Dustmania Grotesque

Dustmania Grotesque

A female scientist is kidnapped by her former collegue, who decides to carry out experiments related to immortality medicine on her.

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  1. Theurgist says:

    Mother of God… this is NOT for the faint of heart.

    First time I’ve gagged at anything in a long time.

  2. Dark enigma says:

    I think I’m gonna be sick. i’ll see this in nightmares.

  3. wawawawawa says:

    HOLY SHIT. I just saw a screenshot of 1 scene and it is SICK… Screwing someone’s brain… literally

  4. ucgga3 says:

    yeah i saw the cg’s on the forums before it was put up here and this is very twisted shit good luck if you attempt to read it (O)_(O)

  5. junkie says:

    thank god for vndb…. i check games before i dl it… god…. blegh….

  6. quochuan says:

    First guro on this site! kinda understand what you guy think

  7. frogman says:

    i think the 3rd part’s broken.
    anyone pls help me, i wanna try this game so much after reading the comments. thx a lot.

  8. frogman says:

    what do you mean by all of it? >.<

  9. frogman says:

    it works now

  10. izumabakumatsu says:

    Well… after playing… it’s funny that my general reaction towards the events was prety much \How in the world is she still alive after all that blood loss and shock???\

    Thanks man.It’s… a different experience from what I’m used to.

    • wew says:

      A female scientist is kidnapped by her former collegue, who decides to carry out experiments >related to immortality medicine< on her.

  11. 4-chan scared says:

    Hyaa~~~ Kowaii naa… kono VN.. I almost fainted while seeing the scene… Well, I will try to conquer this too.. maybe.. ahhhh~ #fainted

  12. Justiinnn says:

    You guys are pussies I love guro! BTW is there a DL for the soundtrack??? I LOVE IT

    • InterestingMan says:

      Is it really good? I love blood/gore stuff, and I am hesitant to download it because I haven’t encountered any good ones in a long time and I’m skeptical about this one… but looking at most of the comments here….

    • HEH says:

      That was just harsh. Everyone has their own kinks and limits and this is not my kink…though my first ending is hilarious! I’m still giggling at the humor of it. LOL

    • Justiinnn Father says:

      maybe you need doctor here or maybe bunch cops
      sick person.

  13. korewa2 says:

    Actually this games became weird when I choose to not forgive that crazed doctor……yet I still missing some cg gallery pics and scenes although it haa only 2 choices……its confusing

  14. kaaz says:

    Yeah… you don’t want to see those. It would be sort of comical if I didn’t vomit…

  15. troubleman says:

    Ok to be clear, what is in this visual novel game is from the genre GURO.

    Guro is described in the simplest form groteque and possibly sexual images. It goes far beyond bondage to things like: necrophilia, severing limbs, plain old killing, having sex with eye sockets, empty or not.

    guro is often banned because its usually combining killing acts with fetishism.

    Why they would release anything guro for a “wholesome” hentai site is beyond me.

  16. maxmanatarms says:

    As one of those I play a game to try it out. Played BB once every side and everything to 100%. And My mental scape has a locked box in the corner with it. I feel if I play this a second one will be next to the first. So let the horror begin.

  17. korewa2 says:

    It looks like I found an Ore no imouto Vn ….or doujinshin…….. well gotta play this see ya….

    Oh by the way I love this guru game……. it makes me laugh……strangely

  18. well then says:

    the only thing ive ever read that after i finished i had to stop and thing, “damn im a sick fuck”
    on that note this game is heavy guro if you dont like blood dont touch this game with a ten foot pole

  19. kamizori says:

    OMG! this game was too extreme for my mind to take.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell the whole storyline? summary? or just at least what happened in the end? 🙂

  21. Ecchist says:

    i read the comment………
    hah(proudly) i would this game
    but everything change when google the sample CG

  22. Haziq says:

    man i liked this game for some reason but i dont get it i am missing some scenes and there are only 2 choices,so how do i get those?

  23. Rage says:

    This game creeps me the fuck out. I honestly don’t want to go to sleep now.

  24. korewa2 says:

    Honestly it almost months (I think) that I downloaded this but still…… cant find that missing CG even though it have only 2 choices

  25. Stratovarius says:

    The soundtrack is fantastic, holy shit
    How could a game like this have such an excellent soundtrack

  26. InterestingMan says:

    Before I try this game, could someone tell me if the blood is bright red or dark red? I can’t stand bright red since it makes me light-headed and dizzy but dark red blood is my sort of thing……

  27. LobsterJohnson says:

    This, this game… Oh god. *facepalm*

  28. Carnage says:

    Fuck it! I’m going in!

  29. Kuro says:

    right so there is only 2 choices….. Choice A became ….. and B heroine became …….

    and after that game over..??? TOOO DAMN SHORT!!!
    somebody am I got corrupted download or it’s just like that??? answer meee!!!!

  30. kmasmdymflp says:

    I’ve heard of nose jobs… hfs now THAT was ri-effin-diculous! I aint seen nothing like that in a LONG time!! this thing seems like a demo. big file, hope they add to the story… or make something that we may add to it ourselves!! 🙂

  31. master z says:

    i think this one is good…

  32. I Better Not Say It says:

    I was just a normal girl who liked playing otomes time to time. What happened to me? Why the fuck am I enjoying this VN? -_-

  33. Ryo Narushima says:

    Goodness I’m more desensitized to most forms of violence (at least when it comes to VN’s anime and manga) than I thought I was. This game only fazed and grazed me at best.
    I wonder if that missing cg, that is missing despite the fact u only get to make one choice in the game has something to do with the English version only. Oh well.

    • Ryo Narushima says:

      Ok, to all those asking how to unlock that last scene/cg, I actually got it.
      I think you have to beat the game with BOTH endings, and then you get to unlock the beautiful scene where he’s fucking her neck.
      On a serious note, the aforementioned last scene, has the best music piece out of the whole soundtrack. its truly wonderful. and not in a fucked up way either.

      • Ryo Narushima says:

        oh to clarify, beat the game with both endings, play again, choose to become his thing/meat puppet, get past the brain effin scene, and then it should unlock the last scene.

  34. Trainee says:

    The expression “freak show” comes to mind. But that doesn’t even start to describe this VN…

  35. sunabozubr says:

    WOW,if i didnt checked the cgs before started the dowload i would have a life time of nightmares cause of how fucked up is this shit! THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OF THE HEART!(sorry fot the bad english =p

  36. Kuroneko-kun says:

    I’ve read Euphoria, Saya no Uta, Karano Shoujo 1 and 2, and Cartagra.
    This’ll be a piece of cake.

  37. Ki says:

    Welp, I tried. Game wouldn’t let me select anything at the first choice. May try redownloading it after I try Flowers…

  38. ErogeFanJen says:

    This was surely nothing to fap to 😛
    but I think this game is very interesting and amusing. I love horror and I thought I already saw everything but this here was something I haven’t seen yet 😀 Nice game, really! Thanks admin!! <3

  39. Fagdamager says:

    Love this vn. If you enjoy abuse this is top tier.

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