Hee-Jung is a 21 year old girl who pushes herself to be perfect at everything; yet she realizes that she does not know what she really desires.

Although she lives a hectic life, she feels like she is on the road to nowhere. However, one day she encounters mysterious animals and decides to take them in.
She doesn’t yet realize that this will radically change her life…

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  1. Julia says:

    Hi there, I know its kind of upsettin’ I’m saying this cause you guys work hard puttin the links on, but, is there a way I can download this in another site? I mean, downloadani it’s pretty bad, cause I can’t download the game full, without being for parts. And this time limit is boring too. Well anyway, thanks! Appreciate ur hard word.

  2. psychobabe says:

    Please help me, admin…
    The game freezes in the beginning after the part that goes “five wonderful animals” or whatever, and then crashes! What do I do?

  3. Annabelle says:

    Um, I downloaded all the parts properly, but the game doesnt work. It says:

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
    After initialization, but before game start.
    IOError: Couldn’t find file ‘images/other/dandelion_icon.png’.

    What do I do? Im so confused..

  4. Carmella says:

    actually I was wondering why you only upload to this site? I cant even download the full file without an account. only the little parts one at a time. So, can you upload to another server like mega or 4shared?

  5. Christina Dorn says:

    did this game full version or not??

  6. Christina Dorn says:

    how do I play this game?

  7. Sems says:

    i cant start the game? every time i try to open it i get

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    Before loading the script.
    error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream

    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “C:\Users\Egg\Downloads\Dandelion\renpy\bootstrap.py”, line 228, in bootstrap
    File “C:\Users\Egg\Downloads\Dandelion\renpy\main.py”, line 202, in main
    File “C:\Users\Egg\Downloads\Dandelion\renpy\loader.py”, line 84, in index_archives
    File “encodings\zlib_codec.pyo”, line 43, in zlib_decode
    error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream


    and im not sure what to do?????

  8. avea says:

    hi there, i wated to know if i’m the only one who have this problem, that is when i play the game with jihae i only get the bad ending enven if the requirements was completed

  9. nohomo says:

    If only it was Dandelion from the Witcher

  10. Shamala says:

    For some reason when I get to the choose an animal part, it won’t allow me to pick Jisoo (the black cat). Any idea why? Please help.

  11. Bec says:







    • Triel says:

      I had this problem too, and I deleted everything, then only unzipped the 1st part NOTHING ELSE. And for some strange reason the game works for me now. Hopefully it’ll work for you too, good luck 🙂

  12. Shanaliiii says:


  13. mallow says:

    sooo um, I don’t know if this is normal but the voices stop working when I get on one of the guys route…… can someone help me?

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