Tokyo School Life

This is the story of your trip as an exchange student in Tokyo and the three girls you meet there.
Although you don’t make the greatest first impression, you quickly settle into the kind of everyday life you’ve seen in anime and manga — filled with laughs and tears.
By the time you have to head home two months from now, you might find that you’ve fallen for one of your new friends…

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  1. I know this might be late of a question or reply but can I ask anyone or the admin of this site.
    I see some replies that the game doesn’t have a voice, so I am wondering if the admin already fixed it, or it had stayed the same

    1. In my case my antivirus software blocked and deleted the steam_api.dll. Try to let the software ignore TR/Black.Gen2. Worked for me at least, but idk if it’s actually safe…..

  2. I’m on Windows 8 and every time I start the game, the ‘steam_api.dll’ file deletes itself and it says I need this file in order to play the game… Can anyone help???

  3. when i open the games a message show steam api.dll is missing so i googled steam api.dll and downloaded it but when i opened it again the game will launch for a sec and then a message pops out “steam must be running”

  4. I have a problem here.. When I open the game i don’t have any problem with the sound, but I have a problem with the graphics. The characters or game option is have a pixelate graphics, but the background is have a good graphic. Do anyone know how to fix it?

  5. I have a question. I just recently found this website and i wanted to download this game. The problem is that i don’t know how to “put all the files in one” because i am downloading it partly.

    1. Make sure you have all downloaded parts in one folder, right-click on first one and choose “Extract here”.

      1. I mean when i had Extract the file, and i had run the game, but there’s the notice

        The program can’t start because bla bla bla is missing from your computer

  6. I’m confused, but its working.

    Will take some time to learn how this site works i guess. But you know, Free eroge! 🙂

  7. I have a little problem (well it´s a big problem) but the sound in the game is nonexistent, I running the game in Windows 8, someone have the same problem? someone know how to fix it?

  8. Everything is working quite fine, but the sound is nonexistent. I see this is a common problem with other people. Is there any way of fixing it?

  9. Can’t wait till I get more time,this VN is gonna really hit that sweetspot I have for this kind of setting(like Go!Go!Nippon)

  10. please help me i can’t install the game\n
    when i run it’s always crash and says TSL.exe has stoped working what should i do??

    1. I found a solution. go to the game directory (where the game folder is located)open the windata folder, open the movie folder and move the OP movie file elsewhere so that you can skip it in the game.

      1. yeah the game working fine and all but how do i get to be full screen it docent appear in the op and the window wont let me thanx

  11. Damn. I just completed my first route, Sakura’s. When the 3 girls were introduced, my first candidate was Aoi, mostly because she’s cute as hell… and since she is the shortest she ignites my lolicon heart. But that morning when Sakura’s sprite was staggering as she said “I’m not a morning person” my reaction was: “Yup. You’re just like me. And now you are my first route. Sorry, Aoi, you’re second”.

    Where was I? Ah, yes. Sakura’s route. DAMN. I almost had a heart attack when the credits started rolling. D: I usually not play “pure” visual novel (all ages, I mean), but this is a good change of pace. 😀

    1. You decide whether or not you’re into a character based on how good they’re with waking up in the morning? lol

  12. Thank you admin for uploading this, you have my thanks x 1000 lol i love you admin you are the bomb

    1. Highschool student. So are your heroines, though I swear Karin is about as tall as the other two stacked on top of each other…

  13. Thanks for the upload! Looks like a great game, and thanks for all the hard work as always Admin-sama! I look forward to the future releases.

  14. wow thanks for uploading this 🙂

    can i ask will sono hanabira 10 be uploaded here too? and arigatou gozaimasu

  15. A surprisingly good game. If you get past the cringy “omg riceball have nori on them!!!” its pretty enjoyable. Aoi is beyond cute :3

  16. Thanks admin
    one question is this the same as the one on steam or is there any difference, because its not that much money so i buy it if its the same.

  17. Nice graphic with cute characters too..
    Question admin, do you have a plan to post the grisaia sequel (Rakuen and Meikyou)?
    As always thanks for your good work.

    1. Sekai project’s doing that.
      They should be available by year’s end,
      but will be all ages only.
      The 18+ ones come later, maybe next year?

      All ages Grisaia no kajitsu
      should be out by mid-july.

    1. You can download two parts at once as a free user. Wait until parts 1 and 2 finish downloading before starting third.
      You can check if the file is really down, or if it’s just you at – just paste the link there and it’ll show you if it’s still up.

  18. Thanks admin, was looking for this to practice my Japanese. This vn has 4 language options, english, japanese, hiragana en romanji and can show 2 of them at a time if my memory serves me right. So woo! THANKS!

  19. It’s all-ages.

    This visual novel is on Steam: there is no chance Steam would release a +18 game.

    1. erm..steam have released several 18+ games just that they cencur and remove the h-stuff in the games to make it saying what you just said is plain stupid..sorry but yea

        1. thats what they said about neko para, but they’re being publicly sold. you just have to find it…

    1. It depends how you define “sexual content” – In some countries it means “full h-scenes only” while others qualify for it as soon as you show a nipple during bath spring scenes. That’s why you get mixed signals in borderline titles like this.

  20. Looks like a cute little game. Thanks for uploading it, Admin.

    I’m definitely looking forward to Sunrider Academy as well, so thanks in advance for uploading that game whenever it becomes available.

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