I’m Gonna Nurse You

I'm Gonna Nurse You

Life in the medical world can be interesting. Shortly after finally attaining his dream of being a doctor, Shinobu Nakagawa is asked to transfer to St. Michael’s Nursing School as a substitute teacher. Since the person asking him to make the transfer is Kaede Maioka, the first woman he ever fell in love with, how can he say no?

The nursing school is full of young, beautiful nurses-in-training, complete with the cutest nurse outfits. Despite his desire to be a professional, Shinobu knows old feelings can be sparked back up with the hit of the switch… Being not so professional.

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34 Responses to “I’m Gonna Nurse You”

  1. Akihiko Fuyuzuki:

    can you tell me if the 2nd iso is the real 2nd disk of this game because when i finish installing the game and switch to the 2nd iso and mouth it in the power iso it pop up saying plzz insert the proper disk to run the game

    can you help me or i need a new program to properly run the game plzzz reply

    • ren vateru:

      after completely install using disc1 DO NOT unmount it.
      created another device, then mount disc2 then you can play.

      This game needs 2 disc all insert to play, so if you remove or only using one of disc this game never be work.

  2. Meldogg:

    I have same problem. I guess are systems are too new. I’ve wanted this and Target pharamone, but the only way I can get them is if they are pre cracked and I don’t know anyone nice enough to do that for me.

  3. Meldogg:

    I don’t even know if there IS a crack for this game!

  4. erogebozu:

    Has trouble playing this because it stops responding at black screen. Same with I’m Gonna Nurse You 2.

  5. ZeroEnfield:

    @admin , im kinda having trouble on running this game it said that i need to insert correct CD-rom , can you tell me what to do ~

  6. maidfan:

    I’m having trouble: I can’t seem to be able to save my game, even though I use the saving function a million times nothing is there when I try to load or save again! Anything I can do about this?

  7. hehehezozo:

    where is fileserve ? *-*

  8. hehehezozo:

    i can not see link from fileserve *-* can anyone help me, please ?

  9. hehehezozo:

    oh thank admin and sorry about my complain

  10. hehehezozo:

    oh man!!what should i do now !? i can not download from filesonic , i only can download from fileserve!!!

  11. hehehezozo:

    i dont get it why they must delete all your file

  12. kyuubi:

    Erm is it me only or does filesonic are down or something? when i click filesonic download they want me to log in to retrieve it

  13. Jjredster:

    ummm can anyone tell me how to play this game? i extracted the archives and all and theres 4 files two CD 1’s and Two CD 2’s ive mounted all of them but i still get the same messages either please insert the correct CD ROM or i dont have the correct CD in. Im so confused and need some help

  14. ester:

    is it possible to zoom because my destopn is so small
    thx in advance

  15. Iwannaplay:

    I played this for a half hour and it was over with no nudity or sex scenes, I don’t think the title image represents it well. 0.0

  16. Rita:

    I can’t get the game to work all I get is a black screen

  17. austin1996:

    ….. im very sorry but im totally a noobu here so…. when i open the file wirh winrar there are no operating file that i can plac with …. what do i do after i download all the 4 file??

  18. Hentaigirl:

    where can i download hentai games..??

  19. lead:

    I downloaded all four parts and extracted the files. However, the extracted files are only MDS files. Anyone knows why is this happening? please guide me with this because i am not really good at programming.

  20. Rai:

    hmm well all works for me….all you do is extract those following parts. use Daemon tools to mount CD1&2.

    but 1st you must mount CD1 then mount CD2 to another virtual drive. always keep in mind that CD1 is unmounted when you
    mount CD2. Like the guys suggest before you need to CD to run this game.

  21. Rai:

    I mean you need both CD1 & 2 to be mounted. its similar to
    “Im gonna nurse you 2” to work properly.

    • Davie, The Kitten:

      You don’t need two different virtual drives. That would mean that those who own a hard copy would have to use two physical disk drives at the same time. It’s very simple:
      1. Mount Disc 1 and install
      2. Once it is finished, mount Disc 2 (mid-install, if prompted)
      3. When launching in the future, make sure disc 2 is mounted.

      • Davie, The Kitten:

        I stand (slightly) corrected. With this one, I had to remount the first, followed by the second disc to relaunch the program. Still, it can be launched without use of two virtual drives.

        • Rene:

          Solution doesn’t work. It immediatly comes up with the message to insert the correct cd. Program terminates when you click ok.

  22. dude:

    Dude CD2 cannot mounted..
    Can you Help me??

  23. Fatepain:

    The copy of this game from erogedownload had some problems and here is how you fix them.
    1.Download I’m Gonna Nurse You 2 from erogedownload
    2.Open it and get it’s crack
    3.Re-name that crack to VKANGUS
    4.Install it like another crack

    1.Right Click the desktop icon for the game
    2.Click Properties
    3.Click Compatibility Tab
    4.Check Run this program in compatibility mode for:
    5.Select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
    6.Click Apply
    This only fixes Voices not BGM but who cares about BMG anyways.If that didn’t
    work try the other compatibility choices some of the others worked for me.

    How To Save:
    This is a simple fix.
    1.Run as administrator

    Now your done!

  24. Dotu:

    Run Daemon Tools as admin when loading the game? Or what do you mean?

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