Labyrinth of Grisaia

Labyrinth of Grisaia

Roughly a year after his arrival at Mihama, Yuuji makes the unexpected decision to pursue promotion within CIRS. The action resumes with Yuuji in a meeting with JB at “corporate HQ,” discussing the documents he submitted for review as a part of the promotion process – said documents pertaining to none other than Yuuji’s own past. Meanwhile, back at the dorm, the girls find themselves unwittingly following along after Sachi and Makina restore the shredded rough draft of said documents.

The irony, of course, being that prominent figures in Yuuji’s past may just be continuing to exert their influence upon the present…

Also includes after stories for all heroines from Grisaia no Kajitsu as well as other side stories.

Note: This is 18+ version. See this post if you’re looking for all-ages one.

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  1. Dragdragy says:

    Is this in english and if not is there any chance you might upload the fan translated patch. When will i see The Eden of Grisaia.

  2. T-ELOS says:

    Overall not as good as the first VN but still a good read.

  3. KinQQz says:

    Holy Hell, i was waiting for this for a long time thanks alot admin!

  4. Blarg117 says:

    OMG yes!!! Finally! Thanks Admin, been waiting excitedly for this. The first had such an amazing story and I’m so happy to be able to continue.

  5. Arthur says:

    Hey, I was running into a api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll problem, so I downloaded that file to the folder where I have the game .exe, but now it still doesn’t open, showing an error message that says that application couldn’t be properly initialized. Any ideas how to fix that?

  6. HelpMe! says:

    api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll error. How to fix this ? please. I want to play badly.

  7. whiic says:

    I’m copy-pasting my previous message that was stuck into moderation queue (possibly because of a link included):

    I got a missing msvcp140.dll error. After copying the file from a location in drive C: (it was found in several folders, and some versions of the file didn’t work but one of them did), the error message turned to missing vcruntime140.dll. Searching that from drive C: and placing that file into installation folder as well, the visual novel finally loaded just fine.

    In middle of trying to solve the problem, I had to download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 [download link removed]
    Not sure if it’s necessary, if you can find missing DLLs on your C drive. Not sure why the application couldn’t find the DLLs in the first place (maybe because the correct versions of them were in temporary folders?)

    Anyway, search for missing DLLs and copypaste them into VN installation folder. It will work. The fact that there no installation instructions, and the required DLLs aren’t included, sucks. This is a pretty bad release by Erogedownload standards as there’s not even a README.TXT that tells what other software prerequisites are needed for the VN to launch. It’s not like a layperson can deduct that you need Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 if the VN says you need msvcp140.dll. Okay, a layperson can still Google (i.e what I did to solve it) but they shouldn’t need to.

    PS. I didn’t say it’s a bad release, only bad release by standards of this site, which has always been A+ quality and ease of installation and documentation.

    • Kansha感謝 says:

      Very helpful comment. Thank you very much.

      I just want to add, that the game requires the 32-Bit versions of the mentioned dll’s, even if your OS is 64-Bit. At least that was the case for me.

      Also there’s no need to download Visual Studio. You can download the dll’s separately. Just google the dll’s name.

  8. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    The Grisaia series is undeniably one of the, if not the, best VN I’ve ever played!

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