Starry ☆ Sky ~in Spring~

Starry Sky in Spring
The first of the four Starry Sky games starring the characters from the drama CD’s of the same name.

Starry Sky takes place at Seigetsu Gakuen, a school which specializes in horoscopes, astronomy and other related topics. The main characters are all based on horoscopes.

Starry Sky Spring features Suzuya Tohzuki (Cancer), Kanata Nanami (Pisces) and Yoh Tomoe (Capricorn).

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  1. zaya says:

    Excuse me, Admin san. I would like to request some help.
    Game has installed properly but I’m having difficulties with the patch. I’m trying to install it into the file the instructions say to do so but it keep tell me it’s an ‘invalid directory’. Tried other folders but then it says there’s nothing to patch.

  2. zaya says:

    Tried installing patch before installing game.
    The instructions on patch appear to be wrong.
    You install the patch were the game files were downloaded instead of the other file that is created once the game is installed.
    The instructions for the patch also said to install it AFTER the game was installed.
    This was solved by installing the patch BEFORE installing the game itself.
    Took me some time to figure out but i got it done.

  3. kara says:

    admin can you please upload the finished patched version please? T_T

    • zaya says:

      It’s not finished? Hum…sure you got it all in? If the patch were incomplete it would be in the ‘Partially Translated’ section instead. It’s possible one of the three files for the patch got screwed up while downloading.

  4. yumiko says:

    I figured out how to install the patch properly!

    1. Install the game.
    2. Install the patch.
    3. When asked to select a directory, DO NOT select the directory you selected for the game. What I mean is this.

    for example, for installing the game you chose the directory:
    D:\OtomeGames\Starry Sky

    when you install the patch, select this directory
    D:\OtomeGames\Starry Sky\Starry™Sky`in Spring`

    It works! Just sharing so that you guys can play it too. Thanks admin for uploading the game! 🙂

  5. AlLen says:

    I have a problem how to install game patches
    after further why there are patches maker??
    please help me how to install it ..
    I’m not understand with it

  6. aisyah says:

    Hai,admin. I just wanna ask: what’s the different between the \Game Download\ and the \English Patch Download\? Do I have to download both of them or all 4 of them?

  7. scharlach says:

    Can we uninstall the game? I want to try to reinstall the game.
    I also have some troubles installing it. I install the game before the patch. And, really, I don’t understand…

  8. ShinkuKuroneko says:

    Hello, I patched up the game successfully, however, when I tried to actually play it, it doesn’t seem to work. A window with question marks and a red x appear. Is there any way to fix this?

    • Nerurin says:

      Me too! I already installed the patch, but when I go to the Application, a pop-up shows up with an ‘X’ icon, saying something in Japanese….

      And when I go back to install the patch again, it already says that the game is already patched up so I should play it now. Arrgh, the suspense and delay is killing me! Please help….

    • Fhy says:

      You gotta change the region to Japan first

  9. Klonoah says:

    I also had troubles getting the game installed and running with the english patch. Got it working in the end though! 🙂 In case it helps anyone, here is what i did (windows 7):

    1. mount “starry sky in spring.iso” & install

    2. navigate to install directory, i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\asgard

    note: the folder the game is installed in is called Starry™Sky`in Spring` (note the weird characters)

    3. create a copy of the folder by copy and pasting (so we can modify it without messing up the original in case anything goes wrong)

    4. first run the game in the copy folder to make sure it works *don’t skip this step! when i skipped it in my first attempt, the game didn’t work in the end*

    5. then rename the copy folder to “Starry Sky in Spring” without the weird characters

    6. again run the copy game to make sure it still works with the renamed folder

    7. now run patch.exe and select the following pathway:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\asgard\Starry Sky in Spring

    The patch should install, and then it’s all done! Now you can play the game in english. good luck!

