D.C. 2 – Da Capo 2

Da Capo 2

Takes place approximately 50 years after the original D.C. ~Da Capo~ game.
The story revolves around Sakurai Yoshiyuki and Otome & Yume, sibling granddaughters of the original D.C. ~Da Capo~ protagonists Jun’ichi and Nemu.

English Game download:

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  1. Angelxdomain says:

    Hey how much is the game and anime alike if they are a lot alike then I will love this game.

  2. Reicher says:

    ADMIN are this VN 18+ ???
    And are this game need daemon toll to play it ???

    Sorry for my Poor English…

  3. Invicible_God says:

    Hey admin, can u provide torrent for this?

  4. Invicible_God says:

    Dammit!! no torrent huh?

  5. VN Guru says:

    Hi thare Unfortunastly MG Only Licenced Sirten Da Capo Games The Thing With Licenceing is The Ip Holders Only Alow Western Companys to Licence a Sirten amount

    Yes the creators of kirakira and its squal along with elderwise are one of the same creator who happens to be hesad honchoi of MG so thows gamews and FD got translatyed into english easaly But its not nesasarly the same for other games

    Exsampel Suikoden 3 Never got a Pal Release Like wise with its Gardsern Serires

    and Most Western Companys Only Follow Jsapanise Sales ie if a Game is a hot pupuler Seller in japan than the companys would take the risk and licence a gaME FOR ENGLISH RELEASE AND hOPE THAT IT BECOMES A bEST sELLER HERE IN THE WEST

    But Thare are so Many populer Best seller Games of Japan that Donot see the light of day here in the west becvose licenceing Costs are exspensive

    exsampel a Tipcialt VN would cost about 10.000 Usd To Licence
    Minsd you thats just an exsampel

  6. Matmax says:

    This happens to be my favourite Visual Novel up till now.
    I just love everything about it 🙂
    Can someone recommend me VN’s wich give you a similar feeling?

    • raitou says:

      maybe “Little Busters!” if you still not play it, this game can make me cry.

      it’s all ages version though,if you want 18+ version grab “Little Busters! EX”(EX is only partial english).

  7. ryuushima says:

    Matmax I really hope it is as good as you say it is. It’s 3:19 am where I live now so a bit late to start with a new route but im going to play my heart out tommorow!

    • Matmax says:

      Oh, it is.
      In my Opinion at least.
      It just needs some time at first, to really get into it, so don’t stop reading, in case you don’t think it is that awesome at the beginning :p

  8. kervin says:

    wala pang Da Capo Spring Celebration? Da Capo Fall In Love At Da Capo III ? Need RUSH RUSH !!!!

  9. kervin says:

    Dun sa Otome Route Story, Dun Ang Hirap Tapusin may Q AND A Portion pa tae ang hirap.

  10. ryuushima says:

    Kervin talk english please, i have no idea what you are talking about xD

  11. Ventusse says:

    What Kervin said:
    First Comment
    “No Da Capo Spring Celebration yet? Da Capo Fall In Love and Da Capo III ? Need RUSH RUSH !!!!”
    Second Comment
    “On the Otome Route Story, it was hard to finish and there was a Q AND A Portion sh*t it was hard.”

    btw: about Da Capo 2 Plus Communication, I can’t find a single download link to that game
    does anyone have it??? :3
    I want to play it even though I don’t have any knowledge about japanese(a few maybe but still…)


  12. ryuushima says:

    Just now finished the Otome route , the only route left for me is Yume <3
    Koko route was decent : 6
    Minatsu route was fun but awkward : 6.5
    nanaka route had good drama and a nice story : 7
    anzu story made me sad but I really love anzu : 7.5
    Otome really is a perfect girl : 8

    Now hoping Yume is as good as I think it is to give it the 8.5 or higher I'm hoping for.

  13. ryuushima says:

    Yume route was just wow , she was really great, seriously great! The route gets atleast a 9 , might even be close to a 9.5 the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10 is that the route ended and that is always a sad thing 🙁 but letting it go on forever might have been boring.
    Still…. Yume deserves her own games that continue with the story like kotori has from dc 1.

    <3 Now i'd like to go into a wintersleep till da capo 3 comes out but I doubt they can make a route as good as the one from yume.

    • Krow says:

      I know you made this comment a while ago, but is there some kind of progression you’re meant to plau in? I just tried to do Otome’s route but it cut out after the first “Chapter” (Puppet show).

      • Kenji says:

        Otome / Yume routes are locked until you finish at least 2 of the 4 main routes. Those routes being 1 of Anzu or Minatsu and 1 of Nanaka or Koko’s. Yes, I realize your comment was from 4 years ago, this is just for anyone new coming to download the game.

  14. inertkids says:

    uhm guys I have an error everytime I play. I can play it but a part of it would not continue due to missing dialog. I downloaded it 3 times already and still the same problem. need help

  15. thewalkingsigil says:

    uhhm… part 8 seems to be corrupted what will i do then?

  16. ryuushima says:

    redownload I guess sigil , it worked fine for me. I hope you get to play the game cause its awesome

  17. Monoko says:

    I couldnt download part10

    (But the other part is OK)

  18. getoway280 says:

    what is with part 10

  19. Monoko says:

    I download it for 20-30 minutes.

