to guide me thorugh the cheat? BTW im using a mac to play

  8. dante says:

    I ”finished” the game and somehow I miss the final scene (good ending I guess?), how do you unlock it? I played on Normal mode (please tell me it’s not hard mode exclusive..).

    I can’t find any information on this game anywhere and I really don’t want to waste time for this game. Thanks in advance.

    • natacha says:

      did u got 2 last monster girls in hidden door?
      after that get “ann” in front party.

      • dante says:

        Yes I had all the monster in the game, but I never tought about putting Anna in the fight since she say not to do so. Thanks! Now I have the last sce… 2 cg. -_-

        The game was a real disapointment, but at least there is some very nice uncensored cg in it. That’s maybe the only good point of this game.

        • Eevee says:

          I disagree, i liked the game it was a bit grindy but still fun.

          • dante says:

            Well, there is no story at all, no VA, the event scenes are forced 90% of the time and last for less than a 60 seconds. I don’t know how to qualify that other than disapointing.

            I usually like those eroge where you really have to do something and not just clic your mouse 5 thousands times to reach the end, but this game is so empty that it become boring very quickly.

            • You are Retarded says:

              you realise this game was a solo project by 1 guy stop being so entitled

              • dante says:

                I don’t give a shit about how many people worked on that. I played the game and I tought it was boring and disapointing. You have your opinion, good for you. You don’t like mine? I don’t care at all.

  9. Irina Akashira says:

    Can someone tell me where are the ” 2 last monster girls in hidden door” exactly please?

    Another question. I’ts have just a bad ending, or have a good ending too?

    • dante says:

      If you capture the Valkirie, she will tell you that there is a secret treasury near the throne room. Just before you go to fight Levia, in the little hallway in front of her door, face the right wall and you will find a secret passage that will lead you to the treasury. You will need to reach the wine cellar on the 2nd floor of this treasury to be able to unlock the good ending.

  10. Irina Akashira says:

    Thanks dante

    I’ve found the door but it doesn’t open. Can be possible that not working in the easy mode?

    • dante says:

      I played only in normal mode so I can’t be 100% sure, but I think you can’t since you need to get to the wine cellar to trigger the scene with Anna and I remember reading that you can’t unlock the Anna ”route” in easy mode.

      But as I said, I am not sure. Personnally I found the door after capturing the Valkirie. When you hang out in the bar she tells you about the 9th treasury location, maybe you need that event to unlock it. If you already have the Valkirie, then that mean you can’t go in there on easy, but if you do not have her yet, maybe you should try to capture her and see if it’s open the door.

      Either way, you will not reach the good ending since you need to be at least in normal mode.

    • natacha says:

      no open in easy mode. Dam it ,it got me to in fist time.

  11. Kyon says:

    I did it. I’m done. after capturing all of monsters, reaching the wine cellar, and having anna in your first formation against leviathan. and playing through the game at least once by beating the boss with anna in your team. and having the sex scene with anna. I did it. I knew there had to be some trick to unlock the good end. you have to get anna to imbue her power into your clothes replacing capture with astral and beating leviathan with anna. good game, lots of grinding. made me work for it and it was all the more rewarding that way.

  12. xxcggxx says:

    Is it just me or does the knight looks really simillar to Tohka from Date A Live ??

  13. Nitpick Nate says:

    At first I thought “Monster girl-on-human lesbianism is pretty unique. I might be in for a treat!”
    Then I lost to a monster girl, got a generic game over and no h-scene, then looked up the HCG and realized there really isn’t much lesbianism in this at all.

  14. Moo says:

    How many monsters in total can you capture?

  15. Th3Only1 says:

    Can someone help me, I just play this VN, but this VN is somehow lag, can someone give me advice to solve this problem?

    • korewa2 says:

      Well it is laggy and can crash a pc if your grapixs is very low

      and you may also need to have the latest Direct X thingy

  16. HuNt3R47 says:

    i download the game but i cant get to work please tell wat i did wrong

  17. HuNt3R47 says:

    kept on getting The archive file is Corrupted and can not be Opened each time i download it please tell me wat i did wrong? ๐Ÿ™

  18. A non says:

    Art’s lovely, combat is good, but there’s a distinct lack of content going on here. There’s no reason for there to be so little dialogue and the xp system is cobblers.

    On the other hand, everyone’s delicious. Especialy Mimic. Mmm, chocolate-coated loli.

  19. migzu says:

    I am stuck in \before the palace\ can anyone tell ,me where to go/ what I lack?

  20. jiji sam says:

    the part 5 download there is a problem its says it cant find the file to download please help and fix it thanks

  21. Clockwerk says:

    Whoever designed the Mimic is a genius. Anyways, finished it and while it’s not Shin Megami Tensei by any stretch, I found the game enjoyable.

    The endgame is really grindy though, especially because monsters 3-4 levels below the characters give almost no XP at all.

  22. exp says:

    Can anyone tell me other games that has RPG elements like this one?

