Tasty Shafts

“Will you go out with me?”
Mitsuna was asked to go out by the twins, Kyouichi and Reiji, at the same time!

It was too difficult of a choice for indecisive Mitsuna to make. “I can’t choose between Kyouichi and Reiji……”

“Well, then will you go out with both of us?”
The trio then started a new life which they enjoy doing everything together.

Including sex!

25 Responses to “Tasty Shafts”

  1. kai says:

    how to play this game?

  2. Defchic says:

    I love your site, I love eroges. BUT I hate this eroge. :/ Can’t stand Mitsuna. I deleted it after 5 minutes at the start because of her response/voice 🙁

    Good work on the site though!

  3. Zippyfan says:

    Funny thing about my case is that I thought the protagonist was a boy and the twins were girls. Guess that shows how much of a noob I am with japanese names. I am all for threesomes (that is 1 dude with 2 females) but gangbangs are totally not in my ok-list.

    Thanks anyway Admin!

  4. king98765 says:

    so this means that this game is about 2 guys and a girl?
    i prefer 2 girls with 1 guy….

  5. CeleAria says:

    Hmmm, I as a girl prefer one girl and two boys but I guess this must be bad, then? I’ll try out someday, if only I had hotfile without waiting between a download …

  6. The Rater says:


    The storyline consists of two guys and their erotic adventures with a small big breasted girl with blue hair. Some of the situations are funny and a little cute, but really the story isnt that great. The art is very average and isnt very detailed save for a few scenes. The voice acting isnt that great but you get used to her voice. The ero scenes are sexy at times but the art really isnt that great and puts these scenes to waste

  7. hmkeitachan says:

    look at the poster make I feel like it

  8. hmkeitachan says:

    but every thing just game
    I think a life never have things like erotic games

  9. nick says:

    i think psycho puts more concentration on the sex then the story at leats thats what seams like the case with all the games i played that are from them

  10. Kyosuke says:

    i don’t like sex group man 2 girl 1. i like tipe sex 1-6 girl and man 1. lol

  11. Kaverin Ebonhands says:

    have you played cosplay fetish academy then?
    the harem end has protag with twin female cousins, meganekko, teacher, and possibly older brother’s fiancee for a ratio of 4-5 girls, 1 guy.

  12. Pharaoh90 says:

    Meh I’d rather 1 girl multi guys or multi girls multi guys over 1 guy multi girls anyday. 1 guy with girl harem = boring

  13. Ryougi says:

    lolol i got the same impression 2 girls and 1 guy, but i guess it should be obvious the cover with 2 shafts and 1 girl in the middle… anyways i guess i’ll skip this one for now 😡

  14. EcchiNon says:

    I played this to get all locked scene and I spent only like…. 2 hours? I skipped/ff most part because, REALLY! Mitsuna’s voice is so damn annoying and her indecisiveness is killing me… As a girl, I can accept 2 guys 1 girl scenario but this girl doesnt even deserve the twin! AND WHATS WITH HER SAYING “MUNYA MUNYA MUNYA” *table flip*

  15. Black Taufz says:

    this game quit nice…i like the seond last scean….

  16. ** says:

    I can’t play this game.. When I try to extract it, error happens. This only happens with the first part. It is fully downloaded and I use free RAR opener. Should I use another program? I don’t really know what to do…

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