There is a big race event in space called Cannonball!

People living in the harsh space environment enter this huge interstellar event with big dreams and excitement in their hearts. The winner gets a huge reward, or at least that’s what has been promised…

Fifteen riders are qualified to enter this race that will take on various courses…

Cannonball – HCG

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  1. Shadow says:

    Is there images at all in the first bits, because I’m not getting anything other than a black screen, text works fine and so do the voices, and after a while it just freezes and stops working. anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

  2. Tennouzu+ says:

    Koume Keito



  3. Anonymous says:

    fault -milestone one-, supposedly DRM free, is out.

  4. Oddmoonlight says:

    Even though my region is set to Japan, I get a problem with the text not displaying certain characters like “You[]re” instead of the the ‘ I get some kanji instead. Which font do I need to fix this?

  5. buddy12127 says:

    Even though it works whenever i go to the first page of scenes in the extras the game crashes. How can I fix this?

  6. Biskmater says:

    So the installer is asking me for a fifth disk, any idea about this?

  7. onan says:

    Can someone translate the installation options? Both only go up to CD2 and 1.38GB.

    I uploaded a screenshot here:

  8. Boris says:

    Random question to folks, because I’m a completionist I’m trying to get all scenes, but cannot for the life of me get aya to come first place for the Intruder in pain scene. Anyone got a strategy?

  9. Wrandral says:

    Hello i wanted to ask for some help regarding the replacing of the save file.

    After some work i found the directory where the cbsave.dat are put.
    Then i go check on sagaoz to see if they have a cleared save of the game which they indeed have.

    Problem is, on my computer the save files are cbsave.dat cbsave00.dat and so on but the save file i found on sagaoz is cannonball_schwert.LZH

    Can someone help me here? I tried playing it but the races are not my cup of tea and boring( won the first one just clicking like a moron )and i don’t want to clear the game with the 2 routes for the epilogue and the tail play

    • Bosparan says:

      Hi Wrandal,

      the .LZH extension indicates a compressed file (similar to .zip). You can unpack it using some freeware compression tools (Either LHA or 7zip should do the job). Or – if you don’t mind missing the tailplay pictures – you can use the link I provided some posts above, which should give you a zipped cbsave.dat (which any current Windows OS can open without needing additional tools).

  10. azuraflame says:

    this game doesnt have auto read button??

  11. kirayamato says:

    i already get first place so many time in qualifier but nvr get toto H scene anyone know why?

    • Grim says:

      Cuz you didnt actually get in first place. I thought the same, after i pass up the Regina chick,cuz they even say you do, but no you have to pass her up and THEN pass up the two guys after her. your only first place in the second group. -_- as to how people can actually do tht i dunno, ive tried like 5 times and i never even make it into the first group

  12. Tracy Jae says:

    This is censored. Genitals are pixel blurred.

  13. Random Person says:

    Can anyone answer me what the heck is this “tail play” and how the fuck i get these?

  14. Jacky says:

    I got a problem with the game, I already installed it with the installer and all. The problem lies with the start up of the game, shows black screen and mouse cursor then it stops working. Any answers you guys can give me?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sooo I didn’t dl the walkthrough and now I regret it.
    Anyone mind uploading the walkthrough or something?

  16. Mr.K says:

    Why the setup file Cannonball_Installer_Patch_1_0 keep asking me to insert of disk one into any drive. I don’t know what to do, someone please help me

  17. Anon says:

    Part 3 download not working.

  18. sam says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where the save data is located.. I can usually find them but this one’s a b!tch for some reason

  19. Strahan says:

    The text looks goofy, the kerning is weird. It’s not consistent, sometimes large spaces sometimes small. Is there a fix for that? It’s rather distracting.

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