    • GreedXIII says:

      Eien no Aselia (Don’t Have H-scene)
      Yumina The Ethereal
      Kamidory Alchemy Meister

      i think you know this game already but if you don’t try it =)
      you wont regret it

  23. Milenion says:

    Desire Dungeon
    Monster Girl Quest

  24. HuNt3R47 says:

    this is pretty good game, hard but decent at the same time.. i would give it a rating 9 out 10… most of it is good but yea it lack the story of the main plot or the back story your monster girl allies or chris. til it a master piece in my book if there is a next one give it more story and its charm ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Harada says:

    Well, from what I searched on the internet, I guess i’m the only one dumb enough to be stuck with Levia’s battle, since I didn’t find anything about it…

    So i’ll try asking here:
    I’m level 33 with Chris and Anna (Bel is 32) and I still can’t deal any significant damage to Levia… My most powerful attacks deal less than 9 damage, so I can’t even reduce her HP enough to rip her clothes and stop her pesky 4 VP regen. Not to mention that her critical can do up to 30 damage.

    Anyone can tell their strategy that has beaten this boss? Oh, and without the cheat, of course..

    I guess I should go farm Seeds, but they are hard as hell to drop. So I wonder if it would be easier to restart the game and save all seeds I find to distribute them between these characters… I heard that the Ice Cream outfit is pretty OP, but i don’t know if i should use seeds in that outfit, since we get tier 4 outfits later…


    Will anyone read this..?

    • Harada says:

      Never mind, I found out that I was trying to beat the Last Boss without going to the hidden dungeon… I guess I was right about the “dumb enough” part.

      But I must say that I was able to beat her even without the hidden dungeon extra levels and stuff. I stuffed all but INT seeds into the Dragon, went with Ice Cream outfit and I got a little lucky in certain turns.

      • lol says:

        really ? i beat her with a lvl 28, lvl 27 valk and a lvl 28 bel. it’s way too easy and i did it without the secret passage.

  26. awsomedude93 says:

    Hello I am having a litle problem. I have downloaded all the 6 files. And can play the game, and I can save and go back to the game title screan and load the save. But when I turn the game of and then start playing it again the save file is gone. Can some one tell me what I need to do.

    • admin says:

      Probably write permission issue. Right click on game and choose “run the game as administrator”.

      • awsomedude93 says:

        Thank you for the advice. But unfortunatly when i go into the downloaded part with the game in it and right click I dont get the โ€œrun the game as administratorโ€. I only get a thing with
        ”Select all
        Extract to specified folder
        Test archived files
        View file
        Repair archive
        Extract without confirmation
        Show information
        Set default password
        Add to favorites…
        View as (Last view / Details)
        Sort by (Name / Size / Packed size / Type / Modification time / Checksum / Original order)
        Change drive (Lockal disk / DWD-RW)

        • admin says:

          You’re clicking on wrong place – don’t right click on downloaded game archives (.rar files). You need to right click on actual installed game .exe file ( or shortcut on desktop).

          • awsomedude93 says:

            Ohhh alright. But on the 6 files that I downloaded it says rar on them all. I downloaded all files in ”DA-free: Game Download”. Is that maybe why?

            • admin says:

              No. After you downloaded the game ( that 6 .rar files), you need to extract it( “extract to specified folder”). Then either install it, or open the folder and right click on game .exe – sorry, i don’t remember if this game has installer or works out of the box. If you try to play it straight from inside archives, then you’ll have problems as you described above ( game can’t update archive with savefiles you made, so you lose progress everytime you start it).

  27. anyme says:

    in every part 1-6 it says the image.rpa is broken :/ any way to fix this? I use 7 Zipper on Android, and 7-Zip File Manager on PC. Please, and thank you ^_^

  28. TDC says:

    Personally, I’m disapointed, but that’s my fault. I was hoping for some strait as well, not a big Yuri guy..

  29. Zero says:

    You should win the game at Hard mode to trigger the true ending.

  30. master z says:

    hi!im new guy.i want to know why there ara so many
    thing to upload the games???

  31. Ren says:

    how do i save ?

  32. LilTarget says:

    leading me to a survey site what happened to just downloading the games or something like that because no matter what game i try to download it brings me to and i cant actually download the parts

    • Trevor says:

      Click the part you want and it will send you to,when you get to the site, click free, exit out of the pop-up, click free again, then click download. it will take you to another page, click the captcha, then exit out of the pop-up, click the captcha again, type what it tells you then click download. Boom, you got your file downloading. Hope I helped.

  33. Will says:

    This is just a really bad rip off of Sakura dungeon

    • Necrololicon says:

      I played sakura dungeon too before playing this so I also got that feeling but this came up first so it’s not a ripoff. If I were to have played this first then played sakura dungeon afterwards, I would enjoy both games more but still, this ain’t a bad game

      • Tyke says:

        Did Will the village idiot even look at the date of these comments? The first comment for this upload was made in 2013 and Sakura Dungeon was released in 2016. Do the math.

  34. :[ says:

    CHEATS :
    go to following folder and open the file with notepad :
    [folder]renpy -> [folder]common -> [file]00console.rpy
    edit the following line :
    config.console = False
    to :
    config.console = True
    now you can open console in game by pressing “Shift + O”.
    after that you can edit the game’s objects,
    try : player.level = 55
    reference :
    (works also on this game)

    if i’m not mistaking this game was released before sakura dungeon.

  35. mehmeme says:

    Is there going to be another part, or at least the chance for one?

  36. Setsuna92 says:

    this is good but , the game did not have voices or my game crash ?

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