    It just stop. I didnt know what happen.

    but the other parts were fine. ( It didnt stop )

    Sorry for my bad Grammar

  20. Vaseline says:

    Please repost the link for part 10. It is not working

  21. Grammy says:

    please reupload part10. The link is not downloading properly

  22. Miqu says:

    Probably one of the most memorable VNs I’ve seen, in fact it was so good I immediately bought it from mangagamer after finishing one route.

    My only complaint(s) would be how messy one route is with that dramatic love triangle and how the Sakura angle is left unclear. The first is probably because of my preferences and the other could be some sort of preamble for the third D.C so they are very small complaints all things considered.

  23. Kyle says:

    For whatever reason I can’t play past a certain section. It always goes black and returns me to the main menu. I redownloaded it a couple times and even downloaded another version, but even on the other version it cuts off at the same part. Is there any way to fix this?

  24. josh says:

    I just played the game for one hour saved the game and quit but when i went on coupple hours latter my saves were gone:( why

  25. HoneyBunches says:

    I’m getting “This webpage is not found” every time I try to download part 3

  26. HoneyBunches says:

    Never-mind I got it to work after repeated tries.

  27. Dark enigma says:

    Could somone tell me how to downlod the parts, i’m kind of new at this.

    • ... says:

      Download all the parts, copy them into a folder (doesnt matter what you call it) Using winrar, hightlight all the files in the folder (ctrl+a) right click and press extract here.

      Its been ages since i downloaded this, but once the extract is done, you should see some sort of large image file.

      download and install daemon tools pro and use it to mount the image file and the rest is simple.

      • Dark enigma says:

        I downloaded them all, have the folder ready, opened them all and highlighted everything with ctrl+a. But when I try extracting it only extracts the one i’m on and not all at once. I’m sry if this a simple process and i’m just over complicating it.

      • Dark enigma says:

        Nevermind I figured it out, sry about that.

  28. Player says:

    This looks so much better than the first Da Capo.

  29. Kurodo says:

    does anyone know how to go through the game reading all the story lines again? i mean after you’ve completed all the routes
    the game just gives summaries of all the events that happen, so is there some way to turn that off? because in the original da capo it gave a choice to read it again but i don’t see anything
    like that in this one. so anybody know anything so i can go back and play it again? admin?

  30. Kukicha says:

    Will we soon have D.C. III here?

  31. makoto28 says:

    is this in english?..just wondering

  32. Doom says:

    Do you have any plans to acquire Da Capo 3 when it is possible? And i want to thank Admin for this site and all the work that get´s done 😀

  33. Tamame says:

    Waiting for Da Capo 3… Looks like it’s going to take another year huh ?

  34. Nibiru says:

    well English translation of DC.III seems to be at 20% so maybe 2013 or the worst scenario 2014 xD

  35. Infinity says:

    Hey guys I’m sorry for asking but I just don’t get how to use Daemon Tools Lite. I read all the instructions in the website, but I don’t see any images in the Da Capo 2 files for me to mount. Could someone please give some instructions? I would really appreciate it.

  36. Not so Noobie says:

    Just played through 4 out of 6 routes

    Koko decent story 6.5 out of 10

    Minatsu hated her at first but its was worth playing through in the end ^^ 6.8 out of 10

    Nanaka i rocommend you play this after Koko route. 7 out of 10

    Anzu best one so far very sad story. i recommend you go through bad/alternate end first then play normal end. 8.5 out of 10

    Now time for the Amakase sisters!! ^^

    • Not so Noobie says:

      played through the Amakaze routes
      Yume deep story was really good 9.5 out of 10
      Otome saved this for last but Yume was better. still good though. 8.5 or 9 out of 10
      The Game over all 8.5 out of 10. It didn’t get the 1.5 point cause i was sad that its over >.<
      Well i recommend anyone to play this it is a must!!!

      Now off to play the next novel on my list Clannad

  37. Skyline28 says:

    are the links still works ?

  38. Hikari says:

    is there any of Da Capo II soundtrack?
    that’s nice soundtrack, i want to hear all over again~


  39. Daisuke says:

    I just started Download it… And I just asking, is this in English or Japanese?

  40. michael99160 says:

    i need help, because when i extract the files it writes :data02000.arc is damaged in part01.rar………when i open the game the intro works but after that black screen and i can`t close the game(only with taskmanager, would be nice if somone could help me

  41. Zeuz says:

    — A little useful information —

    if any of you have this error “指定されたファイル[ system.arc : ipl._bp ] は存在しません” which pretty much says that [ system.arc : ipl._bp ] doesn’t exist I resolved changing the locale (control panel / Region and Language) to English (United States).

  42. D says:

    Why is the application not showing up, I downloaded everything fine and it doesn’t show up need help please!!!!

  43. Ryanaphos says:

    I’d wish someone out there would go and translate DCPS (Da Capo Plus Communication) into English…Also I’d like to see Da Capo III on here as well

  44. SHNKO's fan says:

    when there will be da Capo 3 ,everyone?

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