Cross Channel
Gunjo Gakuen (Deep Blue School) is a facility designed to gather and isolate those students who got a low score on an adaptation coefficient exam (Scoring low on this exam indicates that the student is less likely to be able to be adapted to the society) mandated by the government.

After a failed summer vacation with other members of the school’s broadcasting club, Taichi Kurosu and some of the other club members return to the city, only to find that all living creatures within it except for the club members have completely vanished. In order to confirm the status of the outside world, Taichi decides to gather other club members to help Misato Miyasumi, the president of the broadcasting club, who is trying to set up a broadcasting antenna to contact any possible survivors. However, Taichi soon discovers that the world is actually repeating the week after they found the others vanished…

DA: Tower of Friends Patch

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238 Responses to “CROSS†CHANNEL”

  1. hellfish says:

    This VN is supposedly good, but I quit playing shortly after getting it to work in English. I just can’t stand the main character. He’s a stupid perv. I mean, sure it’s nice change from all those wimpy main characters, but this guy doesn’t seem to do anything but think with his dick. Dropped.

    • count_monty says:

      Actually, that becomes a plot point.

      You see, everyone in the school can’t adapt to society right? Think about it, why is HE in this school? I’ll give you a hint, his coefficient is above 80%(I know this description says “lower = less” but it’s actually the other way around). He has a severe mental problems.

  2. Abatis Treefaller says:

    That’s actually the point. They tell you right off the bat that the school is for people who who can’t adapt well to society, or in other words are not entirely right in the head. Our boy is a stupid perv because he’s actually a borderline-rapist. The ninja-like girl is seriously axe-crazy who WILL murder anyone who threatens the boy she loves, and so on. I’m surprised I don’t see “Nanaca Crash” here, the silly doujin flash game based on this one. It’s surprisingly addictive.

    • Mace of spades says:

      Lol i’ve playyed nanaka crash XD that is ridiculously addicting XD I love how they have used every “violent outbreak” (for lack of a better term) each one of the females have toward the main character that actually send him flying XD

  3. AshuraKnife says:

    lol I ll play the game only for read this commets seems like funny vn

  4. Uchiha says:

    Yeah , what he said ^ lol.

  5. Dbionic says:

    Touko’s route is one of the funniest H scenes i have ever read. I could not stop laughing through the whole thing.

  6. Leah says:

    So this isn’t in English? 🙁 Can someone explain step by step how to install this?? Thank you~

    • dreambot says:

      Yeah, I’m having trouble too…everything seems to crash or stop working on install. I will let you know when I work it out.

    • dreambot says:

      Just click the english patch and it promts you to install. I however can’t find the save button…so If anyone knows how you can save, let me know thanks or else this is pointless!

  7. Alterian says:

    Man this one was epic…. and gave me the ability to laugh creepily. Was especially effective when playing at night with the family sleeping near by. Over an excellent laugh, shame that the Tower of Friends won’t do too much. 4.7/5 spent cartridges

  8. Erogamer says:

    sooo. can this be played on psp?
    and can the patch work on the psp version?

  9. Cyrith says:

    Well so far this is probably the 2nd or 3rd best VN ive played yet. with Yume Miru Kusuri and Fate/Stay Night being the other 2. Don’t listen to the comments about the main character ‘only thinking with his dick’. I read that and it almost stopped me playing. Yes he is a complete pervert, but its both the behaviour that put him in gunjou as well as not being the focus of the story.

    It is incredibly well written, filled with references to literature (which are explained in TL notes for more obscure ones). The storyline is very well done, and while i normally dislike more fantasy-ish elements, it was done well enough to be forgivable, as well as utterly heartbreaking. Its very funny, very sad, with quite intelligant humour at times, as well as hes perverted trolling of the girls.

    Also, while the sex scenes werent all that bad (and were mostly the reason why i downloaded it (i was looking for meganekko due to my glasses fetish) as i got further in i wish i used the all ages version of the TL patch, as i found myself wanting to continue with the plot rather than have a cheap fap in a time that is usually rather inconvenient (read as day time or dont feel like it).

    [P.S. eta on Fate/Hollow Ataraxia?]

  10. Sonico says:

    Hi, i also having problems with the game.
    It’s already install with patch, but… first, the letters seem to be weird, like the spaces between the letters in a word change etc.
    But the main problem is that after the very first begining, when someone is talking seeing the sky, after that appear a window in japanese with only one option to click on, and the games close.

    How can i fix it? I really really want to try this game. 🙁

    • gurusame says:

      Hey there. If you will read the readme.txt in the game folder where you installed xchannel, there’s a written instruction there that discusses the common errors experienced by the TL.

