Yo-Jin-Bo The Bodyguards

Yo Jin Bo
The story focuses on the main character Sayori, who is a modern high school girl. She finds a mysterious pendant while out helping with an archeological dig (she’s in the high school history club, and so is forced to attend), and later has a strange dream – it seems that the scene is from about a hundred and fifty years ago, during the last days of the samurai, and she sees Hatsuhime, princess of the Mochizuke clan, assassinated!

It gets even more strange when the scene changes, and Sayori realizes that she’s in Hatsuhime’s body; that she has somehow seen how things were, and the situation has somehow “reset”, giving her the chance to avert the princess’s terrible fate.

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  1. miribe says:

    how do i save it? when i go to save and i clic to save the game, and then go to back. the game doesn’t save! please help me

    • Ashley says:

      What exactly does it say when you try to save it?

    • Akaneko says:

      Same problem as miribe : no “save” track,
      example : I save on track 1, return to game, read several dialogues, go to load,and… no track -_-

      DOESN’T WORK :
      – using the pencil above the text box during game
      – using “SAVE” option with the sakura icon on top right of the screen

      I guess the game can’t create a “save” data on the PC, but how to repair it ?

      Thank you for your help !

      (And admin, yeah, YOU rock !! Thanks for the otome games !! :p

    • Akaneko says:

      (Waving “VICTORY” flag !!)
      I found a way to save :
      1/ Search for “Flash player” on your PC
      2/ Open it, first window (“Save”, “record” ? Mine is french)
      3/ Choose : “Ask me before… blahblah” (second choice)
      4/ “stock parameters” : register “local” and accept
      5/ Open Yo-Jin-bo game ;right click on the game screen (Macromedia flash) : click on parameter
      => unclick “never”, set to 1 or 10 Mo as you like

      You should be able to save in the game now

      Mine : Vista ; Adobe player 11

      Goood luck !

      • Kurisu says:

        your “victory” on saving the data works!
        thank you so much!

        question: “how do I delete the saved data?”

        please help

        thank you in advance!

    • Lilyanne says:

      LOL!!! just clic it 1 time in Da free and clic the parts u want to download xD

    • Fairth says:

      To save, you only have to click on the pink flower on the upper right of the screen, right ?

  2. Avaline says:

    Hi, Please help me..
    I don’t know how to install this game 🙁

    • Stephanie says:

      Urm, I’ve literally just downloaded this game – it’s pretty easy to download even though when I was doing it I had no idea what too do, I guess I just had good luck?

      First you need to download all the parts together before extracting!
      Once all parts have downloaded you need to double click on the download and extraction software should come up(sorry I can’t remember the name of the software)

      You click onto the folder which has “Yo-Jin-Bo” and then click on the disc looking thing in the folder and then click extract it’ll extract all the files at once, once done that I’ve advice you to do a scan click up the top as well – I doesn’t have an virus’s from what my laptop says but it’s safer than being sorry.

      Once done you click “Show file” It’ll come up with a file with has loads of read me’s and installs, you click the last install disc at the bottom – if that doesn’t help it’ll look alot similar too an installation disc drive file when you open up a file from a orginal disc on your computer/laptop click that and it should come up with the download instructions click “next” it’ll do it’s business and then it’ll finish & you’ll have the game!

      But I’m having trouble saving the game, so you’ll probably want to come back to the game when you know you have the time to sit there and complete it then and there or suffer the consquence I’m now going to go through by pulling an all nighter too finish the game. I’M NOT GOING THROUGH THE INTRO AGAIN!!

      I hope it helped!

  3. com3lon says:

    can you tell me how to install this game step by step

  4. OnePiece123 says:

    New Otome English Patch! Girlish Love Revolution! You Should download it! It’s really fun I played it. It’s about this girl when she was young she was pretty. Then she got fatter and fatter. When meeting the 5 most popular guys in your school, you got shocked and realizes that you’re fat. So, you go on a diet. It doesn’t go out too well, you fainted and all.Etc. It has lots of guys to get. It has walkthroughs too. Secret endings and all.

