Sakura Space

Sakura Space

Captain Shika has seen all kinds of things in her adventures throughout the universe, and with her two loyal crew members by her side, she’s managed to make a name for her small company of mercenaries. When Shika finds a bounty job offering an absurd amount of money, she doesn’t hesitate to act: tracking hardened criminals is part of the job. Their target is an elusive mastermind, a mark who challenges their ingenuity at every turn. In this yuri space adventure, the crew will need all of their wits – and a fair amount of luck – to bring their quarry to justice.

63 comments on “Sakura Space

  1. Finished the game and love it!
    Got myself a satisfying ending with a new crew member. Now all this game needs is a sequel, because I am curious to see what other adventures they would embark in.

  2. I cant get enough of the these sakura games or maybe because there are a lot of boobs. Either way i get a lot of practice using one hand

    1. You have shit taste, every Sakura VN I’ve tried has generic art, exceptionally idiotic writing, and worst of all, very short, boring, and hidden sex scenes. A few shots of tits does not good porn make. If you want a good nukige, try Sweet Home, Harem Party or Funfag Fantasy. For more gameplay (still with way better sex than Sakura Shit) try Kamidori Alchemy Meister, Bunny Black, or Lulu Farea. Vanilla lesbian stories? Love Ribbon, Wolf Tails, or Rondo Duo if… uh, you can DL all the parts and consider futa-on-female to be vanilla. I’m bad at this not-fetish shit, but the point stands! There’s lots of good non-Sakura VNs, you’re wasting your time if you play them!

      1. look dude we all have opinions and this is a pirate site so fuck off with your self centered bullshit

  3. watching this comments section is like watching a train wreck. First off just cause you hate what the *western* market for VNs is full of doesn’t mean you hate all VNs. I agree that the sakura games aren’t the best VNs in the world, they’re pretty subpar in comparison to VNs like Clannad, One Thousand Lies and Sepia tears that have an ACTUAL story and that are enjoyable. Sakura games tend to have little story and lots of fan service which they fail at mostly because like call of duty they do the same thing with each new release that it gets tedious and boring.

  4. just keep uploading admin, shitty or not..

    the goal of this site is to post, english translated vn’s period…

  5. I have one suggestion ( mostly benefit me ). Can you put the sys req of the game so I don’t have to search for it.
    Thank you! 😀

  6. Sakura games are just sad. It’s sad that they exist, its “fanbase” is sad, it’s sad that they will all do well regardless of quality as long as they’re advertised as “lol anime boobs on steam”, and it’s especially sad that they’ll even do better than KEY releases on steam or the other few great ones.

    What an exemple to give of what the western market is interested in. To sakura fans, enjoy your overflow of garbage anime boobs to come while you still can, and hope that good quality releases are able to be successful in the west before you turn 13.

  7. Is this the uncensored version? There are reports that the Nutaku version is uncensored, but Steam’s version is censored.

  8. lol at all these Shitkai fanboys. If you like sucking Dovac’s dick so much, why are you getting his garbage here instead of actually giving him money?

  9. Amazing. I love reading all these comments complaining about this game. Complaining about a FREE game. Some of you seriously need to get some perspective in your lives. There’s plenty of games I don’t like on here but I’m not going to get on here and complain about free games. I just don’t download and play them.

    Also you guys claiming Sekai killed the western VN market? Seriously WHAT western VN market? It literally didn’t exist and now some companies are making some.

    What a bunch of ungrateful freeloaders you are.

    1. I love how you are totally misinterpreting the comments here on purpose to rant about your biased opinion how everybody who doesn’t shed tears of happiness from having free games is ungrateful. WRONG.

      Having the option to play anything on this site for no financial compensation doesn’t mean we can’t have standards. We have every right to call out garbage games as what they are especially when it comes to Sekai Project, because they clearly show what they take their consumers for, and worse yet, many people gobble them up like they are the greatest novels ever. This is blatant moneymongering which is even more visible with the way they do business, so yes, SP is hated for good reason.

      And here you are telling people off for being upfront about this, though you say you don’t care much about these games in the first place. Hypocrisy much? If that’s how it is, why are you butting in with a bridled up way, maybe it’s YOU who need a better understanding of the problem.

      What a splendid case of arrogance you are.

      1. First off I’m not a fan of Sekai games in general. I can’t recall one that I ever liked. Course I only played two of them so that’s not saying much. I don’t even like yuri for that matter. I’m a girl/guy vanilla kinda person. That doesn’t mean I feel like a have a right to pretend like my opinion should matter to every other person on this site in regard to some free game.

        You folks get on here claiming it’s trash, that “free” is to much for this, that “most of us” don’t like this (like you have a right to talk for anyone but yourself). The point is this was posted because some people might enjoy it. Period. Getting on a free site like this and complaining about a free game makes you look like a bunch of ungrateful freeloaders no matter how much you try and justify it.

        1. Denying people the right to their freedom of speech which includes posting to the point and, might I say accurate complaints about a trashy game’s nonexistant quality without knowing anything makes you not just look like, but actually an ignorant person who seem to be under the impression they need to white knight SP just because this site is not an online shop. Trying to pin us down as ungrateful just makes you that much worse no matter how hard you try to dress that up.