    • Luth says:

      this is a bit late but i just downloaded the game and found that copying the inconsolata.tff file (the cross channel font type) to c:/windows/fonts fixed the problem for me maybe it will help you, hope you can enjoy the visual novel now!

    • avq says:

      I have the same problem as you, when I start playing ,a window in japanese appears and after that the game close.
      So, I want to know if you fixed the problem, and if you did, how?

  11. kuroaki nevil says:

    can’t install it…
    please tell me how to install it…
    when in the middle of installation always stopped and appear word like please insert cd1…
    please tell me how to fix it…

  12. bellefleur says:

    I cannot download the third part file. It stops in the middle of downloading, saying that the file could not be saved because the data might be corrupted or something. Please tell me what is wrong. Thank you.

  13. Cameron says:

    Sigh… Someone please help me. Everytime I install this game and run the english patch, it starts up just fine. As soon as I close the game and try to reopen it, it refuses to start. I get an error message in Japanese and the game closes. I really want to play this game. PLEASE HELP! 🙁

  14. NaruSaku says:

    What is the age rating of this game? Is it all ages?

  15. conanbdetective says:

    Can someone outline the installation process for this.

  16. com3lon says:

    so this is for psp ? just asking psp english patch

  17. SlaveRSA says:

    I played the game one night and the next day the words has gone weird, so I uninstall the game but now I can’t install it…. Pls Help!

  18. Mintaka says:

    I have to say I hated this when I started playing it, but take my word for it – It grows on you. I find myself constantly liking(Mikis route) and hating(Toukos route) the main character.. But this concept is very enticing.

  19. Help Desk says:

    Everyone getting the error ater you run the game (the error in Japanese): Just right click and run the game as an administrator. That should fix it. If not, try getting appLocale, or re-install. Hope this helps.

  20. Stroh says:

    How do you play this game?
    Like what do I do to run it?
    Please someone help me ._.

  21. Larxene says:

    For some reason, after completing the Cross Point segment, I got back to the Breakdown/Purification segment again. T_T. Does that mean I’ve failed to complete Cross Point??

  22. renvateru says:

    Cross†Channel New translation Status:
    New translation complete, Edited 259/268 scripts, Finalized 144/268 scripts

  23. HandsofMaria says:

    Hm this is has a good story plot and the ending song did reflect to the story(if you translate it)

  24. Sam says:

    Is this for psp or for pc?

  25. KaykoSan says:

    So guys another of those unpleasent problems. No no i wont ask how to install the game dont worry^^. Buuuuuuuuuut I made the huge mistake to install the All Ages Patch, and after several deinstalling and reinstalling + turning of the pc in between them, I cant geht this cursed patch off of my PC. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. System is Windows 8 64 Bit

  26. TheCrap says:

    the hell? how to instal this crap..nahh nvm i just have to delete it..

    @KaykoSan / use Perfect Uninstaller.. that software always do the job when windows fail to do so.. good luck

  27. K. says:

    guys, please help, i have winrar and daemon tools and everything necessary to run this game, i followed the steps carefully,too, just so u know, i did this: the english patch (cc-r8a)
    2. said yes when it asked me to install cross channel, then just keep clicking next until it start installing
    3. when it told me to insert disk 1 I mounted the system cue file, then it continued just fine
    4. when it told me to insert disk 2 I mounted the data cue file, it appeared on the computer, but i still can’t continue the install, it’s as if it’s unreadable or something.
    What did I do wrong, pleas reply.

    • K. says:

      Btw, i already set the language to japanese AGES ago.

      • zaya says:

        Alright I got it.
        You’re supposed to go one at a time.
        Run the english patch install WITHOUT mounting anything first.
        When it asks for Disc 1, mount it. Which would be CC_SYSTEM.cue

        Once it asks for disc two. You UNMOUNT the first one. Yes, unmount it.
        And then you mount CC_DATA.cue into the SAME one you had previously mounted the last one in. The install should finish and the game will start.
        I doubt you’ll need to remount Disc 1 later on.

        • Zelja says:

          Thanks zaya! Well, I figured it out on my own slightly before reaching your comment, but you wrote it months ago, so yay zaya!! You’re the best!!

          Had SYSTEM mounted when I began the install and unmounted to mount DATA in its place, worked perfect.

        • csfault says:

          Correction. Not cue file but the BIN file which you should change the extension of BIN to .iso

      • zaya says:

        Also you might need to run as administrator later on while starting game.

    • zaya says:

      Having exact same problem here.
      Been mounting everything but for some reason it won’t read Disc 2.

  28. Sima Sun says:

    Couldn’t play more than 5 minutes, this main person is just awful. Only thinks with his dick and it just doesn’t fit at all with the complex text in the game. 1.5/5.

