Yuukuri Panic Escalation

Yuukuri Panic Escalation
A great new game for fans of erotic visual novels from Japan, this is an all yuri (lesbian) game that eroge fans will love. It’s really two games in one: a complete multi-scenario ADV (visual novel) game with different paths to explore, plus a great arcade-style “uncover-the-picture” game in the tradition

The Visual Novel
The visual novel is a great game in which you must guide the main character Rie as she navigates the dark world of lesbian possession. Rie Komatsuzaki has just transferred to the prestigious St. Yale Academy, a Catholic school for girls, and she’s sad and confused. She had fallen in love with her home tutor then discovered that her stepmother was involved in an illicit relationship with him.

Now at her new school, she finds herself alone and confused. On a whim, she enters the school chapel, where she encounters Naomi and Midori making love. She’s immediately taken aback — “What are they doing? Girls aren’t supposed to touch each other like that!” And yet, a strange warmth fills Rie, and her panties grow wet. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s the target of the two girls who seek to make her their plaything for sex. Several fascinating endings to explore!

“Yukkuri Panic” Arcade Game
Then get ready for a great action game in the tradition of the classic “Gal’s Panic” erotic arcade games. Combining an original story with 21 levels of gorgeous erotic art that you unlock as you play, it’s similar to the classic Qix arcade games. Your ship travels along the outside edge of the picture, and you can move forward and draw sections of the picture by holding the space bar. Beware of the many enemies that move around the screen, including the Boss, which shoots out missiles and fireballs at you. If something touches the line you’re drawing, sparks will move towards you, destroying your ship if it touches you before you finish claiming a section of screen. The gameplay is fast and furious and erotic!

English Game download:

Yuukuri Panic Escalation – HCG

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  1. Annonymous says:

    thanks admin!!

  2. Nick says:

    Admins ben busy working on the other site erogegames.com

  3. nubl3t says:

    ty for tha game admin and all the others :>

    kinda liked this one… felt a lil like i was playin pacman at times dunno why hehe ;p

    and dunno if its a troll but sum1 on 4chan said he was currently uploading the game of we love master if u had not bought it yet.

    once again no idea if its a troll or not time will tell 😛

    anyways keep up the g00d work :>

  4. Outpost Omega J says:

    Hi. Don’t know if this is on your end or mine admin, just posting it for your general knowledge.

    This is the second night in a row for me that Mozillia Firefox refused to open your site, sighting the need for a newer version adobe flash player. I HAVE the newest version of adobed flash player. I was able to open your site earlier today in Firefox, but around this time last night, I got the same messages regarding a need for a new version of Adobe flash player. In case you are wondering, I am currently working from Internet Explorer.

    As I said, I don’t know if it’s you or me. Probably me given I can access your sight from IE, but not Firefox, unless you’ve been doing some sort of creative site maintence somehow involving adobe flash.

    • admin says:

      I’m not using any kind of flash on this website.
      Seems like problem is on your end, but i’ll definetely check this out.

    • Ethan says:

      Same here since ~ 2 days.
      I’m also using Firefox and I get the same message to install a addon about adobe flash player.

  5. molitar says:

    I posted the game and the crack since I purchased it on Kureha. So that is where the game was released. I got tired of waiting for this one so I bought it and played it through.. it was short but worth the $25 🙂

  6. uknown says:

    hi, dude, i downloaded the game, but when I try to install it, it says that the file VNCT2.exe doesn’t exist, what can I do?

  7. crazy says:

    Thanks for the game I love it. And i got a question with the panic game in the cg section is there supposed to be one that says no realease?

  8. Outpost Omega J says:

    FYI for admin: Just spotted this.

    There’s a typo on this page. At the very top of the page where you listed this games name, you spelled the title “Yuukuri”. According to the picture of the box cover, the title is “Yukkuri”.

    This is also true for the pages URL as well as well as the pages title bar for want of a better term. (Back from my middle school experience with HTML, I THINK it’s the part you put between the (HEAD)(TITLE)(/TITLE)(/HEAD) section of your code. I would have used arrow brackets, as is appropriate, but this messaging systems already uses arrow brackets and would fail to display properly.)

    • admin says:

      Original title of the game is “ゆーくりパニック エスカレーション” which should be romanized as “Yuukuri panikku esukareeshon” ( the “ー” symbol in this context is called chōonpu and it’s used to prolong a vowel in syllable before it, not after it.
      No idea why JAST translated it like that.

  9. .... says:

    Does the game crash for anyone else during stage three? It freezes randomly, so I’ve been only able to beat one round so far. Anyone know how to fix it?

  10. bio says:

    Hi, I would like help. I’ve beat the panic one (mini-game one), and yet, my CG scenes and Senerio scenes both show that I’m missing one. Do I have to beat it perfectly or under a certain amount of time?

