Midsummer Haze

Midsummer Haze

Kasumi’s just a lazy schoolgirl who wants to go shopping with her friends. So why are they acting so nervously around her today?

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  1. Waro says:

    Hello admin, I can’t seem to install the game since automatic download of main game fails and if u do it manually, well it says NOT FOUND then the rest is in japanese.

  2. Seyukimi says:

    Hello, I got a problem when tried to install this game, in the setup says that the original japanese game is required, but if I tried to donwload automatically the program chash and when I tried to donwload manually the link was broken. Anyone have the same problem or now how to fix it? Or where to donwload the original…
    Please help me T.T
    PS: Sorry for my bad english 🙁

  3. Labyrinth says:

    Hello, Admin, can you fix the link please?

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