    • WoodenCubes says:

      giving a score after 5 minutes of playtime? Yes, you should definitley not work as a game reviewer/tester. You even failed two times here: The first time was to stop playing after just 5 minutes, the second time was much more grave, you were scoring the game based on your own subjective emotions. fail 😉

  29. Dhevon says:

    Am I the only one who sees the text completely spaced out for no goddamn reason in every dialogue box?

  30. FluFPuF says:

    didnt get it to work with the instructions on the recent comment pages so here is an alternative way. after extracting the rar-archives extract the content of the bin-files and move it all to one folder. overwrite if you want.. doesnt matter. then run the patch and choose the directory of the folder where the extraced bin-files are. worked for me.

  31. PLEASE TAKE NOTE says:

    When running this game, make absolutely sure that you are playing it while the CC DATA file is in your BD Rom Drive from it being mounted by DAEMON Tools, otherwise the game is likely to crash at specific points.

  32. Zelja says:

    I REALLY loved this game. I hate repetition but as soon as I finished this (occasionally/repetitive (particularly if you fail a scenario)) game I already wanted to replay it. The music stayed with me for weeks.

    I played Cross Channel a bit before turning 30, also, I was hesitant to download yet another high school game, but the consideration of adapting to society intrigued me enough, and I’m glad it did.

    I wish I wrote about it immediately after finishing (it’s been 5 months already!), then I’d be able to put the profound feelings this game gave me into proper words. But, I can’t anymore. Reaching to the end of CC was a haunting experience for me, I began to consider deeper, and deeper the inclinations of everything going on in ways I had not from simply learning the scenario.

    The will to live, the inability to trust oneself, bettering oneself. Watching people living with flaws they may never fix, thinking about flaws you’ve shared, knowing what’s best but not being able to change anyway. Wondering if you’ve really become “better” or not in practice. Whoever wrote this one is pretty kick-ass.

  33. Will says:

    Hey guys I know it may seem like this question has been asked a million times before but what do I do here? I’ve installed the game multiple times (using the English patch installer thing) but every time I try to start it some box with an error message completely in Japanese pops up and the game closes. I’ve even tried running as administrator but nothing works. HELP!

  34. Dimentri says:

    I have downloaded all of the required parts 3 times now, and every time i do, different files are “Broken”. is there any fix to this? is there something wrong on my end? thanks in advance

  35. Klainn says:

    Hello gents heres how i (sucessfully) installed the game:
    1-Make sure to download all the parts of the game and extract the .rar files with winrar or similar software.
    2-Mount CC-System by using Daemon tools lite or by using similar software and run the .exe file inside. (by now you should have changed your system locale to japanese, if not, go to the FAQ cartegory of this website and follow the instructions).
    3-Click the leftmost option to install then just keep clicking yes (the left box of most “are you sure” questions the install throws at you) affter selecting the instalation path, chose the 3 option (the one on the bottom) on types of install for best performance, when the game prompts you halfway through the instalation, switch the mounted file on daemon tools for the CC-DATA file.
    4-The install is complete, but you should now download the english patch and copy & paste it to where you installed the game and overwrite the file there.
    5- Now you’re done, enjoy the game and also for those people who stopped playing from the first playthrough by saying the MC is a mere perverted character…he he, they are right but this game goes much farther than that, and trust me when i say theres a lot more to the mc and the other characters in this game than it looks…

    • sos says:

      how to switch file on daemon tools for the cc-data file? i already try but not working, when in halfway installation appear a button command, and i try switch to cc-data will, anything not happen, and still button command appear

  36. sos says:

    hy all, i already install, but in just half installaion, i mean the installation just with cc-system(when halfway installation appear button command, i click right button and the button missing, i try double click file .exe from cc-data and the left button can’t click).. and then i install patch english and the game can work.. is it already full installation?

  37. juca says:

    What is the difference betwwen this and the “CROSS†CHANNEL FINAL COMPLETE” (3Gb!!)? Anyone knows?

  38. Queet says:

    Uhh this game is for psp, right?

  39. milk says:

    i cant mount cc_system It won’t let me. I don’t know what to do. Why does this always happen? I cant do it, theres no way

  40. kiabee says:

    Its so weird there was no H scenes for me? , why is that?

  41. Oni says:

    ir2.exe stop working when i try to install the game, why?

  42. Rex says:

    How to install this game
    It asks for Disk2 in win 10
    64 bit bt i don’t have
    Anything like that plz help.

  43. Rex says:

    Is any anime had adapted from this novel?
    Cuz when i played this VN i felt like u know
    like deja vu it felt like i have seen this before
    Bt i just can’t remember when or where.

  44. Louie says:


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