Neko Para Vol.2

Neko Para Vol.2

Business is booming for La Soleil, the patissiere run by Kashou Minaduki with his two catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, his sister Shigure, and the Minaduki family’s four catgirl sisters.

Among them are the sarcastic oldest sister who hides behind a facade of toughness, Azuki, and the clumsy youngest sister who always tries her best even if she ends up doing more harm than good, Coconut. No one got along better than these two catgirls when they were younger, but lately, they’ve been fighting all the time.

Despite their sisterly love, a small misunderstanding ends up driving a wedge between them. As the story of these catgirl sisters unfolds, they’ll grow to understand each other and strengthen their familial bonds in this heartfelt catgirl comedy, which is only a little lewd. Now open for business!

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  1. omg 99 says:

    Y i cant download any game now ??normally will have to wait 120 second but now it will stop at 110 or 119 .ITs it i have to paid to continue download the game ?

    • thatrandom guy says:

      What do I do after I extracted the file with 7zip to start the game?

      • megacreep says:

        Go extract file 1 with 7zip it will take a long time to extract, and then run directly. If you use 7zip all files will be extracted from all the rars in the perfect order. Tell me if you need more help. Also I assume you have set the System Locale to Japanese?

    • megacreep says:

      Not compulsory to pay for downloading I think. I have my brother’ paid ID but I DL for free half the time too.

  2. Savefile says:

    Hey can someonepost their 100% save file 18+ for this game?

  3. Soji says:

    Is this the uncensored version>?

  4. Bio says:

    I get an error that I’m missing a d3dx9_43.dll file after unzipping the game. What unzip program do you use? I’m using 7zip.

  5. Nipo says:

    How to get an installer of this game i’m just a beginner if this website can you help me guys 🙂 thanks
    Arigatō gozaimas

    • stylesjr says:

      Most files are downloaded as rar so you need something like WinRar to open them and move them around. Search up a video on how to get that for free.

      Next choose how you want to download it either through one touch with will download a 1 big rar file with contains the entire game and will take longer to download or download several files which will take a shorter time to download but have to be installed one by one.

      Next after WinRar is installed and all files are downloaded proceed to right click the file or files depending on download method and right click and choose >extra files… next choose the folder you wish to extract it to and done.

      Now just open that folder and run the exe and it should open up the game

  6. Reddy says:

    I have a problem when I click nekopara_vol2, it shows “Cannot load Plugin layerExImage.dll”

    Can someone help me with that?

  7. Caelistas says:

    The effects they use to animate the characters should be standard in any new VN coming out.

    Played it for the story!

  8. AnonAnonAnon says:

    So because there’s 10 parts and they mostly have the same things how do I pack them all into one folder?

    • Caelistas says:

      Really? Wow you’re green behind the ears.

      Use WinRar, 7zip or whatever is your archiving software of choice and rightclick any part and click extract here/extract files.

      If you are asking how to make one big archive, simple just select all parts or the extracted folder, rightclick and press “add to archive”

    • admin says:

      If you have all parts in the same folder, just right click on first one and extract – WinRAR/WinZip/7-Zip will automatically pull content from following parts.

      • Caelistas says:

        Don’t know about 7zip, but the latest versions of Winrar auto search for all similar parts IF in the same folder so the always start extracting the first part “rule” isn’t really necessary anymore.

        Ofcourse this defo was true several years ago, old habits are funny sometimes.

  9. centaur says:

    where iz vol. 1 whhheeerreeeeeeeee

  10. Laura scar;et says:

    hey why cant download == is there any web that an download this eroge plss i really want to play

  11. Rex says:

    try PeaZip, it works well with my computer…

  12. firby says:

    Hey Admin,
    Is there a reason why the 1 click download speed wont go over 60kbps?
    It was working normally about a week ago and then it started doing this i have tried quite a few others and this which have barely gotten to 55kbps. Sucks pretty bad when it says it’ll take 8-12 hours to download, Also my ping is at 4ms, download speed is 90.88mbps and upload speed is at 39.09 currently and i am able to download other things at a good speed from other sites so its not a problem on my end

    • firby says:

      the speed spiked for a minute then dropped again. Do you have another method i could download from?

  13. .... says:

    my download speed won’t go over 20 kbps dang it

  14. Anon-Des says:

    Uuuum problem q w q started the game and none of the girls sprites show up?? I think something went wrong?? HELP PLEASE

  15. ryuran says:

    bang request bunny black 3 english translite

  16. Nyoz says:

    I got error message for part 2 and 3, and i can’t download more than 146,4MB on part 8.

  17. jsjssj2002 says:

    Please help me!!! I have fully downloaded 10 parts, unzip em’all at the same time and it shows up 1 file only, with the application. But when i start the game, no shaking girl appear. Plz explain and help! Anyone!!! T.T

  18. Mati-kun says:

    After starting the game the game loads i can hear the menu music and everything but the game dosen’t show itself on my screeen. I see only my wallpaper and I can’t do enything

  19. nice says:

    cannot download

  20. nice says:

    cannot download otdiddly squat

  21. Eleven says:

    is this game has a BETA version ?? i have it this game but that scene is skipped, are this is a full version on this website ?? cencored or not ??

    Thanks a lot

  22. Lindo says:

    Kinda disappointing that only 18+ version is free to download.
    You have to buy the game on Steam if you want the all ages version. Oh well, better than nothing I guess. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      There’s really no point in downloading all-ages version, unless sight of anime boobies offends you for some reason – the only difference between those two is that all-ages skips few h-scenes, in order to comply with Steam platform requirements. You can also turn 18+ version into all-ages easily, by simply deleting one file in game folder (adultsonly.xp3 or something similar – don’t remember now), so making separate download links was pointless.

  23. thatrandom guy says:

    I cant download can someone tell me step y step what to do after I extracted the rar

  24. Special_K says:

    Just downloaded this, new to h-games, want to play but i have questions. Only played 3 H-games/VN’s and 2 of them were nukige(?) the other had a REAL GOOD story …Wanko to Kurasou, I don’t mind the build-up before “the deed” but want to know first so I know what I’m getting into first thing.

    1. Is this that type of game/VN, the kind that has a fair amount of story before the goods?

    2. Should I DL Nekopara 0 and 1? or just 1 since I heard they loose there virginity in 1 start there? Is “0” just all story? Is “0” and/or “1” needed to play/DL in order to enjoy the story if the story is worth it? IS the story worth it?

    3. What’s up with all the “+” that sometimes appear in my comments? how to fix?

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Rex says:

    When the vol.3 of Nekopara will be
    available for download i know english
    version is gonna release on end of may
    nd it will take time for u to upload i don’t know how long i can
    wait to play so please,please
    upload it as fast as u can nd
    tons of thnks in advance Admin.

  26. Inherumina says:

    Dafuq happened to my comment after I failed the captcha
    Well, here it is again. Maybe people can more easily ctrl+f it if I replace the +s with spaces.

    I had the
    “script exception raised
    cannot find script storage startup.tjs”
    error when starting up Nekopara, and I fixed it!
    The solution, if you downloaded the DA-free files, is to extract all of the .7z files at once, instead of one at a time (even extracting them in order is wrong. I dunno.)
    on 7zip, I select all 10 files, right click the selection and ”Copy to” the desired destination folder instead of copying them to the destination folder in order.
    Happy fapping :L

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