  11. Rocketkid says:


    Go into Scene Replay and click on Game Mode. Once you’ve completed all the stages in Game Mode you’ll unlock the last square but it’s not a CG. It’s another version of Game Mode called Hard Mode which I assume is a harder. I’ve yet to complete it so I’m not sure if you get something at the end but I doubt you do since there are no other squares to unlock.

    • Noti says:


      There still remains one “no relese” in CG mode, which you unlock after beating Hard mode. However it’s basically the second box in the bottom row with a different image size which doesn’t require any scrolling around the pic while viewing it. Followed by rough sketches, each characters normal character models on a blank background, and a package art which looks basically the same as the games display picture posted on here.

      You do also get a “Congratulations for beating the game!” 😀

  12. bio says:

    ahh, ok, thanks.

  13. deer horse says:

    is anyone else having problems downloading from fileserve using jdownloader by any chance?

  14. yurikun says:

    Anyone else having trouble playing the “Panic” part? When I try loading it, it goes straight to a screen where Rie says “There we go…” and then starts flickering…

  15. Kamren says:

    does anyine know any other games like this one

  16. edgpzr says:

    I can´t install the game. it say that a component doesn´t exist

  17. Granten says:

    Well thanks for this but unfortunately whenever I try to extract the files it keeps telling me ‘Error: unable to create output file’ and then it gives the name of the file. Either it’s affecting a good deal of the files (since I’ve seen many different names given) or the thing has flaws elsewhere. Seems to be the same with both links.

  18. Bob says:

    I just read the description and the names and story sound very familiar – does anyone else remember the escalation series from Cream Lemon by Fairy Dust? The first episode was released in 1984, and I thought it was great – definitely going to download this one…

  19. vinicius says:

    is this エスカレーション~狂愛のフーガ~ or ゆーくりパニック エスカレーション
    or are they the same?
    if they are different, and about the other?

  20. Anon says:

    thanks admin

  21. Gary says:

    I am having a problem with the game I installed it and when I tried to play it is say’s Directx and some unreadable words and after that is say’s Directx failed to create….

    So can anybody please help me and thanks.

  22. Yo gary says:

    You probably need to update your Directx. Just google it.Hope I helped.

  23. ND92 says:

    File Sonic not offering downloads anymore 🙁

  24. ConcernedBystander says:

    I’m having trouble keeping save files. I save but when I restart the game they aren’t there.

  25. anonymous says:

    the arcade version keep crashing every once and a while

    • anonymous says:

      Likewise, hoever “once in a while” -> every 30 seconds. Didnt really encounter it until round 3, but it’s got to the point it’s unplayable.

  26. Rita says:

    Hi, I’m having some trouble installing and playing the game. It says I don’t have system.pkd what am I missing?

    • Kousei says:

      Go to your install location (it should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Yukkuri Panic! ADV) copy your launch file into there

      This should fix the missing msvcr71.dll problem too.

  27. COSPLAY:D says:

    I can’t play panic it just starts flashing on a screen that says “There we go…”. I don’t have any controllers plugged in so what do I do?

  28. queenfirst says:

    My computer (Windows 7) can’t set the game up. Why? :<

  29. DARKDEATH98 says:

    Hey hey hey…
    Whenever I start up the arcade game or whatever, it just crashes, I’m using windows 7 BTW, any help would be very, um, helpful…

  30. flicefer says:

    thanx boss 4 the game.. !

  31. Rekka007 says:

    came to a road bloce known as software defender i need a licence code how and where do i get one sinc i used a torrent

  32. Guy Who Knows Things About Stuff says:

    I know the reason why components for the game keep disappearing on people. The anti-virus software they use are detecting the Trojan in the exe. and quarantining the file. If you go into your anti-virus settings, you can get it out of quarantine, albeit only for a short while before it gets stuffed back in, although I’m not too sure if it’s a good idea to take it out in the 1st place.

  33. Holy-Boring says:

    Okay this might quite possibly be of absolutely no importance but whenever the round bad guy fires beams in the third picture the game crashes. Any suggestions? Also i use windows 7 and don’t have the game on my virus scan list.

  34. Signum says:

    Same thing with this game. DA-1click download link unavailable.

    So if I downloaded the parts, how does that work for ONE game? Do I pull the files from the extracted part 2 and add to the extracted part 1?

  35. Eroge says:

    What do I play first? Escalation Panic or Adventure?

  36. Help says:

    When i play the arcade game I cant move anything i tried pressing my whole keyboard.. The game loads till the chapel then start round 1 but i cant do anythingg

  37. Agent287 says:

    Woah 2 games in one? WOW!

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