Otoboku – Maidens Are Falling for Me!


The primary setting for the story is on the campus of a private all-girl school with Christian undertones, such as a large cross visible on the front of the school’s main building. Seio was founded in 1886 by Mizuho’s ancestor; the school’s motto is “mercy and forgiveness”.

There is an old tradition at Seio Girls School every June where one of the students is elected by her peers to be the “Elder”, who is seen as the number-one “Elder Sister” in the entire school. Until her graduation, she is referred to by her peers as Onee-sama.

To become an Elder, a candidate in the election must gain at least 75% of the votes. If none of the candidates get at least 75% in the first round of voting, one of the candidates hand over her votes to the other candidate, and the candidate who finally obtained the votes of 75% or more becomes the Elder. If there is no one else in the election, the current year’s student council president becomes the Elder.

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254 Responses to “Otoboku – Maidens Are Falling for Me!”

  1. Beato says:

    Why the girl has a dick?

  2. Jess says:

    Haven’t seen this game in years. Playing it definitely brings back good memories.

    Quick question. I’ve tried extracting it with different programs and even making my own .cue files for the .bin files but nothing works.

    I really liked the music so is it actually possible to extract them or am I wasting my time trying? If so, can someone direct me to somewhere where I can get the music files? Thanks.

  3. Kana says:

    So…I just finished this game…and I loved it so much….I would really love if the story could continue on from this….I remember that there is a media form out of there that follows school life after Takako’s ending…and there is another sequel to this game…Anyone know a place where I could atleast buy them….I really so much want more of this series.

  4. Signum says:

    When I want to start this it says that I need the product ID, does anyone know it?

  5. Takako says:

    I have the same problem. When I want to use the crack it says: “Game hasn’t been istalled” but I think it is! What should I do?

    • Matto says:

      You have to download and install all otoboku parts 1 to 9, then install it in its main menu then use the crack owo

      At least that’s how mine worked~

    • csfault says:

      I’m not sure if you’ve already solved this but I’ll say it anyways for any few others in the future. After you’ve downloaded all the files from 1 to 9, you’ll have to extract it to a new folder preferably. I use WinRAR. After that, you’ll have to select all the extracted files and add it to otoboku.rar. After that,click on the otoboku.rar file andopen it with WinRar. Find the setup.exe and open it. You should be able to reach the menu to Install the game. Click Install and there you go. I’ve tried several times but it seems as though it can only be installed in your C drive. Don’t change anything and just install it.

      • Pseudonym says:

        I can do that and install it… but every time I want to play the game I have to reinstall it because I still get the message for “has not been installed” when I click on the icon

  6. Matto says:

    Um…. There hasn’t been any english translation for it’s sequel yet right…?

    Are you guys gonna be posting it here when or if one is made…?

  7. yz says:

    HEEEELLLPPP it was working for me but all of a sudden I keep getting a message saying “cannot stream lz”

  8. Lucian says:

    Recently finished watching the anime of this… i didnt fcking expected it to have a hentai game LOL xD

  9. Badboll says:

    The exe was identified as a malware.packer.gen Just letting you know.

  10. Nyeees says:

    Hi! I’m new here wats the different between “DA-1click: Game Download” and “DA-free: Game Download” I click the Da-1click but it say about storage memory and something,is this really free?

  11. csfault says:

    ‘DA-1click: Game Download’ is basically downloading all the files in one go. However, it requires a premium membership(must pay) to exceed the 200MB limit. Whereas the ‘DA-free: Game Download’ has a limit of 200MB and also requires you to wait for a good 2 mins before you’re able to download it which is completely free.

  12. LilAkurei says:

    Any kind of patch to put the font back into Mincho (mincho-like) after MangaGamer has fucked it up?

  13. Mizuho-chan says:

    Good game… great story IMO… wish they’d translate the sequel too…

    Chihaya-chan… <3

  14. SoulTV says:

    i cant start the game idk why … i downloaded all parts, unzip them but when i press the otoboku.exe “Game isnt installed yet” … what im missing??

  15. SomeRandomGuy says:

    The installation screen is magical.

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