Tick! Tack!

Tick! Tack!

The game is the first sequel to Navel’s first game, Shuffle!, continuing Nerine’s path.

The basic set-up is that Rin, Nerine, Itsuki, and Mayumi find a strange watch that transports them back in time, where they met Forbesii before he is married and has Nerine. While he is engaged to Ai, his maid, Sage, is also in love with him, causing a love triangle. The players actions determine who Forbesii ultimately ends up with, and thus who is the mother of Nerine.

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  1. Jjredster:

    if any of you guys are still looking for a walkthrough, i just finished making it, it’s simple and easy to follow, and best of all not broken engrish.


    you can find it here, enjoy.

  2. Jason:

    can’t get the game to work.

  3. TenguSan:

    Does anyone else have the bug where when there is a group of three characters on the screen and the center person talks, he/she enters the background instead of being in the front? It SHOULD be the exact opposite (like in other games) and sometimes the speaker is being blocked by those who aren’t even speaking. This is obviously a bug.

    Should I reinstall, or is everyone having this bug?

  4. someone_else:

    now that i got the game to work, i just need the walktrough, unless im told how simple it can be?

    • nicholas:

      no, i think u ill be needing a walk through, am currently playing, jz got 2 good ending(blue/red nerine), 2 bad ending(red nerine w/out memory and child nerine wout memory).. still gt 2 good ending to go throughz(not sure how many bad end), bt CG mode is still jz 20% completion for some reason. i think a walkthrough will take quite some time

      • Ariis:

        Not sure on Epilogue 3, but I’ve found the other 3 Good Endings. All you needed to do for those was keep track of the stopwatch meters.

        Normal Nerine is simple, just don’t have her change.

        For Red Nerine, have Sage’s side past the halfway mark, but not too far past or she’ll lose her memories.

        For Child Nerine, Have Ai’s side past the halfway mark, but not too far past or she’ll lose her memories.

        Still trying things to figure out Epilogue 3, no luck yet.

  5. chaotix:

    NOw to wait for Really Really! by Mangagamer.

  6. eltra:

    does enyone have 100% game save or walkthrough ?

    • Angelus:

      Here is


      • Kerfirou:

        Thanks for it.

        but I’ve just noticed that the guide doesn’t have a clue for the last Ai Scene?

        could someone please give a clue? I’ve exhausted every path I know.

        • Ariis:

          Follow the given route to the point of “Sleep with Her” and “Don’t Sleep with Her” and choose the latter one. You’ll reach the desired scene near the end.

          As for what the scene entails exactly, that’s a surprise.

  7. anon:

    I do everything the crack tells me to do, and yet when I try and start the game by clicking on the .exe it just wont start. It doesn’t open up anything. My cursor just shows the blue circle loading sign for a second and then it goes away, and nothing pops up no matter how long I wait or how many times I click the .exe
    anyone else have this problem?

    • jaonsa:

      i have the same problem is there any way that i can fix it?

      • pervert64:

        Actually, that happened to me too. I downloaded many versions of the game thinking that I might have gotten the wrong one but no matter what I did the game refused to run. In the end, as a alast resort thinking ” oh what the hell!” I decided to rename the folder I had the game files in to something simple like “Shuffle Tick Tack” and then what do you know? It worked immediately. Before I had created a folder and copied the the title of the game from the intrnet and even though they were still English latters they were a bit wider than normal. In short I simply retyped the gamefolder’s title and it worked for me. So, to those who experience the same thing where the open the game and the cursor loads for a few secs but then nothing happens, this might be the solution for you.

    • Magithegood:

      Hummm I didn’t have any problem I installed it copied crack over to main folder but I did mess up one thing your suppose to copy extran into plugin folder. If that’s not it have your tried running as admin?

  8. ryuuga:

    Many thanks to all of the people who worked so hard to get this game workig ^^

  9. Magithegood:

    Figure your gonna have to ignore the room names and just go with the character it says cause there is no drawing room in game its Parlor… I tried the first option for Sage route and next choice was correct just worded different.

  10. drunkman:

    does anyone know about that error and how fix this ? – A script exception error has occured Invalid character : “\x04′

  11. DuhAsian:

    Everytime I start the game, it asks for an activation code and I can’t find one to play the game, any help?

  12. Cube:

    Such a disapointing game story wise compared to Shuffle, its just a light nukige game, very disapointed but congratz to everyone that always brings us games here.

  13. wind:

    Thanks admit, got so many good games from you. Thank you

  14. Rafaeis:

    Excuse me,l have a trouble with tick tack’s code activation.If you don’t mind,can you tell me the code activation ?

  15. Zulvan:

    What is the Activation code??

  16. code:

    Code activation…please…

  17. Gamer:

    that was quite a prologue. never expected that “that” will occur when you press start 🙂

  18. nyaa:

    whoa for some reason i actually combine the 2 colors of the clock it it turned to violet what could be the meaning of this

  19. Mr.infamous:

    On walkthrough I missing some H- scenes with sage, Ai together and sage, Nerine togther can anyone help?

  20. Anonymous:

    uhh, im having a problem with the game, I cant seem to play it on windows 8, or is it the OS tha problem? is there a way to set it?

  21. Paulo:

    I can’t open the game, i need Activation Code, can some one tell me??

  22. i have a problem. when i tried to run the game, the microsoft visual c++ runtime library error came out. the game worked fine when i played it the first time. after i played another visual novel, this problem started occuring. pls help.

  23. Crimson Sora:

    guys i have done the installer and got the game files up but i keep getting asked for an activation key but i don’t understand the crack instructions can someone give me step by step instructions for getting tick tack to work please

  24. Can someone tell me the activation code please?
    because the crack is broken and icannot use it!

  25. Shiniryuu:

    To whom it might concern, the 100% GC save file:

  26. xxcggxx:

    Erm any knows how to fix a problem where it says that it cannot load the scrip ??

  27. justsomeguy:

    Hi there, can I ask if anyone knows where can I download the OST for the game? I love the OP & insert piece but can’t seem to find a download link anywhere T_T

  28. CannibalisticCuPID:

    What?!… 45mins download….45mins passed Yay! I can play….Activation Code….WHAT?! *flips desk over”… sooo please someone tell me how to bypass this I mean It is Cracked right

    • Kuro:

      i dont know the details since i havent downloaded the game but usually you copy paste what inside the crack to the game folder that should do the trik or on some case find a readme file that might contain the code because usually some translator found it to much of a hassel to make a crack for a game

  29. yolo:

    i dunno if its just me but I think the second part is broken or was altered coz I cant seem to extract it…

  30. Jaon:

    What’s the activation code?

  31. CQEF:

    Geez, even when earnestly following the walkthrough, I can’t get Sage’s 2nd h-scene, and her CG completion is stuck at 83%…

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  32. Carl:

    How do I run the game I’ve extracted everything and copied the crack in the main folder? heelllp thanks

  33. kite25:

    i’m with Carl,
    pls help us, have already tried what others have told, have copy the crack on the folder. the extrans.dll in the plugin folder. have already set to japanese locale,installed the SRtd program something, have tried applocale but it seems the game crashes upon running the game. It says\ A script exception error has occured. A file read error has occured. Most likely due to an invalid file being read, or the file has incorrect text encoding set.

  34. zappky:

    Now i can only hope that Really? Really! will be translated.

  35. DaledoTheErect:

    Oooh, yay I can now 100% this like I did the first game. >:D Bring the hours of emotional turmoil, arousal, and irritation. >:D

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