Tsukihime Plus+Disc

Tsukihime Plus+Disc
This is a fan disc of Tsukihime containing one short visual novel story, two omake stories and other fan materials.

Akira Seo, an underclassman of Tsukihime’s Akiha Tohno, becomes acquainted with someone calling themselves Shiki Tohno, and together they set out to solve the mystery of a recent series of murders.

28 Responses to “Tsukihime Plus+Disc”

  1. chaotix says:

    Oooo thanks a bunch.

  2. thatguy says:

    is this the one with len? or is this just a spin off?

  3. stigma says:

    I already have tsukihime is there a difference?

  4. death14 says:

    so many eroge..
    i can’t keep up …
    but thanks….

  5. Mystro-X says:

    Thanks for the game Admin…

    Downloading it right now… I wish I had a better internet connection… downloading at 15kbps is such a pain…

  6. tv3284 says:

    How do I install this?

  7. hinatayuga says:

    i cant download this game if you can change the serv pls

  8. neverweary says:

    would you change the servers please?

  9. anon-niisama says:

    Admin, we really should get Kagetsu Tohya on here, it IS a visual novel, with H-scenes, it’s an eroge, that’s translated into English. It would also mean this site would have all the Type-Moon/Nasu stuff that’s been translated.

  10. Corren says:

    Seriously, wtf? How come this doesn’t work? Help would be appreciated. Installation, instructions would be even better.

  11. ladyreimu says:

    there is erotic scence in kagetsu tohya but hard to get
    admin please upload it

  12. ladyreimu says:

    i cant extract it why?
    i use winrar
    anyone have sugestion

  13. VNHunter says:

    Thanks Admin!!!
    Can you also find Kagetsu Tohya???
    I hard they already completed its english patch
    Thanks again

  14. Julio says:

    Anybody help me. I downloaded the game, but I can not install. I used daemon tools lite, open the cd, when I click the application icon, show one window of error.
    Sorry for bad english.

  15. iruga says:


  16. Silly Anon says:

    I used IsoBuster (a free Windows program) to open the .cue file. Note that when it appears in IsoBuster, you have to right click and extract the RED one AKA the ISO. Simply extract anywhere, and then run PLUS_DISC.exe to start the game. As for installing the English patch, I’m still trying to figure that out. Hope this helped!

    • Silly Anon says:

      I may be mistaken though, since it doesn’t let me install the English patch since the “CD isn’t inserted.” So if you find another way to do so, I’m all ears!

  17. Joshua says:

    To all who have the installing issues, please try out the following steps:
    1-Download Daemon Tools Lite (A program very similar to IsoBuster, that, however, creates a new virtual drive).
    2-Extract the .cue file as a new Virtual Drive.(To do this, just right-click the file and Open with IsoBuster).
    3-Run the English Installer and complete your installation.
    4-Enjoy your game.
    -Thank you for your time-

  18. Johny says:

    I followed the instructions and after installing the english patch,i run the game and i get a blue window.The game doesn’t start :(.

    Has anyone encountered this problem?

  19. Johny says:

    And when i try running the game a small square appears,with 5 buttons,3 with strange symbols,1 with another symbol and the last with a red X.

    And the the square has something like this written on it <g—" <g—" Control.

    Anyone seen this problem ?

  20. Anonymouse says:

    You should try with New Zealand internet.

  21. Balar says:

    Thanks for the visual novel admin :3

  22. Reespawn says:

    Somebody help me install? Please. Do not get along with this asian language…

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