Supipara Chapter 1

Supipara Chapter 1

The protagonist, Sanada Yukinari, has returned to his hometown in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura City, for the first time in seven years, and is greeted by his older cousin, Narumi Sakura (complete with maid outfit). He wanted to live in peace, but his life at the academy placed on the coastlands becomes bustling and brilliant while surrounded by a lineup of members with booming personalities like Amano Hotaru, the sharp tongued, half-Japanese beauty, and Alice Kamishiro, the lazy witch who loves modern-science and mail-orders.

Eventually, Yukinari is coaxed into joining the action committee for the academy’s traditional beauty contest by his close friend. He interacts with the heroines participating in this contest who are cute but each have an idiosyncrasy or two. Fun events (with their own difficulties) pop up again and again. Your story with “her” about smiles, peace, passion, and love, all while borrowing the power of a witch, is about to begin!

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  1. I’ve been wondering for a while admin but I’ve played a lot of VN’s but there’s this thing in the tags that says Adv, what does it stand for anyway?

  2. Complaining how company decide which VN need to be localized on pirating website. You guys have reached new level of retardness.

  3. Hi, I just want to say thank you for providing all of these visual novels. I’ve downloaded quite a few from here but where I can I try to buy the ones I like (which are most I’ve tried actually) and that are available for me to do so.

  4. In other words….everyone is crying about the fact that there s no porn in this VN. If you want porn and “mature content” just go on a fucking porn site and stop crying here. Of course Midori almost suffered a loss if this world is full of ppl like you who wants only to jerk off at VN’s and don t know how to enjoy a VN.

    1. And you go read a “manga” while I fuck your slutty mom if you don’t want porn you son of a bitch !

      1. Coward who can only insult other people’s families in an argument.
        Your brain is not that developed if you can argue or explain only through insults.
        Can’t you form normal and coherent phrases? Apparently not.
        I don’t want to think about how you are in rl.
        I pity the ones who know you. Grow Up.
        I bet you will insult me too now because that’s just who you are..
        Go ahead and be predictable. 🙂

        1. Well, if ya like some real arguments, then let’s just say that by blindly defending Oneee you really look like an alternate account, well, name of the one who built the ultimate straw man, after all, no one even mentioned Hentai Content…

          while that one not even knows the name of the company (minori) which went nearly down under because they took no risk, releasing a product many just rather get later.

          Ultimately you lost all credibility by getting onto the same level of insults

      2. No, i don t want porn into a VN since i want to enjoy a plot and not some drawn characters fucking each other. Now you can go bk into your cave and maybe talk about mothers when you ll not be a fat 15 yo fag.

          1. Whoa, I gotta protest that. Sekai Project forum users are bombarding Sekai with 18+ requests, especially for Baldr Sky. Come help us if you have the time.

    2. Nobody’s complaining that it’s all ages, they’re (rightfully) complaining that most recent releases have been complete garbage, even giving koiken otome as the main exemple, which is not all ages. And they’re not complaining to the admin or something, they’re just writing their thoughts on a page related to them, so please stop with these “you ungrateful bad man, appreciate what you’re getting for free” replies ffs, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

      I personally prefer a VN without erotic scenes, unless it’s a matter of the original version versus some shitty censored console version that ruins the characters (grisaia).

  5. Wow… This one is a rather stinky pile of crap… What’s wrong with those companies? Why aren’t they localizing mature VNs? Only this crap made for lifeless teens…

    1. They want the Steam money, if you want less all age VNs you should go and buy 18 + stuff from JAST and MG. As long as VNs keep selling more on Steam then the 18 + ones on their websites all age is all we get.

  6. I know there are 3 heroines in this Chapter 1 but i can only play Sakura’s Route. How do i get the others two?

  7. So a question since this is a chapter 1 is their no ending yet or there is already? since it has 5 chapters right? this episodic VN series…and from what i found in every new chapters their will be new heroines but….is the story is still gonna be the same? do you think their would be a continuation story to the heroines you have choosen b4? etc something like that…since if not i don’t think you can call this VN episodic…if their would be no continuation story for the old heroines…damn sorry for the long comment since i was kinda interested how good would be this VN be (since according above it almost made minori bankrupt) but still they made $100,000 funding for just chapter 1….and $200,000 funding for chapter 2? wew wonder how expensive this game is going to be

  8. is there any chance for the new muv luv steam to be added or waiting for muv luv alternative for the perfect trilogy upload? 😀

  9. Another miss!recently,the lack of good vns are becoming a headache.Like koiken otome which was below average!i hope its at least okay!

    1. Lately I’m also just keep downloading without playing them.
      I ‘m just waiting rewrite festa, Subarishiki and Baldr Sky. I hope next year.

    2. Although I agree with you, there haven’t been any God tier VNs lately, this one is by minori, the same creators of ef a fairy tale of the two and eden there were only two on the planet so I’m expecting this to be really good

      1. Supirara was the game which almost bankrupt minori so I guess you can be assured of it’s quality.

    3. lol, you’re getting visual novels for free and you’re still bitching. why don’t you stop being such a lazy fuck and learn japanese if you don’t like the visual novels being translated?