  5. Xoxo-Jen Sue-Xoxo says:

    srry but i really dont get how to get the game to work. i have downloaded al the parts and now im stuck. can u tell me step by step im really bad with computers and this is my first time doing this. 🙂

    • Akaneko says:

      Hey there !

      1/ Download and install Winrar (program to open the .rar files) on your PC
      2/Select all your YoJinBo. rar and put them in a file
      3/Double-click on the Yojimbo 1, click on “extract” icon (top left of the winrar window)
      It will automatically create a “YoJinBo.rar” (with no number)
      4/Open newly made “YoJinBo.rar” and install it as Stephanie says earlier on this post.

      I wish it will help, good luck !

  6. YuzukiYoi says:

    Does it usually take a long time to install?

  7. Nicollette says:

    ok do i need to download just the parts or do i have to down load YoJinBo.rar – 657.9 MB to? 2 get the whole game?

  8. Katana says:

    Hey there!!! 😀 If you have an account, you can download the 657.9MB one, but if your a guest or some crap, you have to download them seperatley with the other link, mines kind of taking awhile, but i have a crappy computer! Lol. So that’s probably why. I hope you enjoy the game! 😀

  9. Marloes says:

    I can’t download the 4th part, anyone had this problem yet? how or where can I get the last part?

  10. Rachel says:

    hey,i’m at chapter 9.. after the hot springs.. and whatever choice i make. it leads to game over.. what should i so?? 🙁

  11. Nola says:

    I did everything you said to download it but when I extract the YoJinBo 1 file using WinRar it tries to burn it onto disk. Its being extracted to an ISO File if that matters.

  12. banelilith says:

    So I got it to save by pressing the pink flower in the top right corner, and had no problems with loading the saved game so far, but I just started playing it.
    I wish there was a way to have it not full screen, cause the actual screen for the game isn’t but its fine.
    It turned out to be relatively easy to download even though it was the first time I tried something like this. =)

  13. Lenne says:

    tks a lot to all of the admins for this game,it works perfectly fine!!this website is amazing,Sugoi!!! now I will play Yo jin bo,I’ve been waiting for so long…*___* wish a good play to everyone^^ keep at it minna!*

    • count_monty says:


      • Lehst says:

        You are at this website, so you really aren’t one to talk.

        I also want to thank Eroge for this game.
        With Hakuoki being released in America, I hope the otome game market grows so we can play more like YoJinBo. 😀

  14. Mira says:


    I loved when she was like: “He’s offering me candy, he can’t be that bad!”

  15. pii says:

    I loved it even tho the art wasn’t that good. I was browsing youtube and saw that this got a ps2 release in japan which included Kasumimaru(the ninja) and Harumuto(the antagonist) as candidates 🙁 And I really wanted to get Kasumimaru too.

  16. Rhythm says:

    Love the humor in this game!

  17. Kim says:

    When I extract the files after I download it, they are not in .rar format, they are in .iso. Does anyone know how to change this? It keeps asking for me to burn it on a disc, and that doesn’t sound like what it’s supposed to do. :/

  18. Black Angel says:

    Hello! For all the people that need help installing or downloading this game, please check out our blog at sasugasugoi.blogspot.com or you can just click my name! ^.^

  19. Kim says:

    This game is hilariously silly. References to back to the future, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy to name a few. I laughed my butt off to the Sailor Moon reference.

    It’s like a parody of every Japanese Otome game you ever played yet it still has it’s own unique spin to it. Very cute…

  20. Random Person says:

    Awww, I was really looking forward to playing this game. Each part took 2 hrs to download and the 4th was supposed to finish after 45 mins or somethin’ but… It always stops midway! TuT
    I think there might be something wrong with part 4? Or am I just having network problems? Aaagh, what a bummer.

