Kara no Shoujo

Kara no Shoujo

The year is 1956; a series of bizarre murders rocks the city of Tokyo. Tokisaka Reiji, an ex-cop turned private eye, joins the investigation at the behest of his friend Uozumi Kyozo, a detective in the MPD. At the same time, he takes on a missing persons’ case at a private all-girls high school, as well as a mysterious request from a girl named Toko to find her true self. As Reiji frantically struggles to crack the case, he learns that the murders bear an uncanny resemblance to a case in which his own fiancΓ© was murdered six years ago. But try as he might, the body count just keeps rising…

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214 Responses to “Kara no Shoujo”

  1. john says:

    admin can you upload the prequel to this? it’s called Cartagra. thanks.

  2. asd says:

    i just dont understand how the fuck this game becomes a 2 episode only ova, and to make it worse its a hentai(focused on hscenes)

    • tiya novlita says:

      I agree with that. I skip most of it. The anime doesn’t give us a clear ending either (but the good thing, Toko is still alive)

  3. Littlebstrd says:

    Again thanks admin!

  4. Lang says:

    So was the spoiler and text patch just put into the main game d/l? I started to play the game a little before I heard about either of the patches and now I’m not sure if I should stop playing till I can patch the game.

  5. permainan zuma says:

    This game tells the story of what? it seems interesting… πŸ˜‰

  6. littlebstrd says:

    its a great game πŸ˜€

  7. littlebstrd says:

    Hope we can get a translated sequel and prequel, the game was pretty good!

    • fd3s says:

      the sequel is being developed by Innocence Grey now. but don’t know when will it be finished and if it will be picked up by MangaGamer.

  8. Mr.B says:

    Trust in the Admin. He (or she … maybe) has never steered us wrong before

    • Alucard says:

      I dont know wth u mean by that but. Is kinda boring have to wait 2-3Hours to download just 200megas… 2 files at time, u see?…

  9. Tim says:

    So, is the bug fix included in the main game download?

  10. admin says:

    Last time I (re)uploaded School Days to mediafire, links lasted whooping 7 hours before all got taken down and account suspended. No MF until they change their policy or I find workaround.

  11. K-chi says:

    Sup guys… Great job on the site by the way… Just wondering if you have links for Kara no Shoujo’s soundtrack… It’s just that whenever I like what I hear, I MUST put it in my iPod… Kara no Shoujo’s (and also Katawa Shoujo’s) soundtracks are really great… So uhm, you got links to the soundtrack?

  12. jack says:

    when’s two coming out….this one’s a tragedy.

  13. Lucky says:

    This is so great, there is also an anime(hentai) of this, but not so great. SPOILER But why are young students fucking a 30-year old man? Grrr ^^

  14. wabafet says:

    does this download contain the patch that fixes the notebook spoiler?

  15. tiya novlita says:

    I’d give 95 for this game, if only they don’t emphasize the H-scenes -_- (12 is just too many…)

  16. wabafet says:

    anyone know where I can find the patch that fixes the skip function? Right now everything is being skipped.

  17. Grateful_User says:

    Ended the game…where’s the damn gore?! just some unknown grotesque creature!! indeed the story is gore, but there’s almost no cg of it, don’t get me wrong, 95/100 to the game, loved the plot, but is not that grotesque as I expected.

    Thanks a lot ^^

  18. WAAAAA! says:

    The game works but ive got no voice? is that supposed to happen or not?

  19. Battousai124 says:

    Since this is the english version which according to the vndb doesn’t have animations in the story and in the eroscenes, does anyone know of a way of using the japanese version and place english text in it for the complete experience?

  20. Jelena says:

    In this game, there is Hentai?

  21. Ace00 says:

    Uuu’waaa *sob* *sob* The (true) ending is too cruel. Overall a great Visual Novel. (except the end). *sob* *sob*

  22. Demaou says:

    Anyone knows when Cartagra ~Tsuki kurui no Yamai~ (Prequel) and Kara no Shoujo 2 gonna be out ?

  23. Berenger says:

    Depressing ending. I appreciate the effort put into making an original ending, but a classic happy ending (beat the bad guy, get the girl) would have been better in my opinion.
    I’m also sad that there are no Stella, Ayumu or Yukari endings.
    None lees this is a great game and i can recommended it to anyone who does not mind a little gore.

  24. Ginobi47 says:

    I just finished the game and went to find a spoiler of Kara No Shoujo 2…..God freaking damn it! the guy who deserves a happy ending more than anyone in the damn story doesnt get it!

    Kara No Shoujo is definitely one of the best VN’s out there, that’s for sure….. but still…. *cries*

  25. luke says:

    Hi admin, is this the MangaGamer version? If not, what is the difference?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  26. Santa-chan says:

    Thank you ver much for the game. Just commenting that when I finished the game and came by your page, I noticed the voice patch XDDD. Wonderful anyway, I will play it again with voice.

  27. sara says:

    please help, the links to the site of downloadani won’t open or load. I have checked the firewall and other sites and it still won’t load, not even on a different browser. Note: I even checked proxy.


  28. OhNo says:

    hi, is there a way to skip the violence scene..? how many violence scene? is it the description of violence is important for the game through? i feel scared -_-, i think i will just put book to screen pc and enter, enter and enter to the end of violence scene

  29. Kara says:

    It’s a trial or full version ? And next question. This game have english translation, right ?

  30. Swayze says:

    Hello there, I’m in a pickle, and I hope someone will be able to help.

    During day… 8 I believe (the one, when you question the girl from Kendo Club, about disappeared students), after school, I chose the Academy as the place to visit. This triggered a scene with Yukari, and during it, an error message appeared with some garbled mess. Lots of question marks (I assume it’s due to lack of Japanese symbols) and somewhere mention about the font. The game didn’t crash, but refused to move on as well. I close the game. When I started writing this post, I wanted to get back to it, and copy/paste the message entirely… And then I noticed that the game doesn’t see my saves anymore (even though there is a savedata folder with files in it).

    Did someone had this problem? If so, is there a workaround for it?

    Appreciate any help I can get.

  31. juju says:

    Thank your for the game, it is really one of the best i’d ever play so far.
    Now i have some issues – even if the game is in progress, and i already have reached a bad end – and have many saves – well, when coming back to the title screen – the gallery menu is still locked – i cannot see the pictures i’d unlock so far.
    So i’d go on sagaoz so as to get the savedata file – and get 100% CG – in case one would need to get the good ending to unlock the gallery menu. But then again it doesnt work.
    does anyone have the same issue ? not being able to open the “gallery cg” ?

    Thanks for any help !

  32. Kohaku says:

    can you reupload the ucg patch,please.

  33. saito says:

    cant recommend it.
    its overdone (the sister of your mother is the friend of the doctor who treated your dog which was born in the same place that X, so X and you are… expect more than chain like that one in the game).
    endings dont really bring that much of an answer, and you need the sequel to really answer the most important one “where is…”
    after all these hours… such a letdown.
    and then all this suckers saying its the biggest thing ever. dont become the mass. theyre like ants that cant think for themselves, and so they just repeat what they hear.
    kara no shoujo is one of the best VNs, and there they go, repeating the lie over an over. come on, have an opinion of your own once in a while. its like… yes, exactly

  34. Konnectpls says:

    Is this the uncensored version or not? thanks

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