          1. lol I’m not denying you your right of free speech. Are you stupid? I’m calling you an ungrateful freeloader for complaining about a free game on a free site. It’s that simple.

            Besides “free speech” has never applied to the private sector. People like you going on about their free speech on private websites always make me laugh. Ivan could ban either of us from the site for any reason he wants and you can’t do a damm thing about it. Same as I can kick you outa my house if I don’t like what you say. Free speech only protects you from government prosecution and that law is only in the US (which this website isn’t even based out of).

            You are calling others ignorant but all your doing is displaying your own ignorance.

            Anyhow this whole thing is stupid. Keep on complaining about how stupid random free games are. I’ve lost interest in this anyway.

          2. You are the ignorant since you don’t even know why this little flamewar broke out in the first place. And just because you didn’t spell it out openly doesn’t mean it didn’t seem like you’d rather not see my posts here simply for not liking them.

            And to further prove YOUR ignorance, I may have mentioned the wrong one but here’s an artice from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

            Article 19.

            Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

            Last I heard, the US didn’t have the UN in their pocket.

            You call us ungrateful freeloaders? I call YOU an uninformed and high-and-mighty person who deliberately misinterprets posts to with no regard to what they were even about. You can congratulate yourself now.

  10. Sekai Project is the worst thing that ever happened to the western VN market. They managed to kill the Steam market by flooding it with shit and nearly killed VNs it the west as a whole.

  11. I appreciate what Winged Cloud and Sekai Project is doing for the VN market, but goddamn! More Sakura Dungeon, less… this.

        1. SP is the worst company in the market spamming OELVN’s worth less than quicksand in the middle of a desert, take finished translation from fan groups and sell them as their own, they have douchebag staffers, atrocious business model and crappy lineup.

          Yep, SP would do the best for the consumers if they went under.

          1. In short, you fail at even trying to come up with a decent argument so you resort pretentious lies and bullshit.

            Ok. Sure.

          2. And this is why the VN industry shouldn’t ever take seriously people like you. Clearly, you don’t even have the slightest clue what you are talking about, since you are just pulling in whatever blatantly mistaken assumptions and stereotypes you can to try and take the easy way out. Sorry to inform you, but SP fanboyism won’t make the world into the place you want it to be.

          3. Man!!all sekai project is doing is ruining masterpieces! If you a cut off a man’s dick then whats the use calling him a man anymore!Man use your logic a bit more!you are not in kindergarten anymore!If you go based on the logic that something is better than nothing then you are just a relic of the past!

          4. On a side note,

            Quicksand in the desert is called dry quicksand and due to its nature, is over twice as deadly as normal quicksand, in which knowing where this quicksand is, is worth the entire livelyhood for many sahara nomadic tribes.

        2. Nekopara? Nigga please. Machine-translated garbage.

          You could’ve at least mentioned Grisaia. I’m not totally on board with the way they went about it but at least you’re getting some quality on the western market (even if it gets buried under all the horrible “i’m a writur” renpy garbage that gets greenlit).

          That’s the one good thing SP have done for VNs/eroge in the west.

          1. Bitch I ain’t gonna list every games they’ve published.

            SP is by no means perfect, but with all the shit that gets dumped on them, you’d think SP was going around NTRing catgirl waifus.

            Now get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie.

  12. Downloaded it. Finished it in half an hour. Boring, predictable, there are no unmissable CGs or story branches, just gives you a report on how many answers you got “right” at the end, though it changes nothing.

    On the plus side it had a nice bondage pic so booya!

  13. Well, I for one appreciate the upload of Sakura games. Particularly since this one seems to actually have adult content, unlike most of the previous ones.
    Thanks a lot admin!

    1. I’m surprised you say that, Sakura Space, imho, is borderline hentai. It seems to fall in between Sakura Santa, no sexual content, and Sakura Fantasy, high sexual content. The extent of this VN is boobs and making out. Sure theres ‘sex’ scenes but nothing too bizarre, the camera seems to be pointing in a specific place to make sure we dont see everything/too much.

  14. Oh god, is this another one of those awful cringey western VNS? You should tag those as “Diarrhea storm mark V.”

    1. you don’t have to download it if you don’t want to. Admin is just posting stuff people might like. Doesnt mean everyone has to.

    2. yeah just some more ‘non voiced’ western shitty game. not worth it.
      we praise you admin, but those games are a no go for most of us.

      1. ‘we praise you admin, but those games are a no go for most of us’

        Well, I can assuredly say that you definitely don’t speak for the majority.

        1. I can assure you that you are not of the majority either!
          I dont see any charms in these type of games.i failed to go past the very first one.

          1. Indeed. These stupid Sakura games cannot hope to stand next to landmark titles such as “Funbag Fantasy.”

          2. Then don’t f*cking click it then. A simple solution. Ever heard of respecting people who don’t agree with you?

      2. You say “its not worth it” but yet its a free game here

        and as for the charm
        ‘Cute anime girls with big boobs’ is the primary focus of sakura games. And 1-8 hour story about that is nice every now and again.

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