    P.S. if it didn’t work or something went wrong, you can just delete the copy game folder you made and try again

    • Raf says:

      Hey, Thanks for leaving a helpful comment. It helped me a lot 🙂

    • Willow says:

      Holy Gods, thank you, I always forget about mounting lol! Lifesaver right here ya’ll! 😛

    • lameicon says:

      okay so I did what you said but I didn’t understand the copy thing (I did now) and something went wrong when I tried to open the game (a red x shows up). I tried to start from the beginning and delete the program but the green bar stopped loading and a pop up box came up and said yes and I picked yes (no clue what it said) and I didn’t uninstall… I’m so confused. I tried to use another persons instructions and it seemed to work but then it crashed. please help (sorry I know you made this post a long time ago

    • asdfghjkl says:

      I can finally play it in English!!! Thanks so much :DD Here’s a tip for people who got stuck on the patch: you have to patch the original file and not the copy.

    • hayley says:

      Thanks this worked perfectly

  10. Mizuki says:

    Hello! So i downloaded it and everything turned out fine, except for the fact that the symbols 「 」, 。, etc don’t show up. Was i supposed to make my computer locale Japanese?

  11. Lazy neko-chan says:

    Haaaa… It’s kinda frustrated to find that the link for the DA1 patch is expired T.T

  12. Mimiharu says:

    I installed the game (as best as I could T_T) but the translation of the dialogues seem weird :
    -u It already disappeared ‘c’c
    @And I was going to make a wish too ‘B’v
    It’s not really annoying but I want to know ,if it’s normal or I made a mistake ? Please answer me

    • Sesuna says:

      This is maybe a late answer but if you get it, I have the same problem, it doesn’t seems to be a mistake. This is strange but, well, we can play the game, it’s the most important ! xD

      Have a good time with it~

    • Val says:

      As said by the patch translators, something about multimages or something, but TL:DR–the program only allows you to translate to match with whatever the japanese version had, so they had limited space to translate so they did the best they could

  13. UsagixMisaki says:

    are you on japanese locale?
    i have mine on english locale and it does the same…ah well
    its annoying but you get used to it

  14. Shiro says:

    Admin san or anyone

    I can’t install the patch, I instaalled the game perfectly but when I try to instll the patch it doesn’t let me. It asks for somewere to install but when I put the place it doesn’t let me.
    Help! Please! (Windows XP)

  15. Nana says:

    When i extracted the game i thought that this was very easy thing but suddenly it asked me to enter the disk ,what shoul i do? I don’t have cd room becouse i’m using notebook…

  16. Gina says:

    Seriously, why is the damn patch not working? No matter what I do I cannot get it to recognize the the game is downloaded and installed in that folder……I’m sick of this, I bet this game sucks anyways.

  17. Ace says:

    If you can’t install the patch in the folder where the game is, it’s probably because your computer doesn’t recognize japanese characters (it’s the case if you have windows full of “?????” when you installed it)
    Here’s what you need to do, to get it to work
    (FOR WINDOWS ONLY, if you use XP, you may have to download east asian language)
    1.) Go to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Administrative (tab) > Language for non-unicode programs.
    2.) Click Change system locale. It may ask for an administrator’s password. (if not administrator)
    3.)Choose Japanese (Japan) and click ok.
    you may have to restart after it.
    Your PC will now recognize japanese characters

    You can mount/install the game, then run the patch and install it in the folder where your game is.
    It worked for me when none of the above did.

  18. Cat says:

    It wont let me uninstall the game application 🙁 it was working before but then the patch didnt work because i hadn’t changed my computer’s locale to japanese, so then i changed it. Now all i get is a pop up when i try to open the application that says something in japanese and has a red ‘x’ mark.

    I went to the control panel to try to uninstall then reinstall the game, but it wont disappear from my list of programs :C HELP PLEASEEEE

  19. Catherine says:

    So i got the game running fine, but the patch doesn’t work? I installed it to the folder that the game installed to, and it says that it’s patched, but when I open the game to play, it’s still in japanese :((((( can somebody please help?

