Himemiko Iden Ao Inoshishitai

Himemiko Iden Ao Inoshishitai

A Shirabe and Azalea, shrine maidens. Eddie, a guardian spirit.

Meanwhile, on Internet website Metube, videos of woman in a shrine maiden’s clothes being gangbanged were broadcast to the whole world.

Underwater demons are increasing their victims of shrine maidens and women.
The demon’s figure that Shirabe and Azalea eventually arrive at.
It was a mass of bad faith that transformed humans into demons.

8 Responses to “Himemiko Iden Ao Inoshishitai”

  1. Guy says:

    Another good game going to ruin by a trash translation.

  2. ix says:

    hi. idk why but when i try opening it i just get a blue screen window with errors like (????????) and more unreadable content. also a syntax error message. is there something i need to download to make this playable?

  3. TheQuestionear says:

    is there ANY romance in this game?

  4. Revvo says:

    “The demon’s figure that Shirabe and Azalea eventually arrive at.”

    of course.

    that’s how it has to be.

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