Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 4: Itoshisa no Photograph

A love comedy about two very sexy and loving lesbians living together.

Kaede and Sara are one of the school’s official couples. The girls are all over each other, both at home and at school.
Hanabira4.rar – 199.4 MB

4 Responses to “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 4: Itoshisa no Photograph”

  1. GenjiChan says:

    I feel sorry for these girls parents! Damn this two!

    Works well with W7

  2. Kaverin Ebonhands says:

    Apart from no.6 there are two more sequels after 7, including a 5th couple.
    I heard they are in the process of being translated.
    any idea of when they are likely to be done?

  3. munchy says:

    is this new?.. hmm its not on the home page

  4. Jjredster says:

    i didn’t find this one to be as interesting as the others.. im not sure why

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