Army Gals

Army Gals

Army Gals is an adult visual novel set at a retreat for delinquents. The protagonist is forced to attend after a misunderstanding back at home. Expecting a fortnight of hell, he is pleasantly surprised to find he is sharing the retreat with three beautiful but very different young women.

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  1. Cocaine says:

    They all say it’s a misunderstanding. “I swear officer, it wasn’t me, I’m innocent!”

  2. Fallen says:

    Does anyone know what patch version this is? If it’s v1, it’s unfortunately missing one of the girls ending.

    • hentaimania says:

      which girl? that’s a shame, can this kind of pirated game get patched later on?

      • Fallen says:

        Andrea cannot be romanced in this version. Heard it’s one of the best endings in the game too.

      • Leonard says:

        I feel like it’s more than just one. I haven’t been able to get any of the girls’ endings aside from Hannah’s, and she isn’t even a main heroine. I just end up accusing one or all of them at the end for a bad ending. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’m pretty sure I hit all the dialogue I needed.

        • Anomanom says:

          It’s just Andrea’s route that’s blocked, you can get the rest. Some guys on the steam forum for the game are piecing together a walkthrough if you’re stuck.

        • helmcec says:

          So this is why i couldn’t get andrea’s ending!

          However i still can’t get Edda’s one. I mean she is always framing me, the bitch!

        • helmcec says:

          Spoiler for the endings I got:

          There are 5 girls in the game. The red head, the blondie and the slut are the endings i got. And the Harem.

          For the red head, you have to have sex with her (you can with the first 3 choice where you flirt with her) then when you have to choice where to go, in the forest, you have to pick the first choice. In that case you will get help from the redhead and get her ending.
          The blondie’s ending is when you have to choice who to save and save her, while the other three die.
          The slut’s ending is pretty straight forward, you have to have sex with her, and speak with her every fucking time. Interrupt her while talking with the bad guy and at the end confront her.
          The harem ending is pretty similar to the slut ending, where you have to be the guy who helps them, and at the end confront them all. In any case, in both the slut’s and the harem’s ending you have to notice the car’s tails.
          Couldn’t get Andrea’s (since it seems it is broken in this version) and Edda’s.

  3. Durlag says:

    Admin, please update the game with the 1.3 patch, otherwise Andrea’s good ending is impossible to reach because of scripting error.

  4. That one guy says:

    Woo hooo thanks admin can’t wait to get started

  5. Requester says:

    Can I make a request of Games&Girls?

  6. Requests says:

    Well, there’s another way to see the ending. If anybody has a full save that they could share or find, it would be appreciated. These kind of games will never be updated so we only have the option of obtaining a full save or go on YT.

  7. Requests says:

    Guys if you want to see the Andrea ending, search up Judge Daring on YT. He uploaded the saves for it and also don’t forget to thank him as he was kind enough to!

    • nazim10 says:

      Yeah… you still need v1.3 in order to make it work, though…

      • FrenchIsAMe says:

        No, you do not. I got the saves and I could play the ending just fine. If you’re talking about the choices for the route then obviously it won’t work. It’s just a way to see the ending for her.

        • ReturnToOrder says:

          Would anyone happen to know the default save directory for this game? I can’t seem to find it for the life of me.

  8. Suiko says:

    Crap. I downloaded this thinking to myself “I’ll have a quick fap and call it a day” and here I am, one ending (#3) and one ‘spelunking’ later (I’m trying to be spoiler free) and tears coming, oddly, from my eyes. My god, I wasn’t expecting this game to give me the feelings…

  9. mae says:

    so is patch v1.3 uploaded yet? o.o

  10. Xulder says:

    I beseech the great admin god of eroge! Please o’benevolent one, hear my prayer! The best gril’s best route… I am lost without it! Whenever convinient, could you update this holy scripture to v1.3, my greatest thanks.

  11. Shadow says:

    Does anyone have issue with the animated scenes? Whenever I get to them they keep flickering out.

  12. Noble says:

    sooo where can one get the save for Andrea ending cuz i cant find it

  13. Soros says:

    still no 1.3?

    • ViktorStagnetti says:

      Yeah, what this guy said. Usually admin is good about making sure to include patches where needed.

  14. SC says:

    that escalated quickly

  15. czechern says:

    what ever you do don’t do Cheryl ending its the worse and will make you sad

  16. fapmeister says:


  17. Darkmoon says:

    Will the new DLC be added here? I really hope so, it looks pretty nice

  18. Ankulé says:

    The poker DLC is coming this day, I hope we can have it and the 1.3 patch in a row, this game is really good I did not expect that.

  19. Boomboom says:

    DLC is released, please upload.

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