  21. Jessica says:

    hey there! 🙂

    i’ve downloaded all the parts for this game and i’ve only extracted only the first part file. then i used daemon tools to mount it and installed it..

    but during the game, at the part where everyone has to ‘split up’ or ‘fight together’ or ‘let me think about it for a while..’ i chose every single one of them (it’s ‘split up’ though), but i keep dying..!

    could someone please help me? 🙁

    thank you!

  22. Sasha says:

    I have done all the steps but when i open it all that shows is a black screen :S please help!

  23. Christine says:

    Wait…I have to download on a CD? Burn it? What? Help please?

  24. Hime says:

    Is it only me but the second part cannot be downloaded oTL

  25. Toxikberry says:

    i donwloaded the game and used daemon tools to merge it, it installed just fine, it saves fine, however reaching a certain point into the game, regardless the choice i make the MC and the bosyguards are killed… did i do something wrong with the choices?? or a bug maybe??

    • Toxikberry says:

      nevermind i started the game again, looks like i chose something wrong on the previous chapters, works like a charm!!!

  26. andrea says:

    this game is in english or japanese language ??

  27. minji says:

    admin can you upload vampire sweetie, riddle garden and izanai :)) PLS…. 🙂 i love otome games

  28. baby says:

    ————-POSSIBLE SPOILER—————

    ittosaso! (might have spelled that wrong) and jin 4 life!!!!! but itosao ending is best definetely had that s&m vibe i love with the whole naughty girl you need to be punished

  29. Luz Elva says:

    Someone please help! The 4th part to download won’t download!!! It says web page not found!

  30. Yu says:

    Have you downloaded all 4 parts in .rar?
    I was asked to burn it to CD too. But I clicked some other steps instead and it works well now.
    I just wanna know, is your problem exactly same as mine?

  31. Kate says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if this game can be downloaded and played on a mac? I have a program that lets me play windows games on a mac and its worked for a few games on here before but I’m having trouble with this one.

  32. Shieru says:

    thank you so much I really love this game

  33. anna says:

    its an .ISO game and i can’t install it in my computer. -.- .ISO is an extension for PSP game. does anyone experience this? I read the comment that you can install it in your computer but what I got after download is an .ISO file.. any help pls?

  34. faret says:

    ok .ISO is a cd/dvd image file (think photo copy)
    of a disk. to get this type of game to work first you will
    need win RAR or like file decompressor (i use winRAR)
    highlight all four files by draging you’re mouse across
    them. right click and hold down, drag over to a clear
    space and realse, select \extract here\ it will creat a
    folder and rebind the file’s. then ether burn the .iso
    file or mount it on daemon tools as described in the FAQ at top
    (if it is the herimaki ver. it will need a dvd player)

  35. faret says:

    scrach that last one it says pc cdrom :p

  36. Kurisu says:

    First thing:
    I downloaded it today and didn’t have issues with it.

    For those having a hard time installing this game to your PC (I’m using Windows 7, 32-bit and downloaded the many parts DL – free):

    and these are the steps I did for the installation of this game:

    1. download all the folders

    2. right click the part 1 .rar and chooses extract here

    3. open extracted folder

    4. double click the file named setup.exe

    and follow the installation instructions.

    Voila! you’ll be able to play the game.

    For those with Mac… please see
    eadme.txt in the extracted folder.

    Hope this post helps…

    and one more thing:

    ADMIN-san, you rock!!!
    thank you so much for the uploads!

  37. Kurisu says:

    slash the DA-1
    I mean the DA-Free

  38. zero says:

    i got to say i only played a little bit of it and i like it but there is like too many references to modern day jokes like star wars,gundam,Mickey mouse, come on am not made or anything about it but still too many references is it really necessary

  39. Fujoshi says:

    you who translated this game? If yes please could say hex editor which was used ? please i need know

  40. Christina Dorn says:

    can you please upload another games please??? I don’t mind if that game is japanese

  41. Krisnoli says:

    I can’t download it… when I click on the patches they say error… can someone help me? I can’t find any other website to download it…. thanks

  42. Kimberly says:

    What is the language of the game?Japanese o English?

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