Dawn of Kagura: Keika's Story

Dawn of Kagura: Keika’s Story

When Keika receives a request to vanquish youkai, her younger sister, Hatsuka, is already out on another quest. Determined to set a good example for her less disciplined sibling, who often fails to show up to training, Keika visits the village Shinto priest who made the request. This priest tells her of a giant monkey youkai who has led other…

Dawn of Kagura: Natsu's Story

Dawn of Kagura: Natsu’s Story

One day, after the incident related to the Killing Stone, Natsu was tending the shrine alone when the mayor of a neighboring village approached her. According to the mayor, his village was under attack by youkai and gravely in need of an exorcist. Unfortunately, Natsu was no exorcist, but a goddess… She pondered this to herself before assuring the mayor…