  20. lameicon says:

    okay so I did what you said but I didn’t understand the copy thing (I did now) and something went wrong when I tried to open the game (a red x shows up). I tried to start from the beginning and delete the program but the green bar stopped loading and a pop up box came up and said yes and I picked yes (no clue what it said) and I didn’t uninstall… I’m so confused. I tried to use another persons instructions and it seemed to work but then it crashed. please help (sorry I know you made this post a long time ago

  21. Kira says:

    For those who cant install the patch, its actually because the patch cant recognize the weird character in the Starry™Sky`in Spring` folder..

    So, here is the way :

    1. For example you installed the game to this directory :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\asgard\Starry™Sky`in Spring`
    Just copy this directory.
    (The directory depends on your pc default)

    2. Then run the patch, in this step just paste the directory you
    copied before in the directory box.
    (Do this instead of manually selecting the directory)

    Well, it worked for me.. Good Luck

  22. Emily says:

    Question: What’s the difference between the one-click and the free download???? I don’t want to mess something up.

    • admin says:

      Both contain the same files – “free” just splits them into 200MB chunks, since that’s the limit non-premium downloadani users can download. If you have downloadani premium account, use 1click, otherwise get the da-free one.

  23. Marny says:

    Hi! Could you upload “After Spring”? Is the sequel of this one. That one was translated too.

  24. PepeTheFrog says:

    I have a problem:-(. Every single time I get to the patching step, after selecting the directory, I click ‘Next’ and allow the patch to do its job. However, it keeps becoming unresponsive. I questioned if the problem rested with the directory but nope. Can anyone help me?

  25. ayano sakuka says:


  26. ayano sakuka says:

    yes GOOD

  27. Eru says:

    Hello admin! It seems that I have successfully patched the game, but when I try the game it won’t work. Now I’m confused if I have actually succeeded or not. Perhaps someone has some kind of guide as to how patch this game, starting from the beginning..? @@

  28. YujiKaido says:

    Just letting you know this game series, Any and all translations just got yanked by Golden Spirit cause the publishing company went after the translation group for working on localizing the In Summer part of the series. They ordered them to take down any an all work related to it an former works by their company or they would take legal action. Np Clue if they are actively looking for the translations of In Spring hopefully not.

  29. Tsumiki says:

    First of all, I want to say thanks for uploading these files! (:

    Alright, so…. I managed to successfully install the game (Windows 7 PC) and skipped through some of the game to check it was actually working. (And ’cause I was pretty excited, too. Even if it was all in Japanese. x’D ) Then I even managed to patch the game, using all the tips about the right folders and how the patch can’t process the weird characters in the game’s name. However now, here is my problem!
    Whenever I try to open the game, it gives me a box with a red x and Japanese which reads ‘registry errors.’

    The game won’t uninstall, I’ve changed my system locale to Japanese (which by the way is how to stop all the ?????? appearing everywhere and show the characters instead.) and I have no idea what to do now!
    I was going to start from the beginning and try getting the unpatched game up and running before trying the patch again, but I can’t even do that. Please, any help would be much appreciated, this game is amazing and I’m desperate to play!
    ~ Tsumiki

  30. Maxgigify says:

    Thanks for this! Is it also possible for you to upload the new otome game, Ozmafia?

  31. hayley says:

    So frustrating, everything worked the patch said it worked, game starts fine…still in japanese

  32. hayley says:

    i figured it out, i downloaded the game game here and got the patch from englishotomegames website

  33. reina says:

    thankyou for uploading the game ^^

  34. Qiury says:

    just sharing fo those have a problem with patch installed fine but the game is still in japannese.. try:
    -unninstall the game (run the install wizard then choose “no” then choose the last option)
    -make a new empty folder (i make it at data D i’m not sure if it worked on data C either)
    -run the wizard again then install it at the new empty folder u make
    -the folder “asgard” or whatever its called should be nowhere to found instead its replaced by the new folder u make
    -then just install the patch normally

    it worked for me thou :I

  35. Ivanna says:

    Hello, how do we make the game work? I can’t dowload it in one click so i have to do the parts, but how do I smash it all together to make the game?

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