Bible Black 2: Infection

Minase is living happily with Imari, wanting nothing more than to put his evil past with the Bible Black behind him. When he wakes up screaming from a dream of blood and sex, he knows that dark magic will never leave his life for good. Then he notices that Ito Mika, the first victim of the Bible Black, has taken on a new power and is up to no good…

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  1. DragonLS says:

    Harem Party is DRM-protected, unfortunately. So even if the admin does go out and buy it, he won’t be able to upload it.

    We need to wait for a cracked version to be available… which doesn’t exist yet from what I’ve searched.

  2. cerxer1 says:

    I know it will be up sooner or later , I am just asking if it will be up on Friday this week , cause I am saving space for it , and if it isn’t , then I have other VN’s I want to download.

  3. DragonLS says:

    “You know he does his own cracking right?”

    That I did not know. I wish him the best if this is the case.

  4. bob says:

    Played the first one ealier this month and thought it was great. Definitely downloading this one…

  5. orberon says:

    well i give the admin good luck on cracking harem party if that the case this be nice till then

  6. bob says:

    hey, I unpacked the game and installed it fine, but there doesn’t seem to be any music – did something go wrong when installing or downloading, or can it simply be switched on in the game? Any advice would be welcomed.

    • Daeverius says:

      Read the goddamn comments for once guys, i answered twice already how to do it…

      • Roland says:

        Daeverius, where are your advice comments? I have the same problem as Bob and I do not see your answers on this page – maybe you could direct me to them. Also, the installation guide does not appear to have a link tied to it, so I can’t use this to help.

        • Daeverius says:

          There are few pages of comments, but w/e.
          After u will start playing u have a few options on top of the game screen u can activate music there.

  7. GenjiChan says:

    So we don’t need to download this yet?

  8. Help? says:

    I get an error message popping up at my screen every now and then. Loading data failed. But I’m able to play the game, and everything else seems fine. I’m able to load a saved game, and playing works fine. Any idea what might be the cause?

  9. Help? says:

    Edit: The error message I receive is this: “Failed to Load Data”

  10. Sora says:

    I was wondering if you could upload some Trap games? if there are any good ones

  11. Kale Truong says:

    Well what i noticed with file error “failed to load data / AR data in game or closing game” is that it happens if the files get corrupted when you do anything to the folder and to any other files (like renaming it say like BBLACK ( original folder name ) to Bible Black). If you didnt do anything of that calibur than I think you could also try playing it by running as administrator. If none of these 2 options dont work try fiding your own solution if not just play the game like an otaku and never close the game and play in 24/7 mode until your satisfied.

  12. Kale Truong says:

    Sora Trap games are usually in japanese because i doubt many guys and girls will buy a game like that in America + this site I think includes English only games or japanese ones with english patch so your better off on another forum that has a database full of japanese eroge’s.

  13. robinanelka says:

    Thanks for the sharing!
    I’s a great game!

  14. noel says:

    Clicking on the DA-1 click url link immediately yielded ‘You can download files up to 200 Mb only’ and the remaining DA-Free url link led me a situation where I get ‘wrong ip’ after entering the correct captcha.

    Can this game be uploaded to mediafire?

  15. Tenny Ko says:

    Is this real? This is the only place I’ve seen this. Even when I search for it I don’t find anything. I’ve also looked up Activsoft and it seems they went down “after” Bible Black (the first one)

    • Tenny Ko says:

      I tried it out myself and it’s true. Though the resolution isn’t as great as I’d like it to be, I’m excited to play it, thanks for the upload.

  16. Lucas says:

    The first game inspired a cosplay xD….now. to find out what happens next! :O

  17. Myluck says:

    hei,admin… can you please put 1 or 2 screenshot from the game,not just the cover. i need to know how good the artwork is. i kinda picky yu know. too bis eyes and too chibi design wont work with me. i prefer realistic one, like this one, BB absolutly the best.

    • Flamers says:

      She wants this site could be safely opened in work/school location so I think some ‘dangerous’ screenshots wont be uploaded, just try it, I’ve downloaded some from this site and they’re guaranteed worthy (dl-ing this one atm)

  18. liaramylove says:

    Ok I have been trying to download this for awhile now and I see all the files on winrar and when I go to extract it I keep getting an error saying that it cannot open it and I get the option of closeing it or breaking the operation I am really excited to play this as I loved Bible Black can anyone help me Im sure Im just doing something wrong.

  19. Reiha says:

    Thank you so much ^_^

  20. Ander says:

    Jaja BB 2… When I downloaded a few months ago the BB 1 I passed it in 3 days. But, I got a bad Ending. Ultra semen Eyaculation by an inyection in my balls WTF? Then I started playing again to get the Good ED and… Bad ED again. I got killed by Ito. Then I started playing it clicking F9 (Fast Forward untill decision) I got almost every bad ending except the Good one. When I looked up for a guide on internet and followed step by step, I realized that the game was Tricked. So I got frustrated and decided to not play any game related to BB.

    Nowadays, my anger had passed and I will download this one to see If I can get the Good ED.

    Thanks Admin for all the Erogues you have uploaded!!

  21. Sousuke says:

    Not worthy of the title

  22. sex says:

    Will there be a Bible Black 3?

    • Ex Nihilo says:

      You can think of “Starless” as an indirect third part of Bible Black. It has many similarities with BB. Art, characters, ero scenes. But if Bible Black is about demons from hell, Starless is about beeing in hell. It goes further. Much much further.

      • Lindo says:

        There’s another one wich I dont recall the title now but it’s something like crusade and discipline or something like that.

  23. Chanchan says:

    omfg there was a sequel out here all this time and I didn’t know about it?! I’m an idiot. Thanks for the upload!

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