A boy-meets-girl story in a world under attack by dragons.

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  1. Jonatan says:

    Thanks for the upload, new here, will keep visiting, cheers!! =)

  2. Taiketsu says:

    Im having a problem somehow. After i tried many things i dont get somehow a 3. choice.

    I tried Save her – Date Her = get killed
    Save her – dont go date = killed
    dont save her etc. always get killed without even getting the 3. choice i see every1 tells here.
    Did i do something wrong or whats wrong here?

  3. Th3Only1 says:

    Here the link to fix the forced bad ending

  4. zaq6394 says:

    I just want to say how amazing the OST is. This VN has some pretty beautiful language in it (translated of course) and motifs/themes, but what really got me was the music. True, there are no voice-overs, but To Aru Ryuu no Koi no Uta and No Answer are amazing pieces even outside of this VN. Thanks for providing the link to downloading the OST in addition to the VN itself!

  5. Taiketsu says:

    Did finish now the VN after the bug fix. Now im wondering why the Recolliction and CG Gallery didnt open o.o”

    ty @ Th3Only1 for the bugfix.

    MFG Taiketsu

  6. ako says:

    no voice ?

  7. ryma says:

    i can’t dowland any game in here they tell me that there is a failure and if it works they tell me that I should wait a week 13 can you help me please i want to play so many games in here and i can’t dowlan any!! it’s torture

  8. dekusuta says:

    I just finished this and got all 3 endings…w/out the need of the patch to fix the ‘supposed’ forced bad ending…guess I was just lucky to install this with no probs then…hmm…

    • DrunkMonk says:

      No… no problems here either. Tried all different choices and WHAMMO happy end.

      I think the forced bad end talk is fallacy.

  9. Ramifrix says:

    An exceedingly well written VN that I fell in love with after only the second line from the protagonist. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming and with a relatability I can’t attribute many other VNs. The music was beautifully done , although the fact that the soundtrack was about 5 songs long and the one that played during the sex scenes was a dissonant piece more fit to a tragic moment than a loving, intimate one got a bit irksome after awhile. It’s a shame it was so short, but that was part of it’s charm to. Over all a great VN that I would happily replay. Thanks for the upload Admin.

  10. Kurogane says:

    I’ve installed Dra+Koi and the game works, but the H-scenes are skipped.

  11. B_Okta says:

    I finished the game and got the good ending and the bad endings without resorting to the bad ending fix. The last choice was ‘Faithful’ and ‘Unfaithful’. One will get you the bad ending while the other the good ending. I just downloaded it this month so maybe the my version of the download has been patched.

  12. Shiro says:


    I wasn’t expecting a good plot from this game, just average or less. To tell you the truth I just downloaded this game for the heroine(okay, you can call me pervert, but I like cute especially non-human female characters). But now, after I get all endings I got to admit, I’m FUCKING surprised. I would never have guessed that a ‘boy-meets-girl’ eroge can have such a plot, Okay the game is quite short, but it knows how to explore it’s limited time(off course it would be better if it was dubbed and longer but it has a quite philosophic ending, good characters and an original plot not to mention the OST and the deep feeling that the plot combined with it’s OST transmit).

    I got to admit, I cried at the last choice, sad for ‘Faithful’ and happy for ‘Unfaithful’ (I’m not a fag,a male can cry for sadness and happiness)…

  13. yang zwu says:

    i installed it and i get 2 different game “kaigen seito” and “nitro wars”. but the game not have english patch. anyone have english patch for them? :/

  14. ryosuky says:

    hurmmmm can we make the game to full screen??? how???

  15. Alkenstine says:

    great but too short. oh well still fun while it lasted and i loved the music the entire story with ridiculous as hell over the top and beyond sense but it was all amazing at the same time.

  16. dwi says:

    why me can’t install it

  17. Drake Dragon says:

    The full download was removed.

  18. kevenka says:

    How do you guys even install the game? It seems to request for cd key?

  19. kevenka says:

    ignore my comment

  20. Tracy Jae says:

    This is censored. Genitals are pixel blurred.

  21. Dotu says:

    This touched me in the feels like nothing has before. “Faithful” was fucking heart breaking and “Unfaithful” was BEAUTIFUL. I’m not crying, it’s just raining… in my room.

  22. Bob says:

    does not work for windows 8; crashes after the file location screen

  23. Josh says:

    If you guys are having freezing problems like I did, I’m on windows 10. You can work around it by running the game in compatibility mode windows XP (service pack 2) and Japanese locale.When you play the game use right click to save the game and when loading start a new game use right click to load. Using keyboard shortcuts seems to make it freeze.

  24. mid says:


  25. gggusto says:

    the english patch link is broken can you please make a new one after i press the download button there is no actual file downloading or any link at that it just goes and says that website was moved or closed permanently. I waited like 15 minutes and tried to download 4 times it’s kinda annoying so please put a new link in.

  26. dmaple says:

    I know that this is a stupid question but what do i do when i am prompted for the CD key i am going to try doing it blank but i doubt that will work

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