      1. But it is really true. I do not understand why but the Japanese game devs really really suck at doing business internationally. Minori is a developer famous for making amazing mature visual novels. And which one do they decide to publish to the west? THE ALL AGES VISUAL NOVEL THAT WAS SOO BAD THAT IT ALMOST TANKED THE COMPANY. A mean seriously. Who the fuck does something that stupid?

      2. pff, I swiftly learnt to use Visual Novel Reader and Google Translate instead (guess I should rather use Babylon or whatever but whatever, I still understand quite everything and have a decent speed). Atm having a blast and reading/having read plenty of VNs I always dreamed about being localized (and oh god are those awesome).

        Moonrunes are just too big of a hurdle/time sink and woe all those adults who don’t just have six 45-minute hours of work for five days a week… oh right, everyone here is a NEET by default, I forgot.

        In any event, this VN is “bad” (not a buy) solely on the base of being “Oh welp, only gonna write the full story/other routes/episodes if we earn enough”, a vicious cycle it is since they may not earn enough precisely because they did not work enough.

        I merely now just wonder… who is going to be gender-bent and for how long? I may read it then if it is Mr.Protag for quite a while (a tag score of 2.0 on vndb would suggest that it is at least no small element)

        1. i use ITH!i finished the majikoi series my favorite and others.Well,google translation helps to understand the plot at least!50% satisfaction.but well thats that.

        2. The day I discovered Visual Novel Reader, I started downloading every game I had ever heard of that sounded even slightly good. Now I need to organize them into some kind of order or i’ll never get through them all.

          1. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you get Visual Novel reader to display text in English? The text that is supposed to be translated is still in Japanese, just like the original text.

          2. Well,

            in the Options (pop up menu when hovering to the middle right border of the game window/your screen), disable Game Text and enable Machine Translation while

            and in the Preferences (Right Click on the Tray Icon) Translation->Translation select no other dictionary then e.g Google Translate and the Script for Japanese to English (babylon may however be better… or any other but bing for that matter, personally I just got used to GT’s quirks and have yet anyone to suggest me another)

        3. The only problem of using a machine translator is the time that it takes to read doubles, specially if you are used to skipping voices.

      3. You know this is a free site!don’t you? or is it that your iq can’t comprehend there any rule where can’t state your opinion?or is it that you made the rule!!!are you the king!!!king of morons!visual novels are entertainments!but only one type!you want to play a game!!!go make your self a game and play that!you are impotent!!!go change your dick and become normal!!!let me ask you is this the way your mind works!or your world works!you want me to learn a whole frigging language just to read a novel!you are crazy!

      4. all i see here is you bitching about people who bitch about this game Victor

        i think there is no problem for them stating their opinion about the game wether its bad or good as long as they thanked the admin for taking his time uploading this for us to try it and judge it before we`re gonna buy it then again… i don`t see the admin has a problem with this so why are you?

        1. Admin uploads games be they bad or be they worthless.
          But he also uploads the great and the awesome and that’s what I come here for.

          No one is complaining what admin is uploading. They’re strictly voicing their anger towards the lack of good content being translated/created.
          I really wish it was as easy to just learn Japanese as these people claim everyone should do. I really do, but it’s really not.

          1. Exactly the problem with garbage like this being translated and published in the west is that it doesn’t sell.
            If it doesn’t sell that tells the japanese there isn’t a market for VN’s in the west. Meaning they won’t bother actually putting the effort in getting us the good stuff since it doesn’t make money.
            I’ve only bought 2 VN’s and i’ve read the majority or at least tried the majority of VN’s out there. It’s a very sad affair if your a VN fan but don’t know moonrunes.

    4. Although Koiken Otome is not that spectacular, it introduced me to Eve, one of most adorable ojou-sama type out there.

      1. “most adorable ojou-sama type out there”…
        >”most adorable ojou-sama”
        >>”adorable ojou-sama”

        Me: *Triggerred* … … Someone mentioned my one and only strike zone. Give me sauce, soldier!

          1. he got a thing for an ojou-sama chara type… thats what he means ._.

            i haven`t played Koiken myself but seeing as they have animal eared girls i think i would like it xD

          2. Koiken Otome does not have animal eared girls at all.

            It’s also terribly written drivel so be warned in advance. The MC is particularly obnoxious as he wants to learn how to use his powers but doesn’t want to do anything besides go through physical pain to do it, he’s the epitome of absolutely bumfuck retarded protagonist.

          3. I have to agree with you Koiken Otome lacks on almost every department , the MC is terrible , he has god like powers ( OVER 9000 !!! ) but is useless all game , only 4 heroines !!!! The most disappointing thing about the game is the story , why the hell do you mention an alien life form if you don’t bring it in the game *__* ? They could’ve just made a game about High School , after all nothing happens in the whole game except one tournament …

          4. Um sorry for spoilers…don’t read if you planned on playing Koiken Otome Revive (sequel, which still not translated, or will not be translated at all)
            In its sequel they do fight the alien. And additional chara. Also, the VN’s market in the west is not very good. They don’t like these kind of game for whatever reasons. Even DOA 5 is not received well outside Japan (though they still made DOAX3).

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