Shikokushi ~food and sightseeing and beauties~

Shikokushi ~food and sightseeing and beauties~

The stage of the story is Shikoku, where decentralized by the prefectures and each prefecture is an independent country.
The leading roles are Jiro Urashima, the governor of Kagawa Prefecture, and Deputy Governor, Onohime Megi.
In order to avoid the financial failure of Kagawa Prefecture, and aim for traveling around and all-you-can-eat-gourmet, the two will push forward to unify Shikoku!

3 comments on “Shikokushi ~food and sightseeing and beauties~

  1. this is a very underrated game, i really suggest more people check it out.

    more discussion can be found on f95zone if you feel unconvinced from the concept/screenshots, but its a really “japanese” feeling game that i cant help but feel so happy is translated

    big thanks to admin for hosting this

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