Tokyo School Life

Tokyo School Life

This is the story of your trip as an exchange student in Tokyo and the three girls you meet there.
Although you don’t make the greatest first impression, you quickly settle into the kind of everyday life you’ve seen in anime and manga — filled with laughs and tears.
By the time you have to head home two months from now, you might find that you’ve fallen for one of your new friends…

92 Responses to “Tokyo School Life”

  1. Nick says:

    There’s no sound in the game? Anyway to fix this?

  2. Bobby Wibowo says:

    Which version of the game? I couldn’t find the latest version until now..

  3. Cooijman says:

    Rar 3 and 4 tell me that the file has been moved 🙁

  4. exqalph03 says:

    Hmm… The game always crash when I open it.
    Any answer on how to fix it?

  5. tyMatey says:

    ty dude. Looking for the demo of this game , doesn’t seem like exist.

    🙁 this will do probably.

  6. IthinkthereforeIam says:

    I know this might be late of a question or reply but can I ask anyone or the admin of this site.
    I see some replies that the game doesn’t have a voice, so I am wondering if the admin already fixed it, or it had stayed the same

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