Sexy Demon Transformation!

My name is Yamato. I’m a genius sorcerer who kills ghosts.

People exist in ignorance, thinking ghosts are harmless,
and they condemn my job even though I work hard.
On top of that, another sorceress stole my promotion!

I’ll show everyone. I’ll take my rightful place, and
put her and everyone in theirs with supernatural powers.

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68 Responses to “Sexy Demon Transformation!”

  1. SilentK says:

    Ooohhh~ Finally~

  2. Ultimecea says:

    me will kill annoying leechers XD

  3. Trad says:

    ohhh is it good game?
    hopefully we will see picture in profile soon? well if not will just google it but still ^.^

  4. Mido says:

    here is the info about the Novel if someone want it

  5. Quladi says:

    btw, is the crash-bug fix-patch in this or do you need to get it from there homepage?

  6. strom says:

    *Brings out flamethrower and 10 kittens*
    So, how do you want them? Medium rare or extra Krispy?

  7. Hero says:

    VNDB says Futanari.. Downloading!

  8. coipoboy says:

    thnx admin

  9. oppi says:

    wat is the password plz help “god kills a kitten’ doesn’t work plz help

  10. oppi says:

    T_T still wrong

  11. pstevo123 says:

    It’s a fun game,
    Quick to pass had some issues getting one of the scenes but after thinking about I am not sure how i managed to miss it.


    Yes there is a minor Futanari event but it does not have a massive time slot in the game.

  12. Billbobob says:

    so if their no crack that means you cant play yet right i can wait just wanted to know?

  13. Random 4 says:

    burn this troll, BURN HIM!!

  14. Ekstacy says:


  15. Zellrang says:

    Trololol hahaha… what with the random comment, guys… HAHAHAHA XD

  16. ciccio566 says:

    you r right we r leechers … that’s why we demand everything without remorse xD

  17. RANDOM_HERO says:

    As metallica would say: Sad but true!

    Btw, gracias por por la V/N admin

  18. Ekstacy says:

    And you’re a bastard for not caring. CABRON!

  19. Akira says:

    Oho! awesome! gotta play this one!

  20. ryuuga says:

    as usual many thanks for your hadwork admin and everyone else who helps with improving and keeping up this site 😀

  21. Fen says:

    The game was good until i got stucked at a part that have Woods,School,Shrine etc..
    Someone can help me?

  22. lurker says:

    Anyone know how to get the demon in the top right slot?

  23. sgroloo says:

    A really nice game, too bad it 2/3hours long tops.

  24. BlackBear says:

    Someone know how to enter shiori route?
    I’ve tried every spirit but doesn’t work…

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      As far as I can tell you have to complete the other 2 routes to be able to land on shiori’s path tho I could be wrong. I did yuukhi’s route first and since I found asuka annoying I wanted to save her for last but even following the walk through to the letter it it kept landing on the path that ends with either the “bad ending or yuukhis ending. I got fed up did the asuka route and then reloaded to the branch to try for shiori again and I finally got it. So yea you either HAVE to do shiori last or I was doing it wrong the first 8 times and mairaculously do it right after finishing asuka

  25. Anime Freak says:

    hmm i thought that it would be 1 gig!? (O_O)

  26. Krasus says:

    did anyone find the last demon? i can not find the sword murasame.
    please help me

  27. Katsu says:

    does it work only in english applocal? cause its not working in japan local..

  28. Ore no Waifu says:

    is it eng patch already sir? I didn’t see a eng patch link? O__O

  29. Need Help says:

    Nice. I dled the game, extracted it and tried playing it. I got an error in Japanese.
    I changed the applocale and tried again, It didn’t work.
    I even got the torrent and tried it it didn’t work.

    Did I do something wrong? Please help!

  30. Treast says:

    I won’t pretend I had a lot expectations of this game, but I do gotta say… I wasn’t expecting the MC to turn into a umbrella and fuck a girl.

  31. Natanil says:

    Help me i need the last scene in the 3rd row number 3.

  32. dragoon93041 says:

    This was a great game. Very intense but love scenes too.

  33. somebody says:

    so wat’s the password?

  34. kurogane222 says:

    I have an error message at the beginning in japanese, help please >_<

  35. John says:

    What’s the product id? I thought every game here on this site was cracked??

  36. NOY says:

    for some reason it doesn’t save D:
    I save it when playing then when i quite the game and go back onto it the save isn’t there :O can someone please help?.

  37. YAYY says:

    I also get an error message in japanese when I try to start the game.

  38. digitalromance says:

    for all idiots out there… nowadays, to play japanese eroge you should change your regional to japanese.
    DO NOT USE APPLOCALE!!! i wonder why people still using that program to run eroge… for an old eroge, it might work… but you can’t rely on applocale for the latest eroge…

  39. Albertwu says:

    I can’t load the game please help

  40. Lost says:

    Okay so i have download and got this game working, the issue is i get up to the part where you chose locations and it just keeps repeating nothing changes i looked up at the top right and there is no time either its just blank, any idea what is up ?

    • Marcelo says:

      i also have the same problem

      • Drakan says:

        you need to go the one called “home”, this is were you choose which demons to take (you can choose 2, nurarihyon is always with you), I suppose the game was meant to give you a hint on which one to choose, but they didn’t make it that obvious (read: you need to guess), the first one I believe i to choose nurikabe (the wall with a giant eye) and go to the school to rape asuka.

  41. Asylum says:

    Seems like this game was made by the same company that made Boob Wars, though I’m not saying game 1 is not as good as game B… I just hope it’s longer than Boob Wars was.

    What does the Star of David have to do with magic OR this game? (it’s shown in the opening vid)

    • Drakan says:

      The star of david is a religious symbol (just like the cross, inverted cross, pentagram, hexagram, ying-yang, certain kanji, etc.), and just like any other it’s commonly used in certain incantations and rituals, specifically exorcisms (which are considerably related to the plot of this game)

  42. Kizokuno Shiki says:

    Seems like an interesting eroge…does this work in eng local or the jpn local? Hope this game is as interesting and fun as “My Girlfriend Is The President”(for those who didn’t play this yet I really recommend it).

  43. Shadow-3000 says:

    How do you extract the xp3 file?

  44. Drakan says:

    Does anyone know the name of the intro song?

  45. sonozakki says:

    I still didn’t understand with this game walkthrough

  46. fuk dis shit says:

    games broken, you get to a certain point and you unable to do anything.

    ive search and you suppose to pick you demon and use it some how, but there IS NO WAY TO DO THAT! you can pick them at your house but you cant fucking use them. games broken.

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